Article: 10 Japanese Dramas About Bullying

Bullying is an issue that should get highlighted more often. These dramas have shed light on topics like school violence and also abuse. Japanese dramas have always been active while raising awareness about social issues. These dramas will make you realize the depth of the situation.

1. Unnatural

The series is about medical mysteries and unnatural deaths. The body of a boy gets examined to find out if he was poisoned instead of having a heart attack.

2. Kazoku Game

The series is about a tutor using unusual ways to teach his students. The perspective of the student's parents changes after seeing the benefits.

3. Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi

The series is about an artist with the power of time traveling. When his mother dies, he gets taken back to his school days, in which he could prevent his friends from being kidnapped.

4. Mazoku

The series is about an attorney who defends his clients without any money. But his motive is to find the person who took the life of her innocent daughter.

5. Bloody Monday 2

The story is about a hijack soon after the deadliest nuclear attack. This time the culprits have a much larger plan to attack Tokyo.

6. Her Love Boils Bathwater

The series is about a woman who gets abandoned by her husband and lives with her daughter. She finds out about her illness and tries to get back with her husband.

7. Hana Yori Dango 2

The series is about a boy returning from New York after a girl confessed her feelings. The boy’s friends try hard to reunite them, but they are the ones who bullied the girl earlier.

8. GTO

The series is about a leader of the bike gang who doesn't study in a prestigious school but has the dream of becoming a teacher. He has a different way of teaching, but people start to accept and see him in better light later.

9. Gokusen

The story is about a teacher who gets made the homeroom teacher of a unique class. The students are unconcerned, but she gets the support of one student who gets bullied by her classmates.

10. Influence

The series is about a girl approaching a novelist to write a story about her and her friends who murdered three people. The girl saw her classmate getting abused by her grandfather and could not help her.