Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas Which Started Fashion Trends

Over the last few years, due to the Hallyu wave, Korean dramas and movies have now become more popular than ever. The well-written characters along with the riveting plotlines and amazing cinematography have helped K-dramas and movies cultivate a huge fan base across the entire world. Besides this, the one main aspect K-dramas have blown us with is their brilliant styling sense, with each characters having their own respective styles perfectly suited to their personality. Whether it be their hair, clothes, accessories or make-up, their influence on their fanbase have made almost everything they wear become a trend. That said, here are 10 Korean dramas which started fashion trends

1. Tomorrow With You

A romantic drama, Tomorrow With You follows the story of So Joon, a CEO for a real estate company who can travel through time. On witnessing that his future isn’t particularly happy, he marries Ma Rin, an amateur photographer in hopes that it would change his fate. Ma Rin’s bubbly and quirky personality can be seen through her outfits- one day its boho chic, next day its grunge. The couple’s fashion complement each other as Ma Rin’s quirky ensembles are a good juxtaposition to So Joon’s sensible outfits.


2. Hometown Cha Cha Ch

The plot for Hometown Cha Cha Cha revolves around a streetwalker who returns to her home in the village to pursue a career. Standing out in the crowd in her monochrome outfits accompanied with trendy accessories and handbags, she made quite the fashion statement in the show. With colours and silhouttes bringing out her elegance, her polite and professional character always made sure to add a unique element to her outfits.


3. Sky Castle

Sky Caste features an ensemble of impeccably and sophisticatedly dressed mothers who are tasked with raising academically accomplished children amidst Korea’s overtly competitive education system. This show features a large variety of styles from elegant and sleek, to flashy, playful and colourful, to preppy chic- watchers always have plenty of outfits to choose their favourite ones from.


4. The Lady In Dignity

Woman of Dignity is the story of two women, Ah Jin and Bok Ja, belonging in different rungs on the social ladder. Ah Jin specifically stuns the audience throughout the show with her elegant, clean style. She perfectly embodies her high class status through her clothes, which can be seen through her use of luxurious expensive fabrics. Her looks on the show were definitely inspirations for designer pieces.


5. Now We Are Breaking Up

With Ha Young Eun acting as a designer for a major fashion brand, it is not surprise that her character in Now We Are Breaking Up had impeccable dressing style. However, since her work made her travel a lot, she kept her style palette on the more classic, minimalist and comfortable side. Her neutral colour palette with simple patterns and silhouettes made her style timeless and not too over the top.


6. Hotel Del Luna

One of the most expensive closets amongst other K-dramas, IU’s wardrobe for the show cost over 10 million Korean Won, which is around Rs 6 lakh! Her style was dramatic and vintage, using tailored silhouettes, statement pieces and luxurious fabrics to show of the character’s expensive taste. Her bold accessories like belts and shoulder pads helped emphasize her petite yet powerful figure.


7. My Roommate Is A Gumiho

A drama made from a webtoon of the same name, My Roommate is a Gumiho Jang Ki Young and Lee Hye Ri as the lead couple. Hye Ri’s simple yet classic style is easy to recreate in real life, which is probably why her wardrobe was so trendy. Sporting outfits like jeans with a knitted sweater and cropped jacket, her looks were stylish and easy to accomplish for day to day wear.


8. Forecasting Love And Weather

Playing the role of a manager in a national weather service, Park Min Young’s character was strict and professional in the work setting but loving and caring in her personal life. Her outfits in the show complement this dual nature of her character as her outfits were suitable for both work and dating. Opting for neutrals with small feminine touches, her outfits exuded the feminine and confident aura of her personality.


9. Goblin

Moving the spotlight onto menswear, the record-breaking Goblin featured two male immortal leads with abundant fortunes and a dapper style to go alongside. While Kim Shin stuck with tailored suits and coats made from expensive fabrics, Wang Yeo, playing the character of the Grim Reaper donned a darker palette comprised of blacks, greys and blues with textured fabrics.


10. Our Beloved Summer

In Our Beloved Summer, Noh Jung Ui plays the character of NJ, a popular idol. Although she is not the main lead in this drama, she sure makes heads her way with the creative and stylish ensembles that she comes up with. An extremely diverse wardrobe with varying styles, NJ is the true definition of an “it girl”. She can be seen sporting outfits constituting vintage pieces to modern tops, with a large selection of sunglasses and handbags, all of which make for a style perfectly suited for her character.