Article: Thai Dramas With Hidden Identity

Thai dramas that explore the intriguing concept of hidden identity are very popular among the audiences worldwide. These gripping narratives deeply explore the nature and temperament of characters who hide their true identities which lead to interesting plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat. From massive scandals to unexpected twists, these ten Thai dramas with hidden identity will leave you craving for more.

1. Enchante (2022)

Theo returns to Thailand to study at his father’s school after living in France. His surroundings are unfamiliar since he is back in Thailand, but he does make one friend, Akk. In the library, Theo finds a book that greets him warmly. The author signs its Enchante, which translates to “nice to meet you” in French. Theo informs Akk that he is curious to know who this Enchante person is. As soon as Akk reveals the truth, four men step forward and declare themselves to be Enchante.

2. Fak Fah Kiri Dao (2020)

Rachisa’s attractive and brash millionaire son Santharakat fled the mafia group’s pursuit from the Himalayas to hide in Chiang Mai. Santharakat meets Chiang Mai restaurant owner Danika. She enjoys stargazing, so Santharathat makes an effort to earn her affection. However, Danika has a soft spot for Khiri, a waiter who struggles due to his drunk mother. In an attempt to keep up with Santharakat, Kiri goes to any lengths, even working undercover with Danica’s stepfather, Sikarin.

3. Vice Versa (2022)

After an accident, Alay wakes up in the body of a man named Tess and runs across Puen, a well-known actor who is now inhabiting the body of Tun. To help them navigate life in this new reality, the two have Phuwadol, a nurse who aids individuals from the same universe they left behind. Phuwadol says there’s a potential they may be each other’s “portkey,” someone who can assist them in going back to their starting point after they have accomplished what needs to be done.

4. Tarm Ruk Keun Jai (2015)

Tarm Ruk Keun Jai is a drama about a young lady called Nara who leads a luxurious life in Bangkok while being pampered by her mother and grandfather. One day, by coincidence she discovers that her father is still alive and employed in northern Thailand on a farm. She leaves immediately to search for her father. Nara gets a job at the same farm as her father. As Nara works to strengthen her bond with her father, she also becomes closer to Singh, who is the owner of the farm. Eventually over time their bond and romance grows.

5. Mia Archeep (2020)

Mr. Robert works as a manager for a company called “The Plan” that makes women into ideal ladies for a man. He calls these women the “Ideal Wife.” Chollada comes from a middle-class background, but “The Plan” helped her become the ideal, well-educated woman. She is regarded as company’s best products. Mr. Robert repeatedly tries to invite her to this service because he believes she is suitable for Kasidit.

6. Love Bipolar (2018)

Sang Tai replaces himself with his twin brother as Wenny’s makeup artist, Sang Nuea, after an accident.

7. My Hero Series: Heart Of The Motherland (2018)

Techat is a covert espionage agent. Awassaya is a jewelry designer. Techat tries to stay away from the troubled girl who could ruin the entire secret mission, but Awassaya won’t let him have it alone, especially after she discovers he’s the man the elders are trying to match her with. However, he always finds himself rescuing her and falls in love with her.

8. Khun Mae Suam Roy (2018)

The drama’s plot revolves around a professional stunt woman Sina who returns from America. Upon her return she discovers her identical twin sister Siriya who is disabled from the waist down due to an unexplained gunshot wound. She is a mother of a child and the father of her child is her lover Pipop. Following Pipop’s unexpected death, her twin sister inherits a massive portion of her father’s fortune. Her sister Siriya will have to marry his younger brother Athirat for a minimum of one year for everyone in the household to receive their share of the money. If the condition is not fulfilled, then Pipop will donate all his fortune to a charitable organization.

9. Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur (2017)

This drama is about a trained assassin Wayu who falls in love with Pavarin, the daughter of a wealthy businessman who is also a drug lord operating underdog. His heart and life are put to test when a girl with a bright smile enters his life and starts to melt his cold heart. From his childhood, he was trained to be an apathetic hitman as he grew up in an orphanage.

10. Cutie Pie (2022)

At the request and wish of their families, Lian Kilen Wang and Kuea Keerati, the sons of two different firms, became engaged. The one tries to win him over, but the other is not intrested in arranged marriage.