Article: Top 10 Music Show MC Duos/Trios

As every devoted K-Pop Stan gets ready to support their favorite artist for their comeback or debut, it is obvious that the biggest support they could give them is to cheer for their Music show performances. And, the main attraction of music shows, other than the performing artists, is the MCs. It is a trend in music shows that appoint popular idols and celebrities as MCs for the audience to enjoy watching as people love to watch their favorite idols live every week and interact with other artists. Here is a list of the most popular MC duos and trios that the audience loved.

1. Jin, Chanyeol, Irene, And Sana

The fans went ballistic in 2017 when KBS Gayo Daejun announced their MC lineup for the first half of the show. It was none other than the main visuals of the most popular K-Pop groups at the time: Jin (BTS), Chanyeol (EXO), Sana (Twice), and Irene (Red Velvet). The attractive line-up and their cute and funny interactions pleased the audience and ended all fan-wars.


2. Jisoo, Jinyoung And Doyoung

The MC line-up for Inkigayo for the year 2017 was none other than idols from the Big 3 at the time Got7’s Jinyoung (JYP), NCT 127’s Doyoung (SM Entertainment), and Blackpink’s Jisoo (YG). The MC trio, although awkward during their first interaction, showed great chemistry and funny interactions during their one year of hosting for Inkigayo.


3. Soobin And Arin

In July 2020, Soobin from the group TXT and Arin of Oh My Girl became the new MC duo for Music bank. They soon became the audience's favorite because of their cute and sweet interactions and were also nicknamed by the fans as the Akkong MCs. Their special stage dance cover of Oh My Girl’s song Dolphin also went viral on the internet and became a trending topic which garnered them more popularity.


4. Mina, Mark, And Seongwoo

The Music Core MCs in 2018 were the bright faces of Mark (NCT), Mina (Gugudan), and Ong Seongwoo (Wanna One). The three were introduced together and showed young and bright energy while MCing for the weekly broadcast. Unfortunately, Seongwoo had to leave a few months later and the other two remained for a year until Mark had to leave as well, then Mina continued for one more year before leaving, and during her last speech as an MC, she even mentioned Mark who was coincidentally promoting with his group at the time and was present on the ending stage.


5. Bomin And Shin Yeeun

Actress Shin Yeun and Golden Child’s Bomin were MCs for Music Bank during the years 2019 and 2020 until MC Soobin and Arin took over. The duo is known for their roles in the popular web drama A-TEEN where Shin Yeun played the role of Do Hana and Bomin acted alongside her in the second season of the show. The two were already friendly with each other before they were working alongside as MCs and showed great chemistry and playfulness while hosting for the show.


6. Jinyoung And Irene

In 2019 KBS announced that Gayo Daechukjae that year will be hosted by the visuals of the K-Pop industry Jinyoung of Got7 and Irene of Red Velvet. The audience highly anticipated the chemistry of the two visuals when they were both seen in the teaser song of the event. Both of them nonetheless showed great MCing skills during the show and Jinyoung was even applauded for his manners during the event when he tried to protect Irene from the cameras while she was trying to fix her dress.


7. Minhyuk, Naeun And Jaehyun

The Inkigayo trio, often mentioned as MinNaHyun, which included Minhyuk of Monsta X, Naeun of April, and Jaehyun of NCT showed great MCing skills and were also very playful with each other while hosting for Inkigayo for the year 2020. The visual trio was loved by the audience and received a lot of support from their fandoms as well.


8. Jungwoo, Minju And Lee Know

This year the new line-up of MCs for Show! Music Core was announced as the trio of young idols Lee Know (Stray Kids), Minju (Izone), and Jungwoo (NCT). Although new to the roles of MCs, Jungwoo and Lee Know got close as they share the same hometown Gimpo and are same age friends whereas Minju who has prior experience in being an MC for Music Core was seen as being comfortable in her role. The fans are anticipating their chemistry in the upcoming broadcasts


9. Hyunjin, Minju And Chani

The MCs before Lee Know and Jungwoo’s takeover as Music Core MCs with Minju were none other than Hyunjin from Stray Kids and Chani from SF9. They became the faces of Show! Music Core for the year 2020-21 and the fans loved to see them on screen every week.


10. Park Bogum And Irene

The actor Park Bogum and Red Velvet’s Irene hosted Music Bank in 2015-16 and are still remembered by the audience as a great MC duo. This is due to their great visuals and hosting skills and also the awkwardly funny interactions between them during their time as MCs.