Article: Top 10 Korean Psychological Thrillers You Must Watch

Psychological thrillers give the viewers a chance to examine our broken behavior patterns. It takes us on a ride of adrenaline-filled with twists and turns. They are exciting because they are designed to trick our minds which is not an easy task. They will take you on an unfamiliar ride from your home. And the most important among them all is a climax that hits you like a truck. In our daily life, our experiences can get limited to the environment we live in, these movies let us explore the beyond. That's why we bring you a list of some of the best Korean Psychological thrillers to enjoy the thrill.

1. Squid Games 

Squid Games is a Hwang Dong Hyuk-directed series for Netflix. The story of hundreds of players who are in debt chooses to play a series of deadly children's games for a prize of 45.6 billion won. It is Netflix's Most-Watched series topping 94 nations.


2. The Penthouse

The Penthouse: War in Life is a television series directed by Joo Dong Min and written by Kim Soon Ok. The story of a woman who aspires to become the Queen of the 100th-floor Penthouse in Gangnam and enter high society. The SBS series is planned to have 3 seasons.


3. God's Gift: 14 Days

God's Gift is a 2014 Television series written by Choi Ran. The story revolves around a mother whose daughter was murdered after being kidnapped. A mysterious event turns back the time exactly fourteen days before the incident after which she runs against the clock.


4. Signal 

The signal is 2016 television series directed by Kim Won Seok. The drama where past and present run parallel and collide through a walkie-talkie. Three detectives from 1989 and 2015 who work in unsolved murder cases. The drama is based on true mysteries. The profiler from 2015 and the detective from 1989 come together to solve the cases.


5. The Chaser 

The Chaser is a 2012 Korean drama directed by Jo Nam Kook. The story of a detective who loses his daughter in a car accident and his wife then dies from shock. He gets information that his daughter's death was not an accident but a political conspiracy. A reporter helps him to uncover the truth. The grieving father is out for revenge against corrupt officials.


6. Mother 

Mother is a 2009 film directed by Bong Joon Ho. The story of a mother whose son is accused of the murder of a girl. Her young son is a man of little intelligence who is framed. A stunning masterpiece thriller. The movie is packed with raw emotions, dark tones, and real thrills. One of the best comes from the director Bong Joon Ho.


7. Memoir Of A Murderer 

Memoir Of A Murderer is  20 a  film directed by Won Shin Yun. The film revolves around Byung Soo, a serial killer who lives with his daughter who takes care of him because of his Alzheimer's diagnosis.  Byung Soo tries to protect his daughter from her psychotic boyfriend who he suspects to be a serial killer.


8. Sky Castle

Sky Castle is a 2018 television drama series directed by Jo Hyun Tak. The series revolves around the story of four rich Housewives who live in an exclusive Sky Castle community, the women use every way to get their children into Korea's top three universities. The drama is one of the most well-received dramas of all time in South Korea.


9. The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden is a 2016 psychological thriller film directed by Park Chan Wook. The series is inspired by a novel 'The Fingersmith' written by Welsh Writer Sarab Waters published in 2002. In the film, a Japanese woman hires a handmaiden but she is involved in a plan of defrauding her with a con man.


10. Antarctic Journal 

Antarctic Journal is a 2005 South Korean Movie directed by Yim Pil Sung. The story of a South Korean expedition that is trekking in the Antarctic and discovers a notebook left by a British Team which disappeared 80 years ago. The team finds unusual likenesses in their journey with the lost team.