Article: The Top 10 Dramas That Leave You Perplexed

Korean dramas are known for their versatility. They are so adaptive and addicting. While romantic dramas made Korea known worldwide, Every genre is equally loved. Series that make you question yourself or life and series that make you ponder about your life values and a part of the adrenaline rush. At times, these dramas will challenge you to broaden your horizons. If you are looking for dramas with a mysterious vibe and unpredictable ending, below is the list of Top ten dramas that leave you perplexed with their unique storyline.

1. Squid Game

Several needy people are given the option to play in a survival game. Seong Gi-Hun is fired from their job and lives a miserable life. Cho Sang Woo is like his brother; they grew up in the same neighborhood. Sang Woo faces a crisis and joins the game. The losing person has to die to stage the next stage. As these people deal with these games and survive, every episode brings a new twist to the story. With people dying and various games, this is an innovative storyline.

2. Abyss

Abyss is a tale of how a man and woman meet after their demise as they are given a second chance at life through the marble named Abyss. In Second Life, Go Se Yeon and Cha Min work together to find the mystery behind the magical bead. Amidst the investigations, we can see the sparks flying. Se Yeon and Cha Min also trace the reason for the marble and shocking revelations were made.

3. He Is Psychometric

He Is Psychometric and shares the tale of Lee Ahn, who lost his parents in a fire. Lee Ahn has psychometric power; he can read people’s memory simply. Yoon Jae In struggles to uncover the traumatic fire incident as she tries to prove his father’s innocence. How will they navigate when they bump into each other? The only person Lee Ahn ultimately hates is the cause of the fire, while Yoon Jaw is his daughter, complicating the story further.

4. Mask Girl

Mask Girl revolves around a woman’s dream of being a K-pop idol. However, her dreams are hindered when society considers her unattractive and a misfit. Kim Mo Mi tries to hide her bare face with a face and catches attention as an internet-based jockey. Mask Girl is differentiated into two primary time jumps and three different role plays, which will leave you thinking. Insecurity makes people do weird things that are kind of disturbing. Mask is a dark and complex drama.

5. Extracurricular

Ji Soo is a model student; however, his financial condition makes him question his survival. To survive, Ji Soo makes wrong choices. Once he commits a serious offense, Min Hee and Kyu-ri go to the same high school as Ji Soo and become involved in the case. When school students get into a case, then things get bad. Extracurricular is Dark, a Korean thriller teen crime drama that is violent and mature. Ji Soo was trying to save money to pay his university fees when the female lead gave him an offer he could not refuse.

6. Hell Is Other People

This is based on one of the popular webtoon. Jongu Yun moves to Seoul and rents a cheap place to stay. The place is shabby, and the residents are eerie. Meanwhile, some tragic-mysterious event occurs, which make Jong doubt the residents. How will Jongu adjust to such a place, or will he leave? Strangers from hell, widely known as hell other people. Hell is Another Place is an excellent psychological drama. It takes you down the rabbit hole in many ways, dwelling on dark topics based on human nature.

7. Mouse

Mouse is a mystery drama that makes us question How murders are created. What if we identify psychopaths in advance? Jung Bae Rum is a loyal-righteous rookie police officer. His world turns upside down when he encounters a crazy serial killer’s ruthless murders. Determined to understand what drives a person to such violent extremes, Ba Reum and Moo Chi begin a quest to understand how psychopathic behaviors develop. But their quest for the truth starts to raise some very poignant questions. Questions that lead them to wonder, where does one draw the line between far and too far? How will Bae Rum maintains peace while dealing with a psychopath?

8. Sky Castle

Sky Castle is a rich and influential people’s society. Every family has a passive fight with each other to be named as most influential; thus children are forced to get admitted to prestigious universities. However, a tragic incident takes place, shaking up Sky Castle and bringing a mysterious element to the drama. However, this is one of the finest programs at fusing heartfelt comedy scenes with heartbreakingly real-life tragedies. Sky Castle was all about women seeking power and sending their kids to Seoul National University. It is a comic satirical drama that closely looks behind the scenes at the worldly desires of upper-class parents in Korea and how they ruthlessly secure the successes of their families at the cost of destroying others' lives. Let us see how the series progresses with all this family drama.

9. The Uncanny Counter

The Uncanny Counter shares the story of ghost hunters named Counter. Their purpose is to catch the evil spirit to maintain the balance. They have their powers and live a disguised life. Every episode brings its twists and turns which will keep you on the edge of your table.

10. Tunnel

The story begins in 1987 when Park Gwang Ho works as an excellent detective. Meanwhile, while chasing a serial killer, Gwang Ho passes through a tunnel. However, in the end, he found himself in present-day Korea. He then meets a new partner and with help from a psychologist, tries to uncover the truth. With the help of young police detective Kim Sun JaeGwang Ho and a psychologist, he decided to unravel the truth.