Article: 10 K-Dramas Related To Business

As always there is no field left for korean shows to take over, Here is the top 10 business kdramas.

1. Business Proposal

Being one of the most popular series on Netflix and tv, this love story is about a businessman falling in love. When he meets her, she is portraying her friend who doesn't want to get married. He slowly starts falling in love with her, which later, to his surprise, turns out to be one of his employees. From a business point of view, this series showed the main lead workaholic, which eventually led him to go on blind dates.

2. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

The female lead is a perfect balance of beauty with brains. Being a dentist, she is happy with her life and does what she wants. She moves and meets Hong Do Sik and gets attracted to him. However, he is unemployed but knows how every work is done and helps everyone when needed. Running her clinic was also tricky as this profession was not all about making money but more than it. Having degrees from the best colleges only sometimes guarantees success and happiness.

3. Start-Up

This is a career-based show. In this, everyone is struggling to live a life. In this process, they met each other, befriended, and then, for their benefit, surpassed each other. Here the business strategies were different from the regular business.

4. Itaewon Classes

This story is about a man who decides to open a bar restaurant and comes back after spending his time in jail. He takes help and tries different strategies so that people can go and he can beat his rival businesses.

5. Crash Landing On You

Although everyone sees this show as a rom-com, it also has a business aspect. Son Ye-Jin belongs to a wealthy family who is pressured to take over her father's business, but she wants to start her fashion brand. Even though she is a hire, she still knows exactly what is happening in her company. This is one of the most loved business traits.

6. Best Chicken

This business drama is all about taking risks. The main lead quits his job and opens a chicken restaurant where he has yet to gain prior experience. The landlord demands that he rent the shop if he hires his granddaughter as one of her employees, to which he agrees. Later, he goes through many challenges to make his restaurant successful and creates many strategies to make his business successful.

7. Strongest Deliveryman

This kdrama shows that people, no matter what they do, shouldn't be considered low. The delivery man who switches companies every two months finds a delivery woman who is done living in the country and is planning to leave as their businesses are about to be taken over by the corporate. So he, with the help of her and other fellow delivery men and women, opens a new business that saves the neighbourhood restaurants from the corporations.

8. Reborn Rich

This is one of the most watched recent kdramas for revenge and a thriller. In this show, the main lead who works for the company learns the malpractices inside the business. But eventually, he is killed. Later, he takes birth in that family, takes revenge on the ones who killed him and corrects the wrongdoings so that the business can run efficiently.

9. The Fabulous

This kdrama is a business-oriented show about the fashion industry. All the four friends compete with each other and are always together. They also complement each other very well and support each other in business and personal lives. This show is a perfect blend of both business and feelings.

10. Revolutionary Love

Apart from being a rich guy and poor girl rom-com, this show depicts the oppressive business work culture and family politics as how the younger brother got stuck in it and was thrown out of the house. He then fights for his rights and the worker's rights.