Article: 10 Most Teen Romantic k Drama

These Korean series are a combination of thriller, comedy, and action but what stands in common in these is romance. The series is famous for some of the most heart-fluttering scenes. If you don’t know what to watch during sleepovers or Valentine’s Day, we have got your plans sorted. All these series will keep you

entertained and make you think about love.

1. School 2017

The rom-com captures the essence of “ Being the Change” insociety. The leads start as friends who tease each other but laterrealize that their feelings are more than just friendship. This seriesis a rollercoaster filled with comedy and tears.


2. Boys Over Flowers

The series is about enemies turned lovers, high school students.

Geum Jan Di transfers to the school where the conceited Goo Jun

Pyo studies. At first, Goo Jun Pyo bullies her, and finally, the

hatred turns to affection.


3. True Beauty

The series is a love triangle. Lim Ju Gyeong is confused between

charming Lee Su Ho and passionate Han Seo Jun. This series perfectly captures flaws turned into perfection. Lim Ju Gyeong realizes her worth after falling for Lee Su Ho.


4. Extraordinary You

The series is about a girl assuming her life to be ordinary .However, she is a character in a comic book. She falls for another character who is barely in the comic and finds it difficult to meet him. After all the hardships, they still find ways to see each other.


5. Twenty-Five Twenty-One

The series is about two goal-oriented teenagers struggling to

believe in themselves and keep the fire in them alive to achieve

their goals. This series is a package of comedy and heartbreaking

scenes, so keep your tissues ready!


6. A Love So Beautiful

The series is about three teenagers progressing into adults while

struggling with love, school life, and careers. Love is not as simpleas these teenagers thought it would be.


7. Love Alarm

The webtoon-inspired K drama Love Alarm left a lot of us heartbroken. The story is about an artificial intelligence-based dating app that tells the person about their feelings for others. The app brings two lovers together, but later the same app turns them into enemies.


8. Live On

The story is about a high school teenager determined to catch the person who is blackmailing her for her past. She joins the broad casting club to succeed in her trying to get hold of the blackmailer and ends up falling in love with a fellow student.


9. Moment At Eighteen

The series is about a transfer student who has his shares of past traumas. The story is about the life of eighteen years old students trying to figure out life and love.


10. Heartstrings

The series is about two music enthusiasts falling in love with each other. Lee Shin is known for his good looks and cold personality, while Lee Kyu Won is innocent and bright. Traditional musician Lee Kyu Won joins the vocalist of the rock band, Lee Shin. Lee Kyu Won is attracted to Lee Shin after watching him perform.