Article: Top 10 Chinese Actors Who Have Never Done A Horror Movie

The Chinese industry is usually filled to the brim with movies of all genres. Be it romance, comedy, mystery, dark thriller, or supernatural, they have it all. Chinese myths and legends are a thing to behold, with several movies made to depict the horror elements and such. Such movies employ a variety of actors as background and main character roles and have quite a large cast. It is rare for actors to pass up on such opportunities in that case. But some have done so, and here is the list of top 10 actors who have never done a horror movie.

1. Lin Yi

Lin Yi is a budding Chinese actor best known for starring in the rom-com drama Put Your Head on My Shoulder as the lead Gu Weiyi. Lin has also starred in the Thai version of this show, along with shows like The Blessed Girl, Love Scenery, Memory of Encaustic Tile among others.


2. Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo is a popular Chinese actor best known for starring in dramas like Gank Your Heart, My Strange Friend, Faith Makes Great, Legend of Fei, When We Were Young, Love Actually, Live For Real, Crystal Sky of Yesterday, MBA Partners, and other fantasy and rom-com shows.


3. Bai Shu

Bai Shu is a popular Chinese actor who has starred in several historical dramas as the supporting role, namely in The Legendary Life of Queen Lau, The Imperial Age, Snow Eagle Lord, Stand by Me, Listening Snow Tower, Miss Gu Who is Silent, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils among others.


4. Vin Zhang

Vin Zhang, whose real name is Zhang Binbin, is a Chinese actor who has featured in rom-com dramas like Pretty Li Huizhen, Love's M Shape, The King's Woman, The Flame's Daughter, I Will Never Let You Go, Song of the Moon, V Love, Chronicle of Life, The Legend of the Monster among others.


5. Deng Lun

Deng Lun is a reputed Chinese actor best known for starring in many romance and fantasy genre dramas and films. Deng Lun has featured in The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity, Love Upper lot, Because of Meeting You, Ode to Joy 2, Investiture of the Gods, Blossom in Heart among others.


6. Arthur Chen

Arthur Chen, better known as Chen Feiyu, is a famous Chinese actor who is known for his role in fantasy and rom-com films. Arthur has starred in Abominable, Secret Fruit, Flowers Bloom in the Ashes, My Best Summer, Legend of Awakening, Ever Night, Gold Panning, Lighter, and Princess among others.


7. Leon Lee

Li Chuan, better known to his fans by his stage name Leon Li, is a popular Chinese actor who has featured in films and dramas like A Chinese Ghost Story, Operation: Special Warfare, 100 Reasons Not To Be King, Hey Pro My Mountain Girl, The Legend of Hao Lan, Kai Feng Qi Tan among others.


8. Liu Haoran

Liu Haoran, better known to fans as Turbo Liu, is a popular Chinese actor who has featured in dramas like Buddies in India, Happiness Is Coming, Only Fools Rush In, Novoland: Eagle Flag, Midnight Diner, Two Idiots 3, My People, My Homeland, Legend of the Demon Cat, Fire on the Plain among others.


9. Yang Yang

Yang Yang is a famous Chinese actor who has featured in fantasy and romance dramas like Flowers of Pinellia Ternata, The Whirlwind Girl, The Chronicles of Town Called Jian, China Special Forces, You Are My Glory, My Adorable Husband, The War Doesn't Believe in Tears, Tiny Times among others.


10. Jin Dong

Jin-Dong is a popular Chinese actor who has starred in shows and films such as The Young Imperial Envoy, A Mother and His Son of Sadness, Special Competition, Down the List Hey, Arrows on the Bowstring, Battle of Changsha, Nirvana in Fire, Candle in the Tomb, The First Half of My Life among others.