Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas With More Than One Male Lead

Do you like watching Korean dramas? Then we are sure that you have seen many of them. Some are like pure comfort, while some engage you with thrillers and crime. While these dramas provide an engaging, trope-filled experience that can easily fit into a historical or romantic comedy television show, sometimes they might be frustrating. But every drama is unique in its way, and so are the characters. There are many dramas in which you have seen more than one female or male lead. Here, we have brought you dramas with more than one male lead, which you have seen or not. These characters can be in trios, competing male leads, or other relations. But we always root for the second lead when it is about- choosing between the two leads. Right? The leads in the dramas are so handsome that it will make your heart pound. Their friendships or brotherhood is so mesmerizing to watch. Let's see if you can spot your favorite characters or not.

1. The Heirs

If you are a fan of Lee Min Ho, then you have watched this drama. Right? This drama is a mixup of friendship, love, family, brotherhood and others. A couple from different backgrounds navigates societal restrictions and fights chaebol norms. But this drama also focuses on the other main leads, which gives the stories different twists and turns. The stories of these characters will engage you more in the drama. This drama may have been old, but it is one of the most entertaining dramas of 2013.

2. True Beauty

You better know which drama made the two biggest fandoms. Have you watched it? You know whom we are talking about. The two handsome boys made the fandom speechless through their talent and story. Their friendship is elite, and the story is deeply touching. True Beauty has many leads, but these two have got all our attention. They are famous because of their handsomeness and their stories. Su Ho and Seo Jun may have each other enemies, but in the end, their relationship has made a beautiful change.

3. After School Duty

If you have watched All Of Us Are Dead, you must watch it at least once. It is similar to All Of Us Are Dead and incredible. There is thriller, emotions, sadness, happiness, and more. This drama is a package of different types of emotions. The group of high school student fights for their lives instead of preparing for university examinations. They lose their friends and families. There are many characters in the drama that focus on. You will fall in love with every character of After School Duty, even the female leads.

4. Reply 1988

This drama takes you to a time when social media and smartphones do not exist. Do you like this drama? It changed our perspective of life and motivates us to live our life to the fullest. The male leads have their own stories. Their teenage age to the adulthood phase is so mesmerizing to watch. This drama is a comfort that gives us many advice through the characters of the drama. If you want some comfort, this drama will comfort you till the end.

5. Welcome To Waikiki

Are you looking for something that will make you laugh so much? Do not worry because Welcome to Waikiki is here for you. This drama has male leads who will make you laugh so much through their actions. This drama is a must-watch because it is a gem. Their unexpected situations and actions, all through the drama, are so fun to watch.

6. A Business Proposal

This drama has become the favorite of all time. The two main leads have become the most popular and beloved characters in the Korean drama world. Which of them do you love the most? They have stolen our hearts and attention in the whole drama. The office romance is one of the famous plots of Korean dramas, which the entire fandom loves. We recommend you watch it, and we are sure you will get head over heels when you watch this drama.

7. Tale Of The Nine-Tailed

Do you know the brothers who steal everyone's heart? Yeah, we know who they are. It is the legendary duo of the nine-tailed fox. They can be chaotic and adorable at the same time. They may hate each other, but the love they have in their heart each other is deeply mesmerizing. This drama has two seasons, and in both of them, these brothers have amazed the audience.

8. Extraordinary You

Do we have to tell about the leads? There are many handsome, eye-catching leads in the drama. Every character has their story and emotions. This fantasy drama is one of the famous dramas of 2019. We know that you have watched at least one scene of the series. The story is about a girl who finds she is just a side character who will be dead in the end. She decides to take matters into her own hands and change the plot to suit her desires, all while searching for the love of her life.

9. The Lonely And Great God

Do you love the bond between Goblin and Grim Reaper? Of course, you do love them. This duo is chaotic, and their friendship is elite. They have a dark past, but they never leave each other alone. They are the best duo that you will ever cross through. This drama is still famous, and everyone loves it. The story is mesmerizing and full of emotions.

10. Snowdrop

Do you love Kim Jisoo? Then you may have watched her drama. The male leads have the tragic end, but their love stories are worth watching. This drama has left many of us heartbroken with its plot. Do you like dramas where the setting is from the past years? Then, this is definitely for you.