Article: Top 10 Female Korean Actresses In A Negative Role

What's a show/movie without a sexy negative feeling that makes us want to switch sides from good to bad? Nowadays, a negative character is given as much story and attention as the positive one. There are a couple of actresses that are loved by the audiences for their opposing roles. Let's see some of them down below-

1. Choi Hye-Won From Gunman In Joseon

She may be a cold-hearted, unapproachable merchant's female offspring. Hye-won wishes to accumulate enough wealth to carry the globe in her hand; however, things modification once she inconveniently falls for the Japanese dealer Hasegawa Hanjo, who unbeknownst to her is Yoon-Kang, her father's enemy. As a child, she was a slave who was raped by her master and overwhelmed by her mistress. Don't get fooled by this angelic face.


2. Kang Se-Ra From Fated To Love You

She is the love of Lee Gun's life. She is a ballerina in NY city with a chilled-out attitude. She has been with Gun for six years, delaying any plans of the wedding to focus on her career. However, once she came back to South Korea, she noticed that Gun had been acting differently.

The audience hates her. They hate her a lot case is the love of Lee Gun's life. She is a ballerina in NY city with a chilled-out attitude. She has been with Gun for six years, delaying any plans of the wedding to focus on her career. However, once she came back to South Korea, she notices that Gun had been acting differently.


3. Yeon Min-Jung From Jang Bo Rri

Lee Yoo-Ri's character as Yeon Min-jung can cause you to hate her for the complete drama, from the start to the top. She is extraordinarily bitter regarding being raised by a poor single mother and she feels entitled to a more vital life with wealth and standing, that she ruthlessly pursues. Simply imagine, a female offspring who isn't proud because she was raised by her single mother - such a shame. Oh well, this is often simply a drama.


4. Madam Yoon From Blade Man

Who isn't aware of Lee Min-sook? Well, she is taking part in the character of Madam Yoon within the drama "The Blade Man". She is a villain to be feared. Yes, she is simple to hate and has done despicable things. However, with each passing episode, her evilness seems to decrease.


5. Rachel Yoo From "The Heirs"

Who does not know this girl? I am positive several of you know Rachel Yoo. Am I right? Well, she is Kim Tan's fiancée, the wealthy, stylish, and supercilious heir of clothing company RS International. and she is dubbed as "Jeguk High School's Paris Hilton." Yes, she is beautiful.

But why do we tend to wants to hate her? It's attributable to her prickly temperament towards Cha Eun-sang, particularly once she realizes that Kim Tan likes her. She is that the sole lady that needed to try and do everything to separate Kim Tan and Cha Eun-sang. She's highly evil that I need to slap her face thus, she will be awake from her dreams and settle for the fact that Kim Tan does not like her. And behind her angelic face is a rude and evil character.


6. Gook Yeo-Jin From "Cunning Single Lady"

Gook Yeo-jin, Ae-ra's rival on Cha Jung-woo's heart. Well, the primary time we saw her in this drama, we already suppose that she is going to be taking part in the evil girl. And yes, we were right. She is wise, elegant, and capable however she may be an egotistic evil. The longer the show goes on, the additional annoying she becomes. She is also a knowledgeable one however, due to her stinginess she did things that were wrong and have become the cruel one.

Even though Cha Jung-woo had told her that he did not like her, she still kept pushing herself to Jung-woo. Is she in her right mind? Or shall we say that it is due to love that she desires to counsel? Well, we assume she does not extremely love Jung-woo. She is simply terribly obsessed that she becomes egotistic and steals Jung-woo's company.


7. Lee Yoo Ri As Yeon Min Jung In “Jang Bo Ri Is Here”

Lee Yoo Ri steals the crown for many memorable villains. Cruel enough to throw her mother and girl away for her gain, this explicit character was thus unforgettable that Lee Yoo Ri finished up winning the daesang (grand prize), even though she was a supporting character. She was a personality that individuals idolized to hate.


8. Go Hyun Jung As Mishil In “The Great Queen Seon Deok”

Although she was the antagonist, Mishil was so popular worldwide that she primarily controlled the ratings for this drama. Cold-blooded, conniving, and power-hungry, Mishil remains within the reminiscences of the many.


9. Yoon So Jung As Jin Sook In “The Trap”

One of the foremost twisted mothers-in-law to seem on the massive screen, Jin Sook still frightens individuals, even twenty years later.


10. Kim Hae Sook As Lady Ra In “Thirst”

While she plays a mother in many of her roles, Kim Hae Sook as Lady Ra is definitely not a motherly figure. Her slightly unfocused gaze is arguably the reason for her popularity.