Article: Top Ten K-Dramas About Roommate

There are a lot of K-dramas about chaotic roommates and the shenanigans they get up to. There are a lot of dramas that use the trope of roommates to lovers often as well. In this list, we are talking about some K-dramas that have effectively used this trope.

1. Welcome To Waikiki

This drama follows the chaotic lives of three men living together in a guesthouse. Our three protagonists, who are also roommates are Kang Dong-Goo, Lee Joon-Ki, and Bong-Doo-Sik. They are all ambitious people with big dreams of succeeding in their respective fields. Together they run an eccentric guesthouse in South Korea, in the Itaewon district. We follow the day-to-day activities of these young men and their struggles in succeeding in their careers and finding love.

2. Hello, My Twenties

This drama revolves around the lives of five roommates in college. They are, Yoon Jin-Myung, Jung Ye-Eun, Song Ji-Won, Kang Yi-Na and Yoo Eun Jae. They all share a flat. We follow them as they struggle to cope with the anxieties of university and the issues they face in their personal lives. Together, the girls can persevere through any problems they face.

3. Be Melodramatic

This drama revolves around the lives of three roommates, Lim Jin-Joo, Lee Eun-Jung, and Hwang Han-Joo. They are women who are highly independent and bluntly honest. We see that they were college friends and soon after became roommates. This drama is a fresh breath of air among the vast array of K-dramas. Even though this drama is not as rosy as other K-dramas, it is sincere. It depicts the ups and downs of life and the impact of love and death. This drama is one of the most beautiful K-dramas I have ever seen.

4. My Roommate Is A Gumiho

This drama series follows the lives of Lee Dam, a typical university student, and Shin Woo-Yeo, an intellectual and mysterious professor. Shin is a fox spirit. He is about 999 years old and dreams of becoming a human. To become human, he stores human energy in a unique bead. Due to an incident, Lee Dam ingests the bead. This incident forces Lee Dam and Shin to become roommates until Shin can devise a way to remove the bead safely from Lee Dam.

5. Doom At Your Service

This series revolves around the life of Tak Dong-Kyung. She is a young woman who is fed up with her life. When we first meet her, we see that she has gone through a series of misfortunes. She has an arrogant and disrespectful boss; her boyfriend is a married man, and she has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Fed up with life, on her birthday, she wishes for something unique. She wishes for the earth to end and for everything to perish. This wish leads Myul-Mang or doom himself to her door. Mang is intrigued by her, and both start to live together.

6. Goblin

This drama follows the life of a remarkable young girl named Ji Eun Tak. She has a supernatural gift; due to this gift, she can interact with the spirits of deceased humans and other supernatural beings. She is also the Goblin’s wife. Kim Shin is the Goblin; he has been cursed to roam the earth for generations in search of his wife. Ji Eun Tak and Kim Shin are puzzled and intrigued by each other. Ji Eun Tak is an orphan, and she is neglected by her extended family. With having nowhere to go, she eventually moves in with Kim Shin.

7. The Secret Romantic Guesthouse

This series revolves around the life of a young woman named Yoon Dan-O, the youngest daughter of a wealthy family. However, due to circumstances she is forced to become the breadwinner of her family and becomes charged with running the Ihwawon Inn. The guest house attracts scholars who come to Hanyang for their examinations. These scholars include Kim Shi-Yeol, Jung Yoo-Ha, and Kang San.

8. Full House

This drama follows the lives of Han Ji-Eun and Lee Young-Jae. Han Ji-Eun is an ordinary woman, while Lee Young-Jae is a well-known actor. They have agreed to be married to each other; however, that is just an agreement on paper. This drama attempts to show the true meaning of family. Slowly, Han Ji and Lee Young fall in love with each other.

9. Because This Is My First Life

This series revolves around the lives of two fascinating people in their thirties, Nam See-Hee and Yoon Ji-Ho. Nam is a single man who has no desire to marry someone. He owns a beautiful home; however, he struggles to pay off the mortgage of his home. We also follow Yoon, a woman who desires to own a home. She has lost interest in dating and only aspires to have enough money to purchase a house. Eventually, Yoon moves in with Nam and helps him pay off his mortgage.

10. So, I Married The Anti-Fan

This drama follows Who-Joon and Lee Guen-Young. Lee Geun is a hard-working magazine reporter. She despises Who-Joon and believes that he is responsible for her losing her job.  Guen soon becomes a known anti-fan of Who-Joon. A PD approaches the young woman and offers her a role in a reality television show where she needs to live with Who-Joon. She is also provided a lot of money for her role. Guen is in financial difficulty and decides to accept the offer. Similarly, Who-Joon assumes his role and decides to use it to improve his public image.