Article: 10 Chinese Dramas Where The Main Couple Stays Together Till The End

While we all love dramas that keep us on the edge of our seats and have us waiting for the next episode with their ups and downs, there are times when all we need is an excellent, happy lead couple that gets their happy ending. With that, here are 10 Chinese dramas where the main couple stays together till the end that will give you all the happiness and love you may need to watch and consume.

1. Put Your Head On My Shoulder (2019)

With her graduation fast approaching, Si Tu Mo is hit with a dilemma and the pressure of the next big step in her life. She starts second-guessing everything while standing on the fine line of adulthood. She has no idea where she is supposed to go from where she is. That is when she meets Wei Yi, a physics student who knows what he wants to do with his life and never stops chasing those dreams. Seeing Tu Mo going through that, he decides to step in and help his lost friend. Somehow, amidst that, feelings develop.

2. Love o2o (2016)

Bei Wei Wei is what you call beauty with brains. She is a complete computer goddess who wants to become an online game developer. She spends her time playing a role-playing game where her online husband dumped her but not long after, she gets a message from the top player, Yixiao Naihe who asked to be her online husband. But, little does she know that the very same guy, who pinged her to be her husband is her college senior. We follow along to see if the online chemistry leads in a real romance.

3. The Oath Of Love (2022)

A young cellist who had everything: a loving boyfriend, a promising career, and a job after graduation until things fell apart. When Lin Zhi Xiao’s father gets hospitalized, she is responsible for taking care of him, which results in saying goodbye to the job she was dreaming for, and on top of that, she splits up with her boyfriend. Wallowing in despair, she meets Gu Wei, the doctor in charge of treating her father, who too has been going through hard times, and hence, they form a mutual understanding. But somehow, somewhere along the lines, feelings start developing.

4. Perfect And Casual (2020)

Zhang Si Nian has always been considered perfect by everyone around him. he has always been happy with all the rumors surrounding his name, but things turn for him when he meets Yun Shu. Yun Shu never wanted to create problems but when she gets scammed out of her money by her cousin, she has nowhere to go. She meets Si Nian and, in the moment of weakness, offers her a place to live in exchange for being his girlfriend to fend off his grandfather. Both find themselves in a situation they never expected to be in but are stuck in. However, with time, feelings develop for them.

5. The Eternal Love (2017)

When two sides of the very same woman fall in love with two different princes, things take a complicated turn. Qu Tan Er is being forced to marry Yi Huai’s younger brother, and hence she tries to commit suicide only to wake up after a failed attempt with the spirit of another woman residing in her, which is much stronger. Things get even more complicated when Lian Chen falls in love with Xiao Tan. How will things get better?

6. The Centimeter Of Love (2020)

Dealing with problems at home with parents with unrealistic demands, Xu Qing Feng and Guan Yu Qing, doctors and piolet, respectively, search for an escape. Until one day when they meet, and fall in love. They realize they have each other and somehow, things will be okay if they tackle it together. Things do not get solved instantly, but get more manageable for them.

7. Love Better Than Immortality (2019)

In the year 2196, technology has advanced, making everything ordinary. Nobody worries about anything, no death, no daily life difficulties, nothing. But that does not mean no problems because immortality has a price. Many people have given away their human experiences for virtual ones but people like Chun Hua, our main character, cannot suffice with virtual ones. Chun Hua seeks to find her one true love and agrees to give up her immortality in exchange for finding love and soon she wakes up in a new world, tangled between two different love interests. And Chun Hua must decide who will win her heart.

8. My Little Happiness (2021)

All Zhuo Rong ever wanted to do was become a lawyer, but her mother had different plans, and wanted to send her daughter abroad to study finance, and would not take no for an answer. She wanted her daughter to settle down overseas and so, Zhuo Rong agreed to her mother’s wishes. Or did she? She convinces her mother that she is settled out there while she secretly returning home to work as a legal intern. She is met with her childhood friend, Wen Shao Quing, on her very first case. He is also her landlord and next-door neighbor. Being tied together by fate, what will Shao Qing do when they find themselves getting closer and closer?

9. All I Want For Love Is You (2019)

Champion in kickboxing, our main character, Gu Xiao Man, is a high school student who, unfortunately, is only good at fighting and needs good grades to graduate. But luckily for her, the class’s top student agrees to tutor her. Zuo An, one of the school’s genius students while also multiple girls’ objects of desire, our main character included. Xiao Man finds it hard to concentrate on her homework sitting near her crush, but little does she know that Zuo An is facing the same thing. While focusing on her goal to do her best, she does not realize her crush’s crush on her. With their hard work, both not only graduate with good grades but also get admission to the same university. With a new start to their life, they only get closer together and feelings start developing more and come to light.

10. You Are My Hero (2021)

Mi Ka’s life is anything but boring. She does not have time to do anything but focus on her parents and complete all the exercises. She loves saving people and helping them out. She ends up joining the SWAT team, and this changes her life drastically. When an earthquake shakes the world’s foundation, Mi Ka is part of the rescue team where she is joined by the military team, including, Xing KE Lei, a special ops agent, but due to past misunderstandings, they have a wrong impression of each other. But due to the situation at hand, they have to work together, and somehow, they start getting to know each other better through this, and feelings start developing.