Article: Top 10 Richest South Korean Female Actors

Being the wealthiest is something extraordinary. This wealth increases your reputation and gains popularity around the world. The K-pop industries have been making their place in the other music industries. And South Korean dramas are also competing with other entertainment industries. These actresses have been famous through their incredible acting and popular Korean dramas. These actresses have mesmerizing beauty and superb acting. Many actresses are well-known. But these actresses have made it through the list of the richest. They have not only gained fame, but their wealth has also increased. It is all because of their hard work and popular shows. You can watch their shows on entertainment platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and other channels. Aren't you curious who made it to the list of richest female actresses? Let's see if you can spot your favorites on the list.

1. Lee Young Ae

Guess who holds the title of the wealthiest Korean female actress in the world? It's the fantastic Lee Young Ae. She is an actress and a model. She is known for her roles in the Korean historical drama Dae Jang Geum, which won her many awards. UNICEF has chosen Lee Young Ae to serve as a Goodwill Ambassador. With her massive income, she made many efforts for charity work.

2. IU

Our favorite IU has been one of the most famous actresses and singers. She also helped people and participated in many charity events. Her dramas like Hotel del Luna, My Mister, and Dream High have gained her wealth and fame. IU is one of the prettiest actresses. She has been the crush of many K-pop idols and fans who adore her the most. Because of her acting and singing skills, she has caught the attention of many people worldwide. Her recent concert- The Golden Hour, has brought her riches. She has also been the host of many music shows.

3. Bae Suzy

Regarding acting and singing- Bae Suzy also deserves a place on this list. She has played characters in dramas like While You Were Sleeping, Dream High, Vagabond, Uncontrollably Fond, Start-Up, and many other famous series. Have you watched any of her dramas? Her vocals and acting are amazingly perfect. She effortlessly can slay any role given to her. It doesn't matter which genre she plays. She also participates in charity and helps those who are less than her.

4. Park Bo Young

Isn't she the cutest actress you have ever seen? Her acting and personality have made her one of the most successful actresses in the South Korean film industry. Bo Young first started acting when she was in middle school. Her dramas like Strong Girl Do Bong Soon, Doom At Your Service, On Your Wedding Day, Oh My Ghost, Abyss, A Werewolf Boy, and many others have increased her financial wealth and assets. She was also busy in lawsuits and unable to work for some years. But she still managed to become the wealthiest actress in the industry.

5. Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won is the wealthiest and most famous actress who is popular in the South Korean film industry. She also won several awards for her well-known roles in her dramas. Her dramas like Damo, Hwang Jini, Empress Ki, Something Happened in Bali, Secret Garden, The King 2 Hearts, a medical drama Hospital Ship, and others have made her increase her reputation and financial wealth.

6. Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo is one of the most popular actresses in South Korea and other countries. Have you watched her famous drama The Glory? It is one of the best revenge dramas you will ever see. There are many dramas like Descendants Of The Sun, The Glory, Now We Are Breaking Up, First Love, and others that have made her talents recognized. She has also won many awards for her incredible acting. Other than this, she also collaborates with many fashion brands that increase her financial wealth.

7. Kim Tae Hee

Did you know Kim Tae Hee comes from the wealthiest family? She is one of the richest actresses and the most beautiful actress. Hi, Bye Mama is one of the best dramas of Kim Tae Hee. If you have not watched Hi Bye Mama yet, then watch it. She is also a philanthropist and is often involved in various charities. She and her husband- Rain, are one of the most famous couples in South Korea.

8. Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun is the third member of the highly regarded Torika, along with Song Hye Kyo and Kim Tae Hee. With her incredible acting, she has won many awards for various drama roles. She is known for acting in My Sassy Girl, which became popular in South Korea. She is famous both in South Korea and in many other international countries. Her notable dramas like My Love From The Star and Legend Of The Blue Sea have gained popularity among the citizens of South Korea as well as from other countries.

9. Choi Ji Woo

Did you know that in her debut movie, she got replaced? But she didn't give up. She worked hard and now comes in the list of richest actresses in South Korea. You may have seen her in many dramas, but her famous drama was Winter Sonata. She recently also worked in the popular drama as the mother of the lead called Shooting Star. Her popularity and roles are the reason for her financial wealth.

10. Gong Hyo Jin

Gong Hyo Jin is famous for her superb acting. Hyo Jin is the highest-paid actress in the South Korean entertainment industry. Her works include When The Camellia Blooms, Ask The Stars, Master Sun, It is Okay That is Love, and many others have won her many awards for her incredible acting.