Article: Top 10 Iconic K-Pop Hairstyles

Hairstyles are a game changer when it comes to having a fresh look. With each new year comes a variety of cuts to try. But some hairstyles have become legendary and are forever iconic. Other than the K-pop industry, among so many Asian pop industries, where can we find such timeless styles? K-pop has been taking over the world like wildfire. Whether it is clothing styles, skincare trends, or hairstyles emerging from K-pop, they are irreplaceable. "I wish I could pull off the same hairstyles as them. They make it look effortless," says a K-pop fan. Let us delve into this ever-growing stylish culture and read more about the Top 10 Iconic K-Pop Hairstyles.

1. Blackpink Lisa: Statement Bangs

Blackpink Lisa’s bangs have always been the talk of all the magazines. There was a time when it was a trending hashtag on Twitter. Everyone used to wonder how they made it last. Dancing, playing, doing whatever—they just don't budge. Her bangs are her signature look. It is perfect for the innocent Uwu girl look that goes with any outfit. Simple, manageable, and cute. Straight hair, long or short, falling on the shoulder or falling beneath the waist with bangs covering your forehead, gives a fashionable look.

2. MAMAMOO Wheein: Blonde Bob

Bob cuts are no longer simple and boring. Wheein’s famous cut, blonde Bob, is her signature cut, which is easy to pull off. One might wonder if it looks good on everyone other than idols. But this chic look suits all face types, making you feel empowered by giving you that bold look. Bob Cuts might have been considered boring by some, but adding the twist of blonde was a game changer for Bob Cuts. Blonde has always been one of the most iconic colors, giving people a Western touch.

3. Pucca Buns

Pucca buns, aka space buns, are known to people by various names. It is a style with two buns on the head. Because your hair is on top of your head, you can also do full makeup and highlight your eyes or lips! It is a top trendy style chosen by many famous idols such as Momo, Lisa, ITZY’s Yeji, IU, Jackson’s red buns, etc. It is an easy and quick style that one can even tie on regular days. Adding different hair colors to this look can be fun and exotic.

4. BTS Jimin: Silver Bounce

Who doesn't know Jimin and his style statement? Jimin and his silver fox style have taken away hearts. It is one of those hairstyles that has gone down in history as the most iconic. It has been many years since he debuted with this look, but it is still copied by many celebrities and fans. Jimin's history with silver locks has come a long way. During the band's "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" and Wings era in 2016, Jimin first appeared with a silver style that was like a stormy day.

5. (G) I-DLE Yuqi: Curls And Bangs

As soon as you hear bangs, the very first thing that comes to mind is straight hair falling effortlessly and blowing gorgeously. But not anymore! Who said you couldn't have bangs with curls? A very famous style is going around in Korea among idols and K-dramas. Cute heart-shaped bangs with slightly messy curls falling on your shoulders.

6. Curtains Fringe

Bangs are gender-neutral. That has been proven by now. Men or women—anyone can pull it off with the right outfit. However, curtain fringes are a little different from the bangs mentioned above. In addition to enhancing your best features, they balance out the proportions of your face. Therefore, they look great regardless of your hair type or head shape.

7. Side-Swept Top Drop Fade

First choice of many idols while performing tours or for airport looks. It's no secret that Korean pop idols love long hairstyles with clean fades for contrast. A drop-fade shape that dips down in the back will gradually shorten the sides of your hair. Leave the long top part or dye it to make it pop out more.

8. Low Twisted Man Bun

There was a time when the high-man bun was popular, but K-pop has resurrected the style by making it a low-man bun. No matter what the texture of your hair, this style is low-effort and can be worn with any length of hair. To tie a low man bun, brush all your hair back, take a band, and tie it into a bun. Keep it low, near your neck. Using a clockwise spiral, twist and wrap the hair in a ponytail. A simple and neat style is achieved with elastic.

9. Taeyang: 2007-2010 Mohawk

A style coming into light with Taeyang's debut—a South Korean singer. To have a mohawk is to not completely shave off the sides of your hair but to lightly keep the hair on your sides. The hair has to be cut into small pieces without the use of a razor. Keep the middle part longer than the rest of the hair, and keep it in spikes

10. ATEEZ Seonghwa Bright Red Undercut

Seonghwa’s side profile is just so perfect and beautiful, accented by his signature bright red undercut. Seonghwa’s haircut is kind of similar to the mohawk cut. The only difference is having the middle part much longer and having just one side part with small hair. The other side’s long and blowy hair falls on the forehead, giving you a stylish, chic look. Now a red undercut cannot be red without dying. Coloring your hair bright red gives you the Seonghwa look.