Article: Top Ten K-Dramas That Showcase Strong Female Friendships

In this list, we have combined and discussed some of the best female friendships and girl quads introduced to us. We see how these women provide love and unwavering support to each other in not only their daily lives but also in their darkest moments. We know the importance of female friendships, and we get a glimpse into the bond and sisterhood that develops among these women.

1. Be Melodramatic 

In Be Melodramatic, we follow our main three female leads, Im Jin Joo, Lee Eun Jung, and Hwang Han Joo. It is clear from the beginning that these women are each other's support system. In this series, we follow our protagonists as they try to navigate their own lives with the support of each other. From break-ups to sudden pregnancies and even death, these women are there for each other. This series is a gem; it explores love and loss and mental illness. It gives us a glimpse into the lives of these women as they try to navigate through their challenges.

2. Age Of Youth

Age of Youth features a larger girl group, which includes, Song Ji Won, Kan Yi Na, Jung Ye Eun, Yoon Eun Jae, and Yoon Jin Myung. They are a group of young women in college who somehow end up living in an apartment together. We can see from the beginning that they all have different personalities and interests. It is a rocky start however, as the show progresses, we can see their bond deepen and develop. All the girls open to each other about the difficulties they face and their lives. The girls stick by each other and help each other face different challenges in their lives.

3. WWW

In this series, we follow Bae Ta Mi, Cha Hyeon, and Song Ga Kyung all powerful leading women in the web companies. They are all in web companies that are competing. Our leading ladies here empower each other in their daily lives. Despite having their issues and problems between themselves, they are there to support each other. It's lovely to see their friendship deepen. It is an empowering series that makes us all hope to have friends like these.

4. Reply 1988

Here we have the girl squad, which comprises Kim Sun Young, Ra Min Ran, and Lee II Hwa. They are all mothers and have each other as their support system. We see that in case of any hardships, these women have each other to rely on. All these women are the rocks of their own families, and we learn that they have all faced several challenges in their lives. Despite facing issues and painful difficulties, these women have each other to rely on. We see these women help each other navigate through the problems of motherhood and life.

5. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Our main protagonist is Kim Bok Joo, a young woman who aspires to be a great athlete. She aspires to be a weightlifter and works hard to achieve her goals. As she goes through life, she experiences disappointment and heartbreak. However, luckily, her girls always have her back. Jung Nam Hee and Lee Sun Ok are always present for their friend. These girls are always there to support each other. These girls provide each other with reassurance and love. They are also the best girl squad to have fried chicken with.

6. How To Be Thirty 

In How to be Thirty, Seo Ji Won, Hong Ah Young, and Lee Ran Jo are each other's support. Together, they journey through the new challenges they face at thirty. They share their joys, and are there for each other in their dark moments. These women are all independent and strong individuals who are very straightforward with each other. They help each other in their love lives as well and despite the various changes and disappointments they face, they are always there for one another.

7. Twenty - Five Twenty – One

This series depicts a strong friendship and sisterhood between fellow students, Na HeeDo, Ji SeungWan, and Ko YuRim. These young women are incredibly caring and supportive of each other. As they try to go through high school and experience the pains of growing up, they at least have each other to fall back on. These series show us the importance of having such a close-knit girl squad. Despite having their issues these girls are unwavering in their love and support of each other.

8. Thirty-Nine

In this series, Cha MiJo, Jang JooHee, and Jeong ChaYoung make up another fabulous girl squad. This series contains topics of grief, love, loss, and moving on. These women, through the series, develop a sisterhood and deep bond with each other. Their experiences and friendships have made several fans teary-eyed.

9. A Business Proposal

Despite being more focused on the love life of our main protagonist, Shin Ha Ri, this drama has given us the hilarious and sisterly bond between Shin Ha Ri and Jin YoungSeo. Both these women have been with each other through thick and thin. This show has given us one of the best friendships I have seen in K-dramas. The women are like sisters rather than friends. They provide unconditional support to each other.

10. Work Later, Drink Now

Kang JiGu, Han JiYeon, and Ahn SoHee make up another entertaining girl squad. We see the hilarious antics that take place in the lives of these women and how they must navigate through it. We see these women are there for both the fun moments as well as the darker moments. While we watch these women have fun with each other, we inevitably get reminded of our squad.