Article: Top 10 Chinese Movies That Leave Us In Tears

Movies can be a break from reality when life gets to tiring. It can bring happiness, laughter and excitement to people. It can be a topic to bond over while making new friends, or a way to spend more time with your loved ones. But sometimes, when life gets too much and you just want to have a good cry, there are movies which can do the job flawlessly. This list specifically includes tearjerker Chinese movies which will make you bawl your eyes out, a perfect way for you to vent out your emotions. Whether it be the heart-breaking love story or the sacrifice of a loved one, these movies are sure to make you want to keep that box of tissues closer.

1. Us And Them

Produced by Netflix, Us and Them is about being young, broke and in love. It narrates the story of two young lovers who meet on a train while going back home. Certain events happen in both their lives which end up with them living together in a small apartment room. Eventually they fall in love but realise that simply love isn’t enough to sustain their relationship, leading to numerous misunderstandings and breakups. This movie is one emotional rollercoaster and will surely make you cry.


2. Better Days

Better Days revolves around the story of a smart high school student and a teenage delinquent. It opens about the struggles student face in school, touching upon topics like bullying, peer pressure and the impact of having high education standards. During dark and hard times, even small acts of kindness can truly turn tables. This work of an art movie was even nominated for an Academy Award, which should tell you how good it is!


3. More Than Blue

A Chinese remake of a Korean film with the same name, More Than Blue is a story of strength, courage, and putting the happiness of a loved one above all. The plot revolves around K, a record producer, and Cream, a lyricist, who live together and become close over time. Despite obstacles in life, they find solace in each other. However as the story progresses, K gets diagnosed with leukemia and their happy life together gets threatened.


4. Under The Hawthorn Tree

Set during the era of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Under the Hawthorn Tree is a tale of pure young love. It is the story of a poor city girl who gets sent to the village where she falls in love with a handsome young boy, who has a promising future because of his father’s military background. The two of them face several obstacles and misunderstandings due to the differences in their social background but their love perseveres through all.


5. Soul Mate

Soulmate is a story about growth with the plot revolving around the love-hate relationship of two childhood friends, An Sheng and Qi Yue after they fall for the same man. Their close friendship stems from the fact that they are two girls with widely different personalities. A love triangle starts when Qi Yue gets in a relationship with Su Jia, who instead develops feelings for An Sheng. However the relationship breaks off as the two go to different universities. Years later, the two best friends meet again and try to save what’s left of their friendship.


6. Hear Me

With most of the movie being shot in sign language, Hear Me makes you realise that sometimes you don’t need words to convey pure emotions. Delving into the world of the deaf and mute, you can feel the care and love between the main characters, a deaf girl and a delivery boy. Their innocent love, driven by strength and willpower show how they can manage to overcome any barrier.


7. Go Away Mr Tumor

A slick, emotionally compelling film, Go Away Mr Tumor is a humorous portrait of a women’s losing battle against cancer. This drama film is based on the life story of Xiong Dun, who authored a webcomic after she got diagnosed with cancer. Not only did she become extremely popular on the internet, gaining over 3 million followers on Weibo, but the comic book was also a huge hit.


8. Cry Me A Sad River

Cry Me A Sad River revolves around the story of Yi Yao and Qi Ming, who are neighbours who go to the same class. Xiao Mi, a student who transfers to their school, develops a liking for Qi Ming and becomes jealous of the relationship Yi Yao has with him. Stalking Yi Yao, Xiao Mi gets to know of a secret of hers which she uses to bully her. As the bullying becomes worse and starts destroying her life, a new character, Sen Xi helps her get through them. But life isn’t always how we plan it out to be so watch the movie to know what happens next.


9. But Always

But Always is a beautiful romance movie with the trope of friends to lovers. From 1971, when they were children in Beijing, to 2001, where they grew into adults with feelings for each other, in New York, their love travelled through time and space. Despite obstacles and messy entanglements, their love for one another grows stronger. The narration style of this movie is pure gold and is definitely a must-watch.


10. Farewell My Concubine

Farewell My Concubine is set in the politically tumultuous time period in the 20th century, till before the aftermath of the Cultural Revolution. It tells the story of the two young male friends who join the Peking opera school and become lifelong friends. However their friendship will endure some of the harshest times in China’s history.