Article: Best Thriller Comedy Japanese Drama

Japanese dramas have always surprised us with their unique direction and plot. Japanese dramas display a captivating blend of comedy and thriller genres. The unique blend of two genre makes the viewing experience exiting with heart-pounding thrilling plots with bits of humor elements. This is also a challenge for the filmmaker, writers, and actors to portray such characters where they have to be serious in some scenes and also have correct humor timings. Thriller comedy dramas keeps the audience at the edge of the seat with thrilling plots, at the same time cracking them up with the comic elements. So, here is the compilation of the best thriller comedy Japanese dramas you must watch.

1. Detective Novice

Detective Novice was released in 2020. The drama is based on the Korean drama, Midnight Runners. Honma Kai and Ichinose Jiro are the students of police academy. Honma is intelligent and always takes a theoretical and practical approach to view cases. Contrary to this, Ichinose is more of an emotional guy and views cases emotionally. The drama progresses as they get involved in a case and use their budding detective knowledge to solve the case. Nakajima Kento and Hirano Sho play the leading roles in the drama.

2. Murderous Intent’s Journey

Murderous Intent’s Journey was released in 2020. The drama tells the story of Kazuma and Mitsuru. Takaki runs a small cardboard processing company. On the other hand, Yoshiyuki is the CEO of a company with which Takaki’s company works. Due to Yoshiyuki, Takaki’s company went bankrupt, and was under massive debt. Devastated by this, Takaki ended his life by jumping off a building. Despite continuous efforts by Takaki’s family, Yoshiyuki didn’t get punished by the law. Hence, Takaki’s son, Kazuma, and nephew, Mitsuru, decided to get revenge on Yoshiyuki. Iura Arata and Bakarhythm play the leading roles in the drama.

3. Queen

Queen was released in 2019. The drama tells the story of Himi Ko. Himi Ko is a lawyer by profession. She is highly passionate about her work. She usually works in the shadows of many big scandals instead of the courtroom. But she has a soft corner for women. She goes an extra mile to help women stuck in most tricky cases. Takeuchi Yuko, Mizukawa Asami, and Nakagawa Taishi play the leading role in the drama.

4. Talio: Avenger Buddies

Talio: Avenger Buddies was released in 2020. The drama tells the story of Mani Shirasawa. Mami is a young and new lawyer. She is intelligent and got a job in a large law firm at the age of 20. But due to her young age, she could not get any cases. Finally, she got a case which was dropped by another lawyer. The case was of Eriki Watanuki, who was sexually assaulted by a man who was the son of a large construction company. The story progresses as Mami and Eriki join hands to get back at the culprit. Hamabe Minami and Okada Masaki play the leading roles in the drama.

5. Gourmet Detective Goro Akechi

Gourmet Detective Goro Akechi was released in 2020. Goro Akechi is a private detective. His office is located near Omotesando in Tokyo. He is an enthusiast for gourmet food and believes in eating three delicious meal a day. Ony day, a client came to his office to assign him with a case. The client is a housewife and suspects her husband of having an affair with some other woman. Nakamura Tomoya, Koshiba Fuka, and Koike Eiko play the leading roles in the drama.

6. Marriage Is Difficult For A Ninja

Marriage is Difficult for a Ninja was released in 2023. The drama tells the story of a married couple with secrets. Hotaru Kusakari and Goro Kusakari are a married couple. Hotaru works as a pharmacist, and has a secret, she is a ninja, and is apart of Koka Ninja’s family. Goro Kusakari works as a routine job as a postal delivery man. He is also a ninja of Iga Ninja’s family and Hotaru is unaware of this. For generations the Iga and Koka families are rivals. Their marriage was out of love and everything was going smoothly until an assassination occurred and disturbed their peaceful life. Nanao and Suzuki Nobuyuki play the leading roles in the drama.

7. Cheat

Cheat was released in 2019. The drama tells the story of Saki Hoshino. Saki Hoshino is 25 years old and a member of a team named Cheat. The team Cheat is created by detective Kazuki Anzai and the members of the team are police officer Yuto Kamo, ex private detective Shun Negishi, and genius hackers Mizuki Maruyama and Saki Hoshino. The team members are a group of swindlers who target others who steal from people. But Saki Hoshino has a secret, she is a member of an unpopular idol group and uses a stage name Momo Kisaragi. Honda Tsubasa plays the leading role in the drama.

8. One Day: Seiya No Kara Sawagi

One Day: Seiya no kara Sawagi was released in 2023. The drama tells the story of three strangers as their lives get connected. On December 24th, a shooting case took place at Yokohama. When Suguroji Seiji woe up, he saw a dead person in front of him who was shot in head. He became a suspect, and is chased by the police, but barely remembers anything. So, he follows his blurred memories to find the actual killer. Tachiaoi Tokio isa chef who runs a restaurant of 80 years, and is the third-generation chef. On the Christmas eve, he was preparing meals for his customers when a male stranger breaks into his restaurant. Kurauchi Kikyo is a newscaster for a local TV station. She was informed that her program is cancelled and she is transferred to a cooking program. Nevertheless, she goes to the shooting site to cover the news. Ninomiya Kazunari, Nakatani Miki, and Osawa Takao play the leading roles.

9. Joshu Seven

Joshu Seven was released in 2017. The drama tells the story of Kamiwatari Kotone. Kamiwatari Kotone is a geisha, traditional Japanese entertainers trained in music, dance, conversations etc. After a night of drinking, she was sleeping. Her fellow geisha was killed the same night, and she was labeled as the killer. She was arrested and sent to jail. There, she was bullied by other prisoners. The drama progresses as she discovers the truth about her arrest. Gouriki Ayame plays the leading role in the drama.

10. Women’s War: Bachelor Murder Case

Women’s War: Bachelor Murder Case was released in 2021. Tetsuya Naruto is an ideal bachelor in every sense. He is handsome and comes from a wealthy family. he participated in a reality show named “Get the Bachelor.” Many women competed against each other to win him. The contestants are Shikura Wakana, Kawahara Reina, Ichinose Rio, Morishita Lichika, Shimada Rie, Suxaki Riko, and Endo Sei. The show took a strange turn when Tetsuya was murdered. Furukawa Yuuta plays the leading role in the drama.