Article: Top 10 Best Male Dancers Of Korea

K-pop has created dance more than just an art. K-pop has many simplest dancers within the world who have taken their passion and joy to inspire others. One would possibly say dance in K-pop is one of the main reasons why K-pop is idolized all around the world. Dance is universal, and you'd hardly see anyone who doesn't love it. It's some way of expressing one's emotions and visually, it's wonderful to look at. We tend to already do writing on the feminine K-pop Dancers of all time. Thus, currently, we tend to do one for the male K-pop dancers of all time.

1. Taemin – SHINee

When it comes right down to the best male K-pop dancers of all time, Taemin is usually at the highest of the list. Taemin is our selection for the best male K-pop dancer of all time by a slender margin. He was one of the primary K-pop male idols to be recognized for his great dance skills. What sets him except several of the others on this list is his pure expertise. He has been in the business for over a decade. Incorporates a vogue all his own, and you'll be able to tell it's Taemin notwithstanding he stands behind a curtain, and solely his shadow is shown. His moves are distinctive and not tons of different K-pop Idols will say this.


2. Kai – EXO

Kai is EXO's leading dancer and is thought of for dominating the stage together with his powerful moves. He's sometimes on everyone's list of the most influential dancers in K-pop. Kai had a solo dance performance within the Olympics’ closing ceremony, doing a traditional dance with a contemporary twist. He's legendary for striking each beat. Kai is accustomed be in ballet; therefore, his strength is a lot of in choreography than hip hop.


3. Ten – WayV

There is a reason why he's the sole Thai Idol ever to get accepted by SM recreation. His balance and uniqueness are unmatched. And he will do all varieties of dance from hip-hop to trendy, to just about something. Whereas ten won't have the history of Taemin or Kai, he has gained the name because of the best K-pop dancer of his generation.


4. BTS – J-Hope

One of the foremost versatile dancers in K-pop is J-Hope. However, he's primarily legendary for his hip-hop dance vogue. One look at BTS music videos, notice simply what number of varieties of dance they incorporate. From ballroom to street jazz, J-Hope plays a significant role in their choreography because of the group's principal dancer. If you need to examine his shine during a Music Video, look into "Boy Meets Evil" on YouTube. Plus, almost like Lisa from BLACKPINK, J-Hope incorporates a natural talent of having the ability to be told choreography quickly. This additionally makes him an excellent teacher as he's ready to teach the group members.


5. Got7 – Yugyeom

He was the winner of the popular TV dance competition known as “Hit the Stage". Through the match, his pop skills were on the whole show. Therefore, he's superb at race and has nice footwork. One of the key reasons why he's an amazing dancer is that he has great lower body management. He may well be one of the foremost underrated K-pop dancers of all time, and a few feel he deserves to air the amount of Kai and Taemin. Some would possibly blame it on a final of personal appeal or lack of attention generally as GOT7 isn't as well-liked as BTS, EXO, or maybe SHINee.


6. Rain

Rain has established himself because of the Michael Joe Jackson of K-pop/King of Dance in Asia. He can forever air any list of the highest Male K-pop Dancers. He became the first-ever Korean creator to form an impression within you. This was a decade before BTS and BLACKPINK came on the scene. At the time, nobody might have matched his dance skills. But as dance evolved, others rose to the highest. However, Rain can forever be called one in every of the best. It's reported that before his JYP audition, Rain was rejected by nineteen agencies. This goes to point out what proportion heart and dedication Rain has. He has had an incredible career and is even relevant currently.


7. Lay – EXO

While Lay won't be as explosive as Kai, Lay brings a lot of relaxed and natural vogue to his dance. Lay incorporates a name for operating with tons of choreographers in each China and Republic of Korea. He's perpetually rising, and his runniness and management in his movements look easy. He might be seen as another K-pop star that's underrated for his dance primarily as a result of Kai getting most of the eye. Since Lay looks, therefore, snug and will his moves in a straightforward, manner, several don't offer him the popularity he deserves.


8. BTS – Jimin

Jimin has trained in modern dance/ballet, and it shows. He was the highest student within the choreography department at Busan high school of Arts. His moves are swift.  His most significant plus is his flexibility, one thing that helped him in ballet. He incorporates a solid overall build with strengths in each of his higher and lower bodies. This permits him to perform athletic moves in dance that other K-pop idols can’t.


9. Eunhyuk – Super Junior

The best dancer on Super Junior is out and away. Eunhyuk who comes in at #9 on our list of the most effective male K-pop Dancers of all time. He's legendary for his full-body management and has an unofficial title of being the “Dancing Machine” of the K-pop business. He's currently past his prime; however, you can't take him off any high ten list of friendly K-pop male dancers. Eunhyuk has designed his name as an excellent dancer not simply from his solo performances; however, he was ready to showcase his skills on Korean selection shows. Moreover, he was a dance mentor on the Korean reality show "Under Nineteen" in 2018.


10. SEVENTEEN – Hoshi

The best dancer on our list is Hoshi. He co-choreographs all of SEVENTEEN's dances and even teaches the cluster the choreographies himself. Once you see however well they're synchronous, the credit essentially goes to Hoshi. However, he's still ready to bring tons of power and technique. One in every of the foremost artistic choreographers in K-pop at the instant. He must place during a few a lot of years to interrupt into the highest five, however, being within the high ten at such a young stage in his career shows simply however smart he's.