Article: Where Did These Korean Actresses Disappear?

Whenever Korean celebrities leave the entertainment industry, fans always investigateto get some more information. However, in some cases, some Korean actresses seemed to disappear suddenly from the public eye, out of nowhere. A compilation of Korean actresses who suddenly vanished from the entertainment industry only for you.While some got embroiled in scandals, some chose to have their private non-celebrity life, and One actress decided to disappear at the height of her popularity, proving how tough their job is with no privacy and thousand eyes over their personal lives. Let’s take a look at where these Korean actresses disappeared.

1. Choi Eun Hee

Choi became popular with the movie "The Sun of Night." 1954, she married adirector named Shin Sang Ok. She has been one of the most popular Koreanstars in the 1960s and 1970s. Kim Jong Il kidnapped the couple after beingdissatisfied with the performance of Noth Korean Filmmakers.

2. Lee Tae Im

Actress Lee Tae Im announced her retirement from the entertainment industry in2018. The actress chose to live a non-celebrity lifestyle and erased her profilefrom several portals. Even her management agency wasn’t anticipating thisdecision. She was famous for her role in dramas like Don’t Hesitate and movieslike Days of Wrath and For the Emperor.

3. G.NA

Gina Jane Choi, aka G.NA is a Korean Canadian singer, songwriter, and actress.
In 2016, Gina was accused of offering sexual favors in a pornography scandal in
exchange for 35 million KRW with an American businessman. The singer-actress
vanished from the entertainment sector after this incident until 2020, when she
made a post on Instagram.

4. Kim Hee Jung

Kim Hee Jung made her debut as a child actress in 2000. The actress was active
in the entertainment industry until 2007. Hee Jung slowly parted ways from the
industry in 2007. After disappearing for several years, the actress made a
comeback in 2012. Her latest work is a television drama Sponsor.

5. Jang Mi In Ae

Actress Jang Mi In Ae starred in popular sitcoms like Nonstop and Soulmate. In
2013 the actress was indicted for Propofol Abuse by Seoul Central District
Prosecutors  Office. After this incident, the actress disappeared from the
entertainment industry. Her last work was the television series Missing You and
film 90 minutes.

6. Heo Yi Jae

Actress Heo Yi Jae was famous for her roles in television series like Prince
Hours and Single Dad in Love. The actress revealed that she retired from the
entertainment industry because of her abusive relationship with a married actor
who harassed her because of his seniority. The actress has stayed far from the
entertainment industry since then.

7. Kim Si Won

Kim Si Won is also known as Dahee of former K-pop group Glam. The singer-
actress disappeared from the entertainment world when she got exposed for
blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun and demanding 5 billion KRW from the actor.
She was given one year in prison and two years on probation.

8. Seo Min Jung

Actress Seo Min Jung made her debut with the cable program Music Under
Heaven and got famous for her role in dramas like High Kick. The actress
married Korean-American dentist Ahn Sang Hoon in 2007 and moved to America
post-marriage. The actress decided to live a non-celebrity life. She also has a
daughter born in 2008.

9. Shim Eun Ha

Actress Shim Eun Ha rose to popularity in the 1990s. She has starred in several
popular dramas like The Last Match, M and Trap of Youth. The actress decided
to take retirement at the peak of her fame. Post-retirement the actress studied in
France and took up painting, she pursued a non-celebrity life.

10. Shin Ji Min

Shin Ji Min is a former member of the pop group AOA. Jimin had to leave AOA
and retire from the entertainment industry after her former bandmate accused her
of bullying in her days of activity. In July 2020, Shin Ji Min retired from the
entertainment sector following allegations of bullying.