Article: Top 10 Japanese Dramas To Watch On Viki

This list will give you the top 10 Japanese dramas you can watch on Viki. Viki is one of the best apps where you can watch different types of drama, be it genres or the language. All these dramas have high rates in the Viki app, so make sure to watch all of them. Also, other than the dramas in this list, there are so many other dramas that are so good. Make sure to check out the Viki app.

1. An Incurable Case Of Love

This is one of the most popular dramas among the fans. The story revolves around Sakura Nanase, a rookie nurse who met Doctor Tendo Kairi several years ago and fell in love. She studied hard to become a nurse to meet him again but discovered he had a totally different personality. He is commonly referred to as the ‘Devil’ at work. He is a level-headed perfectionist. Sakura works hard to get recognition from him and also confesses her feeling. Meanwhile, Tendo starts getting attracted to Sakura.


2. In-House Marriage Honey

“In-house marriage honey” is about a young couple getting married almost immediately after meeting each other through a dating app. They do not realize that they are working for the same company. They decided to keep their marriage a secret from their company and friends. At first, both parties thought it was okay to get married without love but gradually attracted each other.


3. You’re My Pet- Kimi Wa Petto

“You’re My Pet – Kimi wa Petto” is the remake of the 2003 drama of the same name starring Matsumoto Jun and Kato Koyuki. The drama series is based on Ogawa Yayaoi’s Japanese manga. The drama revolves around Iwaya Sumire, a highly educated and confident career woman who works as a journalist. Feeling hurt after getting dumped by her long-time boyfriend and receiving a demotion at work, she heads home drunk and finds Goda Takeshi hiding inside a cardboard box. Seeing how Takeshi resembles her former pet dog Momo, Sumire offers to let Takeshi live in her home as her pet and dubs Takeshi “Momo.” It is the start of an unexpected life together as they overcome various hardships and become attached.


4. Don’t Call It Mystery

“Don’t Call it Mystery” is a 2022 Japanese drama directed by Hiroaki Matsuyama, Shunsuke Shinada, Hideyuki Aizawa, and Hiroyuki Abe.Totono Kuno (Masaki Suda) is a quiet, intelligent, highly observant, and introvert student with no friends or girlfriend. Suddenly, one day, a police detective comes knocking at his door and tells him that one of his classmates is been killed in a nearby park and that he is the only suspect. He uses his natural gifts to discover what happened to prove his innocence. As he listens to the police’s case against him, he begins gathering information that may help him clear his name. Things get more complicated when a weapon bears his fingerprints.


5. Mischievous Kiss 2: Love In Tokyo

This is one of the most anticipated sequels of Kotoko and Naoki from“Mischievous Kiss: Love in TOKYO”. It returns for season 2. After the original series ended with the wedding of Naoki and Kotoko, the special episode “Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Okinawa” follows Naoki and Kotoko on their honeymoon, where a strange couple turns up and meddles in their romantic getaway. As they settle back in their new lives after the honeymoon, can Naoki and Kotoko handle the pressures of marriage and their careers?


6. Meet Me After School

“Meet Me After School” is a 2018 Japanese drama series directed by Ayuko Tsukahara, KentaroTakemura, and Toshio Tsuboi.This drama is based on a long-running manga series that debuted in 2013.Hijiri Suenaga is a 25-year-old teacher who takes on a job as a replacement teacher at a co-ed school. She is wildly popular with her new students. She has been dating Shotaro Kawai, a busy successful company employee, who is hoping to marry Hijiri for several years.But one of her students, Akira Kuroiwa, starts to develop feelings for her. He tries to express his emotions to her, but she fears the relationship. Meanwhile, Shotaro Kawai starts to talk about marriage, arranging a meeting between his parents.


7. Coffee And Vanilla

This is a story about a Country bumpkin named Risa, a virgin who dreams of romance in the big city now that she has moved  to attend university. She has the looks, and men are interested in her, but Hiroto grabs her first with his cocky mannerisms and spiffy attire. A romance blossoms, but someone has a hidden history. What is it?


8. Boys Over Flowers

“Boys over Flowers” is a Japanese Shojo Manga series written and illustrated by Yoko Kamio. The story revolves around Makino Tsukushi, a tough, hardworking, and low-middle-class student at the prestigious school Eitoku Gakuen. Because of her social status, she can’t make any friends and even worse, the school is run by F4, sons of Japan’s wealthiest and most potent tycoons who bullies fellow friends out of boredom. Makino’s only wish is to stay invisible in the school; however, she gets involved in the lives of the four bullies. And in the way, Domyouji Tsukasa, (one of the F4 members) who is very violent, falls in love with Makino, but she has already fallen in love with Hanazawa Rui. This drama will mainly  show the courtship between Makino and Damyouji.


9. In Time With You (JP)

“In Time with You” is a 2019 Japanese drama directed by Izuru Kumasaka, based on the Taiwanese series of the same name, which first aired in 2011. MitariYo is a manager at a company that makes shoes, while Ishida Ren works in urban redevelopment.They have been best friends for years and dating back to their high school days.But on Mitari Yo’s 29th birthday, they make a fateful wager – whoever marries first will receive a 300,000-yen cash gift from the other before MitariYo turns 31.However, the duo soon discovers that love can be very unpredictable. A junior employee in Ishida Ren’s company appears to be developing feelings for him, while things get complicated for the friends when Mizusawa Ryusei, MitariYo’s ex-boyfriend, reappears. Who will claim the 300,000-yen prize? Will Ishida Ren and MitariYo realize that their feelings go beyond friendship after all?


10. My Little Lover- Minami Kun No Koibito

Minami-kun no Koibito, also known as My Little Lover, is a Japanese manga series by Shungicu Uchida, adapted into four Japanese television dramas. The manga has been released in France by Éditions IMHO with the title “La petite Amie de Minami”. This is about a girl who magically shrinks to a 15 cm (6") height and hides out in her former childhood sweet heart's bedroom, both hoping for her to return to normal. And on this journey, they fall in love with each other.