Article: Top 1O Japanese Celebrities Who Look Like Real-Life Anime Characters

With so many admirable and talented Japanese celebrities, fans can't help but find similarities between them and their favorite anime characters. From similar hairstyles to facial features, these Japanese celebs radiate similar vibes to countless anime characters, be it in cosplay or just naturally walking around, looking beautiful and unreal. Let's look at some of them.

1. Nakamoto Yuta - Baji Keisuke

Fans noticed similarities btw the Tokyo revengers character baji Keisuke and Nakamoto Yuta, famously known as YUTA, the Member of the Kpop group NCT, who is also going to start his acting debut soon as a villain in a Japanese film HIGH and LOW. the long black haired look of the 26-year-old Japanese singer, dancer, the actor made him look identical to the signature long jet black hairstyle of baji Keisuke.


2. Kento Yamazaki - Levi Ackerman/ L

If we talk about the casting of death note, no one could have played L better than actor Kento Yamazaki. His solid visuals made him the perfect cast for L in death note which almost brought the character to life. Fans have also noticed similarities between him and Levi Ackerman of attack on titan.


3. Miyoshi Ayaka - Mai Zenin

The short black hair and black outfit on the comely Miyoshi Ayaka make her look fierce and uniquely similar to the jujutsu Kaisen's character Mai Zenin.


4. Myoi Mina - Kugisaki Nobara

After looking at the pictures, one can't help but wonder if it's the actual portrait of the Japanese singer Myoi Mina of the famous KPOP group twice. With a similar hairstyle to similar posture, it's safe to say that mina and Kugisak iNobara are lookalikes and deserves a spot here.


5. Kazuma Kawamura –tetsurŌ Kuroo

Being a multi-talented individual and unbelievably alluring, this Japanese singer, actor and dancer is a literal copy of Tetsuro Kuroo, the volleyball captain in the anime series HAIKYŪ. Similar black rooster hair falling on the eyes to that little sneaky grin, these pictures quite well depict the similarity.


6. Watanabe Haruto - Kou Mabuchi

Similar innocent doe eyes, black-bushy hair, and a straight face, this image of the Japanese rapper Haruto of the Kpop group treasure gives off shockingly indistinguishable vibes to the Ao Haru Ride protagonist KOU MABUCHI.


7. Nana Komatsu - Sawako Kuronuma

The stunning actress and model couldn't look more akin to the shy yet exceptionally adorable and kind protagonist of Kimini Todoke, Sawako Kuronama.


8. Ryokimiyama - Takashimitsuya

The japanese singer and actor with capable visuals and bewitching silver hair seem similar to Takashi Mitsuya of Tokyo revengers.


9. Kyokofukada- Mikiokudera

Fans can't help but notice similarities between this transcendently impressive actress, and singer, and the fashionably attractive Kimi no Na wa character Miki okudera. Distinct in their ways yet so similar, (similarly beautiful!!!!!!)


10. Mikako Tabe - Haruno Yukinoshita

The final spot in this list is rightfully taken by none other than this skillful actress who not only has a similar appearance to the Oregairu character Haruto Yukinoshita but also somewhat similar radiant and elegant personality, both being skilled in whatever they do.