Article: Top 10 YouTube Influencers from Japan

In current years, numerous companies and stores have been attracting attention as a means of marketing by using YouTube. Due to various characteristics such as many users and a wide range of users, subscribers and gaining popularity on their own YouTube channels is not easy.

1. Kenshi Yonezu

Kenshi YONEZU started casting Vocaloid music under the stage name HACHI in 2009 and debuted in 2012 by releasing music with his voice. He is also honoured with the 2020 62nd Japan Record Awards - Special Award. His work is known among Japanese musicians and singer-songwriters. He also worked on the Tv show 69th NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen.

2. Travel Thirsty

Travel Thirsty, previously TravelThirstyBlog is an American travel and vlogging YouTuber.Thirsty Traveler, executive produced by Bryan Smith, is a weekly journey into the heart of the world's most outstanding wine, beer, and spirit-producing regions. He uploads various travel/vlogging videos, which could also be considered educational. These videos often focus on ethnic cuisine and the more unusual and exotic food worldwide.

3. HikakinTV 

Hikaru Kaihatsu, better known online as HIKAKIN, is a Japanese YouTuber, beatboxer, and the co-founder of UUUM.HIKAKIN was born in Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, on April 21, 1989. He primarily reviews various items. He also posts various videos that don't belong to different channels there. This is his first channel, which was also originally his main channel.

4. Sushi Ramen Riku

Riku Horiuchi, better known online as SUSHI RAMEN【Riku】is a Japanese YouTuber known for extreme experiments, strange inventions, and harmless pranks. He was born in Japan on May 30, 1999. The channel name was originally in Japanese, but later, he changed it to English so people worldwide could find him. He crossed over 5 million subscribers in 2020.

5. Tokai On-Air 

Tokai On Air is a Japanese YouTuber grouping based in the city of Okazaki. They started posting videos in 2013. Tokai On Air was the 5th most-viewed influencer in Japan, with 8.2 billion views. The group has a secondary channel, "Tokai On Air Hikaeshitsu," and each member owns their channel.

6. Yuka Kinoshita

Yuka Kinoshita is a content creator from Japan and a competitive eater. She was born in Kitakyushu in February 1985. she started her YouTube channel in 2014, joining a Japanese competitive eating contest in 2009. She feasts on lots of food daily and has since accumulated numerous fans from Japan and around the world. She has likewise been featured in the Japanese television program Oogui.

7. Fischer's

Fischer is a Japanese YouTuber that is an entire developer for UUUM. They have six members: Silk, Dama, Zakao, Idaho, Motoki, and Masai. Specialized video in funny skits and comedy videos that play off of their enthusiastic group dynamic. An extensive array of vlogs and other videos can be seen on their channel, such as food or gaming related.

8. Kelly Morita

Kelly Morita is famous for being a social media personality who generally embraces the imperfect. Kelly Morita started a YouTube channel in Japan on travel/lifestyle/mindset, and it took off. It was a voyage to be powerless online. Still, it made her even more potent and passionate—a considerable part of her spiritual journey and her quest to understand the purpose in life.

9. Micaela

Micaela is a Canadian YouTuber known for chronicling her life in Japan. She transferred to Fukuoka in her late teens and started to upload videos of her time in the country. Afterwards became curious about Japanese in high school and learned the language. She describes her movement there and what life is like in the countryside of Japan. This gives individuals a unique standpoint on life outside of the city in Japan.

10. Life Where I'm From

Life Where I'm From places a high priority on showcasing life in Japan. Unlike the YouTubers overhead in Japan, The channel was formed by a Canadian called Greg Lam in 2015 to offer exciting and educational wisdom about the everyday aspects of Japan. There are playlists devoted to travelling almost to Japan, which contain some exciting videos.