Article: Best Horror Comedy Korean Drama Of All Time

Korean dramas have constantly risen since the past few decades, and all for the right reasons. The wide range of dramas produced keeps the audience entertained. Korean dramas seamlessly blend two different genres keeps the audience glued to the screen. One such blend is horror and comedy. There are many horror comedy dramas in the vast ocean of Korean dramas. These dramas show the versatility of storytelling in the industry. The bone-chilling horror with funny humor, to lighten up the mood, is a pleasure to watch. If you are looking for such dramas then, here is a compilation of best horror comedy Korean dramas of all time.

1. Hotel Del Luna

Hotel del Luna is a horror comedy drama released in 2019. Hotel del Luna is located at the heart of Seoul and the CEO of the establishment is Jang Man Wol. Man Wol is a greedy and suspicious, has been working in the hotel for thousands of years. There is a deity who has bound her to the hotel so that she would not self-destruct with a rage of revenge. She can escape the hotel only if she finds love. But things began to change when Goo Chan Sung appeared in the hotel. Chan Sung is a young assistant manager who has worked for many multinational hotels. Now, he was forced to work in the Hotel del Luna as his father had made a deal with Man Wol.

2. The Master’s Sun

The Master’s Sun is a horror comedy drama released in 2013. The drama tells the story of a CEO and a woman who can see ghosts. Joo Joong Won is a stingy and greedy CEO of a conglomerate that includes major departmental stores called Kingdom. He meets Tae Gong Shil, a gloomy lady who can see ghosts after an unfortunate accident. They work together to deal with terror and sadness by the spirits and also solve a kidnaping case that happened in Joong Won’s past.

3. A Korean Odyssey

A Korean Odyssey was released in 2017. The plot revolves around a girl named Jin Seon Mi. Seon Mi, since her childhood can see ghosts. This made her distant from her friends and family, with her only support being her grandmother and a yellow umbrella which has a protection spell by a Buddhist monk. When she was walking home from school, she met Woo Ma Wang, who saved her from a spirit following her. He then asks her a favor to enter a magical, majestic house. There, she met Son Oh Gong, a monkey king, imprisoned for his crime. He promised Seon Min that he would help her whenever she called his name in return for setting him free. Oh Gong betrayed her and left her stranded. After many years, Seon Mi runs a real estate business where she buys hunted houses and turn it into a profiting business. Seon Min and Oh Gong cross paths again many years later.

4. Bring It On, Ghost

Brig It On, Ghost was released in 2016. The drama tells the love story of a human and a ghost. Park Bong Pal can see ghost since his childhood. So, when he is unable to find a job, he makes exorcism his job. With his powers he can fight with ghost and help people. During work, he meets Kim Hyun Ji, a high school girl who became a wandering spirit because of an accident. Hyun Ji realizes, Bong Pal can tell her the reason of why she is a wandering spirit. The two then paired up to fight against the spirits and Bong Pal realizes now that they can even fight more vital spirits.

5. The School Nurse Files

The School Nurse Files is a horror comedy drama released in 2020. An Eun Young is a nurse at a school. She can see jelly like monsters which are made out of human desires. She also fights with these monsters with a toy knife and a BB gun. She realizes that mysterious events were happening in the school after the appearance of these monsters. Hong In Pyo is a Chinese language teacher in the same school and has extraordinary power to tackle these monsters. An Eun Young and Hong In Pyo paired up to protect the students and fight against these jellies.

6. My Chilling Roommate

My Chilling Roommate was released in 2022. The drama tells the story of a spirit and a woman who can see spirits. Jung Se Ri can see ghost since a very young age and, also talk to them. As she grows up, she knows why ghosts appear and why they are often stuck in one place. As an adult, she works in a café and meets Song Ji Chan, a wandering spirit who was suddenly killed in an accident. He then follows Se Ri, saying that he has nowhere to go. Se Ri reluctantly lets him stay in her place and also helps him find the truth about his death.

7. Lovely Horribly

Lovely Horribly was released in 2018. The drama revolves around a star and a drama story writer. You Philip is a top star and Ji Eul Soon is a drama story writer. These two met, and go through strange circumstances together. They were born on the same day, at the same time. Now, the problem is, they share an unfortunate fate. If one becomes happy, the other goes through misfortune. The drama is filled with fate romance and horror.

8. Hearts And Hari

Hearts and Hari is a horror comedy drama released in 2020. The drama tells the story of Hari. Hari is a hard-working barista, new to her job at Redsome café, and she meets a group of teenagers. Go Hari has some haunted memories, and now she faces those memories again. She also secretly solves heart-thumping signals and unanswered teenager’s love stories.

9. Possessed

Possessed was released in 2019. The drama’s plot revolves around a detective and a psychic. Kang Pil Sung is a lazy and rough detective, who is also excellent in his work. On the other hand, we have Hong Seo Jung, who has a psychic mediumship but she tries to hide her powers. During an investigation of a case, Pil Sung met Seo Jang, and started to take interest in her as he thought she is different from other people.

10. Oh My Ghost

Oh My Ghost was released in 2015. The drama tells the story of a chef and a girl possessed by a ghost. Kang Seon Woo is an arrogant head chef of a restaurant. On the other hand, there is Na Bong Sun, who works at the same restaurant and has a crush on Seon Woo. Shin Soon Ae is a young spirit who had an unfair death and is a virgin. Her only way to escape the human world is to lose her virginity. So, she possessed Bong Sun to fulfill her desire.