Article: Top 10 Hyper GF And Calm BF In C-Dramas

Who doesn't like cheerful and happy girls who think of life as their happy world? Truthfully, the boys and the audience don’t mind but end up falling for them. Let's dive into some of the C-dramas where the girlfriend is hyper and the boyfriend is calm to balance out their relationship perfectly.

1. Exclusive Fairytale

Exclusive Fairytale describes the story of two childhood inseparable best friends, Ling Chao, and Xiao Tu. They are neighbors and smart students in their studies. Ling Chao has only one friend, Xiao Tu, and in his heart as well. Ling Chao can’t do anything without Xia Tu as he has fallen in love with her.

2. When I Fly Towards You

When I Fly Towards You describes the story of Su Zai Zai, a bubbly transfer student. She fell in love with Zhang Lu Rang on her first day. But he was cold and didn't know how to interact with her. But, slowly, they start to spend time with each other, and he might also start falling in love with her.

3. My Little Happiness 

My Little Happiness describes the story of new Legal intern Cong Rong, who has to work among doctors for her first case. She didn’t expect to meet her former childhood friend, Wen Shao Qing, and had to work along side him. Also, the twist is they are neighbors and see each other at home.

4. Shining For One Thing

Shining For One Thing describes the story of Lin Bei Xing, a young woman in her 30s and about to get engaged to her childhood love, Zhan Yu. But he canceled the engagement to get married to Bei Xing’s best friend. To relive their moments, she invites Zhan Yu to their old school. While waiting for him, she unlocks her old phone and travels back as an eighteen-year-old. She decides to change her fate until Zhang Wan Sen changes her life.

5. Meeting You

Meeting You is a bubbly love story of two opposite people who never thought to cross paths. Nan Xi is a genius student in his school and never struggles with academics. However, he has social anxiety and cannot make friends. Xia Rui is talkative and has many friends. They soon become best friends but feel that there is more to their friendship, maybe love.

6. Dating In The Kitchen 

Dating In The Kitchen describes the story of an underrated chef, Gu Sheng Nan, who works in a hotel. Due to a misunderstanding, she finds herself on his soon-to-be boss, Lu Jin's bad side. Lu Jin, the CEO of the hotel, was having a tough time deciding until he tasted one of the dishes cooked by Sheng Nan.

7. You Are My Glory

You Are My Glory describes the story of a widespread actress, Qiao Jingjing who is also a champion when it comes to playing games. But people around her want her to prove it as they don't believe her. For this reason, she contacted her former classmate, Yu Tu to help her win the games.

8. Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling 

Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling tells the story of hotshot executive Ling Yue, who meets with an accident, and Gu An Xin, an ordinary delivery person, brings him to her home. He asks her to take full responsibility for the situation. Their life turns upside down when both feel an attraction between them.

9. Crush 

Crush drama describes the story of an intern, Sang Wu Yan, who works in a broadcasting station as a part timer. She has a crush on a mysterious songwriter, Yi Jin. She meets with a visually impaired, Su Nian Qin, and falls for him. Later, she got to know that he is a mysterious songwriter.

10. A Love So Beautiful 

A Love So Beautiful describes the story of two high school students who are neighbors. Chen Xiao Xi is a bubbly cheerful girl who has a crush on a cold-hearted yet popular, Jiang Chen. Xiao Xi admires him and is like his guardian angel. However, Jiang Chen doesn't know how to react to Xiao Xi's feelings which are new to him. Their story from childhood to adult life is exciting to watch.