Article: Top Fashion Icons Of Japan

The icons create an influence on the audience. They pave the way for people to follow fashion and also to make them their style. There is a broad range of fashion trends followed in Japan. Many different personas are being known for their fashion style.

1. Ami And Aya

They are twins. Ami is the younger one. They are the creative directors of "jouetie," a fashion brand. They are always seen together with contemporary clothing. This duo creates impacts for the dress through its sensibility and top-notch looks. This duo makes the world know about Harajuku culture through their fashion knowledge.


2. Misako Aoki

She is a nurse and a model. Misako holds the post of the President of the "Japan Lolita Association." And she is the founder of this association. She spreads the Kawaii culture through her fashion sense. In addition, she never repeats the same type of dress. She is the model of Lolita fashion.


3. Minori

She is unique from other fashion icons in Japan. Minori has revolutionized fashion with her talent of "Shironuri," which means "white painting." She began painting her face in white and with signature outfits. She has fans all around the world.


4. Tsumire And Ivy

They are a novel duo of a mother and a daughter. Tsumire runs an accessory brand named "The Ivy Tokyo," which is hand-made by her. They both look adorable in their fashion outfits.


5. Haruka Kurebayashi

She is popularly known for her decora style. She is emerging as Japan's rising star in modeling. At present, she is also a mentor for the students who wish to learn the decora style. In 2013, she launched her brand, "90884."


6. Shouta Tanaka

He is a multi-talented person known as an actor, musician, and model. He is known for his minimalist clothing style. In addition, oversized clothing is the core element of his fashion style, other than being a minimalist.


7. Junnyan

He is the founder of Harajuku Fashion Walk. He promotes the decora fashion style to the maximum with many layers of colors and patterns.