Article: The Bold Lipstick Looks From 10 Korean Celebrities

Korean celebrities are known for their impeccable fashion sense and flawless makeup looks. In particular, bold lipstick looks have become a trend that many have followed. From deep reds to bright pinks, Korean celebrities have shown us that a bold lip can elevate any outfit and make a statement. In this article, we will take a closer look at 10 Korean celebrities who have rocked the bold lipstick trend with confidence and style. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your next makeup look or simply curious about the latest beauty trends in Korea, these celebrities are sure to impress with their bold and daring lip looks.

1. Lisa Manoban

Lisa from BlackPink is not just known for her moves but also for her impeccable fashion sense and stunning beauty. When it comes to makeup, Lisa believes in keeping it simple with a natural base, adding a winged liner, and elevating her look with a slightly bolder lip color. By sticking to a simple base, she allows her natural beauty to shine through, while the bolder lip color adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to her overall appearance. It is no surprise that her fans regard her as a style icon, considering her one of the most beautiful and fashionable K-pop stars of our time.

2. Chaeryeong

Lee Chae-ryeong, also known as Chaeryeong member of Itzy, set hearts racing in her latest photoshoot for Marie Claire's April 2023 issue. In one of her looks, she donned a monochromatic red dress paired with matching red lipstick, and the result was stunning. The combination of the vibrant red hues created a bold and fiery statement that perfectly showcased her confidence. With her talents as a main dancer, vocalist, and rapper, Chaeryeong proves once again that she is a force to be reckoned with both on stage and in the world of fashion.

3. Sorn

Chonnasorn Sajakul, known by the stage name Sorn, her dark and edgy makeup perfectly complements her tough personality, creating a fierce and powerful image that exudes charisma. Interestingly, Sorn has revealed that her fellow K-pop artist, Hyuna, was the one who suggested she try black lipstick, adding an extra level of coolness to her look. Overall, Sorn's style is bold and unapologetic, showing the world she is not to be underestimated.

4. HyunA

Kim Hyun-ah, better known as Hyuna, has become an icon in the K-pop world and beauty. With her bold makeup looks, she effortlessly pulls off every makeup trend. However, her signature red lips have truly made a statement. Hyuna's love for the classic red lip has become an essential part of her bold makeup style, and she has mastered the art of pairing it with edgy and feminine looks. Whether she is performing on stage or gracing the covers of magazines, Hyuna's red lips always manage to steal the show and leave a lasting impression.

5. IU

Lee Ji-Eun, also known as IU, is not only a talented singer and actress but also a fashion icon. Her role in the hit K-drama "Hotel Del Luna" showcased her impeccable sense of style with a vintage glam look that left viewers in awe. IU's wardrobe in the drama was nothing short of stunning, featuring elegant and stylish outfits that perfectly complemented her character as Jang Man Wol, the manager of the Hotel for ghosts. One of her standout looks was a powder blue suit paired with a lacy white shirt and bold lips that gave off boss vibes. Her choice of lipstick added the perfect finishing touch to her overall look.

6. Chungha

Kim Chan-mi, popularly known as Chungha, in her Music video for “Snapping”, showcases her exceptional talent as a singer and dancer, but also her impeccable sense of style. In the video, Chungha sports bold lipstick that adds a touch of edginess to her already fierce appearance. The lipstick shade perfectly complements her blond hair, styled in two braided pigtails, and her stunning jewelry, which includes pearls and statement earrings. The overall effect is a sophisticated and glamorous look that exudes confidence and power.

7. Hwasa

Ahn Hye-ji, also known as Hwasa, is pretty much known for her makeup style. She made a bold statement with her edgy makeup look in a music video of her solo debut, "Twit" as usual she rocked it. Her all-black outfit paired with daring dark lips added overall powerful vibes. By embracing her individuality and experimenting with different makeup styles, Hwasa proves that she is unafraid to take risks and stand out from the crowd.

8. Han Ji Min

Han Ji-min, in her pictorial for Cosmopolitan magazine, showcases her timeless beauty and style. In the photos, she pairs classic red lipstick with a black leather jacket, creating an elegant and chic look that complements her features. Her confident and sophisticated aura shines through, making it evident that she is a fashion icon to watch out for.

9. Jennie

Jennie from BlackPink is well-known for being able to pull off a variety of looks, and her flawless makeup is noteworthy. Whether she is at a commercial shoot or a public appearance, she effortlessly sports bold red lipstick. In her commercial for Jennie X Hear, she looked flawless with her bold red lipstick, perfectly manicured red nails, and parted hair. Her stunning appearance was a testament to her beauty and fashion sense.

10. Shin Min Ah

Shin Min Ah is a well-known model and actress in Korean dramas. In her series, "Hometown Cha-Cha," she played the role of a dentist who also happened to be a shopaholic. In one particular episode, she wore a purple top with bold red lipstick, and the combination was stunning. Despite the rustic setting of her character's profession, Shin Min Ah managed to stand out in the bustling city with her bold lipstick choice. The darker shade of lipstick helped to brighten her skin tone, giving her a sharp and luxurious look that was perfect for the urban setting.