Article: Top 10 Japanese Anime With Extremely Intelligent Main Characters

Intelligence enables an individual to deal with almost any problem one comes across. This attribute will make you someone who is also challenging to deal with and one who can handle and escape from any situation whatsoever. Such individuals exist in the anime world, too, and they are fascinating for viewers. We will discuss the top 10 Japanese anime with Brilliant main characters here.

1. Detective Conan

As the name suggests, the series deals with a brilliant detective transformed into a fifth grader under several circumstances. The main character Shinichi Kudou is intelligent and intelligent. Though his body is changed, his memories and intelligence do not fade away, and he continues to solve his cases.

2. Terror In Resonance

The series revolves around two students who are caught as terrorists, and they challenge the police. The main character is Kenjirou Shibazaki, who is determined to bring justice, but as the case continues, he’s more convinced of their innocence.

3. Log Horizon

Log Horizon is about characters teleported in the digital game and thousands of others. The main character Shiroe is brilliant and proves it with his actions in the series itself, and he’s determined to do the best of the things around him.

4. The World God Only Knows

The series revolves around the conquering of girls’ hearts in other to retrieve hell’s spirit through the joint efforts of Keima and Elucia. Kemia, the god of conquest, tires his 2D skills into the 3D world to achieve the same.

5. No Game, No Life

The series revolves around a duo of Sora and Shiro who are sbilings and are teleported to a wrold that aims to resolve issues with the help of games. It’s interesting to watch how these pro gamers use different games to become the god of this world.

6. Monster

Monster is a sort of intelligent anime that freely expresses itself about psychological issues and nihilism. The plot revolves around a neurosurgeon named Kenzo Tenma, his life and his choices.

7. The King’s Avatar

The series revolves around a pro gamer who wants revenge against his posses for screwing him. He deals with a different obstacle when he restarts everything fresh out of experience and intelligence.

8. Code Geass

The plot revolves around a teen named Lelouch Lamperouge, who owns a great power named Geass, enabling him to control his actions for a short period. He is knowledgeable and can be compared to the characters of death note.

9. One Out

The series revolves around Toua Tokuchi and his impressive gaming skills that convenience Hiromichi Kojima to recruit him for his team. He impresses everyone with his impressive wins with the help of his intelligence and wits.

10. Death note

Death Note is a masterpiece comprising brilliant characters and the protagonist, light Yagami, who is an antagonist too. The other intelligence is L Lawleit, who is unbeatable to an extent. The characters here are from Interpole and Japanese police as they try to follow the clues against serial killer Light.