Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Cannot Drive!

Korean dramas and music are becoming increasingly popular, and fans are flocking to this country’s entertainment scene from all over the world. We frequently get to see our favourite celebs on film, but it would be fair to state that reality occasionally diverges from what we see there. Onscreen, an actor might appear to be a skilled driver, but in reality, they may not be. The number of your favourite actors and idols who don’t know how to drive or enjoy driving may surprise you. Below listed are 10 Korean celebrities who do not or cannot drive cars:

1. Kim Namjoon

The fact that RM, the frontman of BTS, lacks a driver’s licence and is consequently unable to drive, is well-known to anyone who even remotely follows K-pop. RM previously acknowledged that he was afraid to drive. He’s scared of taking the test for a driver’s licence and failing it. He has acknowledged in various interviews that he is the only person in the group who is unable to drive a car and that he hopes to acquire a driver’s licence in the future.


2. IU

When she once played a trick on her followers, Uaena, by announcing that she had just received her driver’s licence, IU confirmed it as of 2020. Nevertheless, it was discovered that the camera had been flipped around, and she was seated in the passenger seat with a makeshift driving wheel. In 2021, IU once more admitted that she knows very little about driver’s licences and that she cannot tell the difference between type 1 and type 2.


3. Woozi

Woozi is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest members of SEVENTEEN, with more than 100 songs with registered copyrights. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that he is not legally permitted to drive and described how he would take the train to visit his hometown of Busan.


4. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min-Ho, who was born in 1987, is a businessman, model, actor, singer, and director. He frequently plays a multimillionaire businessman who travels in luxurious cars, but in reality, he is incapable of driving a car. He doesn’t have a driver’s licence either for this reason.


5. Kai

Next is Kai, a well-known K-pop singer born in 1994 and a member of the boy group EXO. Kai is the only band member that does not know how to drive a car, as revealed by another band member during a video shoot.


6. Lee Kwang Soo

Lee Kwang-soo, an actor, entertainer, and model born in 1985 has appeared in several well-known dramas and shows. He was never seen behind the wheel in any of his appearances, which led to speculation that he couldn’t drive. Later, it was found that he either doesn’t know how to drive or doesn’t like it.


7. Ji Sung

He is a well-liked actor in his forties who has been in many well-known dramas. Ji Sung’s close friend Lee Se Young overheard her telling him that she normally drives Ji about because he doesn’t know how to drive and doesn’t have a driver’s licence.


8. Lisa

The lead dancer for the well-known K-pop girl group Black Pink is Lalisa Manoban, better known by her stage name Lisa. She can drive, but she’s not very good at it, and she usually goes quite slowly. In addition, the members are not allowed to operate motor cars per the terms of the group’s contract with YG Entertainment.


9. Young K 

One of the K-pop idols who cannot drive is Young K, who is responsible for practically all of DAY6’s music. Young K said that he doesn’t yet have a driver’s licence during a broadcast for “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon” on MBC FM4U.


10. Bang Min-Ah

Bang Min-Ah is a member of the well-known band Girl’s Day and is more commonly known by her stage name Minah. In 2015, she even launched her first solo album.  She lacks a driver’s licence and has already failed the driving exam three times, and thus some reports claim she is also incapable of being able to drive.