Article: C-Dramas To Watch If You Like Meteor Garden

Let us guess. You are most likely here after watching Meteor Garden- the rollercoaster of a show that drove you crazy and made you feel things you probably had never felt before. You feel like standing at the peak of a mountain and ready to jump because there can be nothing similar to watch anymore. You want something that will make your heart flutter yet pound simultaneously and give you the butterflies all in the right places. Well, you’ve got nothing to fret about because we have prepared the perfect list of Top 10 C-Dramas to Watch If You Like Meteor Garden.

1. Wait, My Youth

Su Can Can is a high school student who falls head over heels in love with the most handsome and intelligent boy in her class, Lin Jia Ze. But soon enough, she starts liking Jia Ze’s best friend Lan Tian Ye. The story primarily focuses on Can Can’s love life and her relationship with her friends. But it also delves into the ideas of love, friendship, and family.

2. A Love So Beautiful

A Love So Beautiful portrays the friendship of five high school buddies. It showcases their journey from high school to their late thirties. A Love So Beautiful is about all five friends, but the primary duo of the story are Shin Sol-I and Cha Heon. Shin Sol-I is fond of Cha Heon- her classmate as well as her next-door neighbor. Besides the life of the two main characters, the plotline also depicts the hardships of teenagers, stress about careers and family, and work worry.

3. A Little Thing Called First Love

Xia Miao Miao was an artistic and creative girl. She did not quite possess the sound looks of mother, but that did not shake her confidence. In college, she meets Liang You Nian in his final year. You Nian is the most good-looking and talented boy in college for whom Miao Miao develops a liking. She is determined to get him. Because of You Nian, she begins a journey of self-discovery and gets to learn plenty about herself.

4. The Brightest Star In The Sky

The Brightest Star In The Sky revolves around the aspects of music and the musical industry. Along with that, it also features love and friendship. Yang Zhen Zhen is an aspiring idol who joins the top music academy in the industry. She was under the care of an arrogant and unruly idol named Zheng Bo Xu. Zhen Zhen helps Bo Xu become a better and more talented person while she also gets better at singing.

5. Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me

Chu Xia is a milk delivery girl whose life takes a complete turn after she gets ‘seemingly’ adopted by the Han family. She attends the Royal College of Stein with the only son of the Han family, Han Qi Lu. Han Qi Lu lies to everyone that Chu Xia is his maid. He was known as the ‘Master Devil’ due to his reputation in the college. Anyone who went against him was black-listed. The story shows the messy story of Chu Xia and Qi Lu.

6. Unrequited Love

Luo Zhi has liked Sheng Huai Nan for fifteen years now. The two have been friends since playschool. Luo Zhi had no other choice but to study hard due to her family circumstances and grew apart from Huai Nan as a result. But, after attending the same university, the two got to know each other once again. However, they faced a lot of misunderstandings- which they overcame in the long run. The two faced difficulties in their relationship, but they only made them grow more vital towards each other.

7. Count Your Lucky Stars

Count Your Lucky Stars is about a fortunate yet arrogant fashion designer named Lu Xing Cheng and an unlucky girl in the same field named Tong Xiao You. The story shows how their fates change entirely after they accidentally kiss one another and exchange fortunes! Xing Cheng acquires Xiao You’s terrible luck and vice versa.

8. Professional Single

Qin Shen is a freshman in college and aspires to be a sculptor soon. He is a perfectionist and very well-disciplined. Despite being hard-working and well in his craft, he is vulgar. The drama Professional Single showcases a college romance between him and a sweet girl named Yuan Qian, who is into painting. It features students who face many challenges to enhance their skills and achieve their dreams.

9. Accidentally In Love

Chen Qing Qing defied her grandfather and ran away from her arranged marriage with a wealthy man. She visits the university where her parents had met. She wanted to find someone who would help her find out the truth about her father as her grandfather had accused him of her mother’s death. There, she meets a popular idol, Si Tu Feng. The two rebellious teens develop feelings for each other and fall in love.

10. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Put Your Head On My Shoulder is a must-watch show for any C-drama enthusiast. It follows Si Tu Mo who is an accounting student, and a genius physics student named Gu Weiyi. Both of them did not initially like each other. However, when they are forced to live together by their parents, it does not take them long to fall in love.