Article: Ten Suspenseful K-Dramas    

If you want something that will bring a chill to your spine and spice up your regular shows, then these K-dramas are highly recommended. These suspenseful dramas are sure to keep you hooked and coming back for more.

1. Through The Darkness

This is a very thrilling series, and it revolves around a well-known and well-respected criminal profiler named Kim Nam-Gil. As a profiler, he wants to understand the mind of criminals and their behaviors. The series follows Nam-Gil as he struggles to wrap his mind around the behaviors and crimes of serial killers and other criminals.

2. Strangers From Hell 

This series follows the life of Yoon Joon-Woo, a seemingly ordinary young man who aspires to live an everyday, peaceful life. He gets a job at an office in Seoul and decides to move into an apartment in Seoul. He does not have a lot of money and thus chooses to live in a shared apartment, where the kitchen and the bathroom are shared by the other residents in the apartment building. Yoon’s life in the apartment is anything but mundane as he realizes that there is something wrong and weird about all the residents living there. This drama is a very gritty and suspenseful watch. It also shows us that it is tough to know people and makes you weary of your neighbors and the people around you.

3. Little Women

This drama revolves around the lives of three sisters who come from a lower middle-class family. They do not have much to their names and have been left to deal with much debt. The oldest of the sisters, Oh In-Joo, is kind, responsible, and fiercely protective of her family. The second sister, Oh In-Kyung, is sharp and enjoys learning. She aspires to become a well-respected investigative reporter and the youngest sister; Oh In-Hye is a talented painter. She is beloved by her elder sister. The lives of the three sisters change drastically when they are forced to stand against one of the most powerful and influential families in South Korea.

4. Beyond Evil

This series follows the lives of Detective Lee Dong-Sik and his partner Han Joo-Won. Lee Dong-Sik is a seasoned detective; he lives a peaceful life in a small town, and he enjoys his quiet life. One day a young head-strong detective named Han Joo-Won gets transferred to Lee’s station. Han is Lee’s supervisor and partner. They must work together to solve a mysterious string of murders that have taken place in their quiet town.

5. Mouse (2021)

This drama revolves around a cat-and-mouse chase between a young detective named Jung Ba-Reum and a murderous psychopath who has gone on a killing spree. This spree has caused the area’s residents to live in fear and suspicion of others. Jung Ba is an honest police officer who strives for justice. His entire life changes due to this case.

6. Extracurricular

This series follows a young high school student named Ji-Soo. He is a good student known for his good grades and behavior in school. However, due to desperation, he makes a horrible choice. This choice leads to a crime taking place in their school. Min-Hee and Kyu-Ri are other students who get involved in his crimes. This causes all the students to be dragged deeper into the crimes.

7. Taxi Driver 

This drama revolves around a taxi driver named Kim Do-Ki. On the outside he appears to be an ordinary driver but works for a unique taxi company. Kim had passed from the Naval Academy and had become an official. However, his world was altered when his mother was murdered by a serial killer. After his mother’s death, Kim's sole purpose for living is revenge. He works for a company with the same motto as him and provides an exceptional revenge service to their clients.

8. Big Mouth

This series follows the lives of Park Chang-Ho and his wife, Go Mi-Ho. Park aspires to open his law firm and become a well-respected lawyer. He is however not a very effective lawyer. He is good-natured and talkative, which is why his nickname is Big Mouth. Park is suspected of being a criminal mastermind known as Big Mouse and was thrown in jail. He must learn how to survive in jail and find out who the real Big Mouse is. His wife Go Mi is an intelligent woman. She is a nurse and supports her husband. Go Mi fights for her husband outside jails and tries to clear his name.

9. Signal

This drama revolves around the life of a police lieutenant and profiler, Hae-Young. He is traumatized by an incident of his classmate, Yoon Jung’s kidnapping and murder. He had witnessed the kidnapped and tried to alert the police, but as a young child, his concerns were brushed aside. The case haunted him for years after. One day, Hae-Young hears a mysterious voice trying to communicate with him from a walkie-talkie. It turns out that the voice is that of a detective from the year 2000 trying to communicate with Hae.

10. Penthouse 

This drama follows the lives of different families living in a luxury Apartment. This Apartment complex has about a hundred floors for the families. It follows the lives of Shim Su-Ryeon, a wealthy woman who was born with a silver spoon and is considered the queen of the penthouse apartments. She is married to Joo Dan-Tae, a wealthy businessman. It also follows Cheon Seo-Jin, a rich and arrogant woman married to a successful surgeon named Ha Yoon-Cheol. Oh, Yoon-Hae is a successful and hard-working woman who comes from a humble background. She works for children and hopes to make a name for herself among the wealthy families.