Article: Top 10 Most Unlikable Protagonists In Bl-Dramas

The BL series has lived up to the expectations of the audience. Only a few, right? In some, due to not good acting, the whole series flops, or due to the unlikable protagonists listed below. With the increasing popularity of the BL series, there should be a change in good storyline and acting.

1. Theo From Enchante 

Theo, played by Book from Enchante, a Thai BL series, is one of the unlikable protagonists. The ending of the series shows Theo and Akk together, but Akk deserves better. First, Theo created a game of finding his Enchanted, but when he and Akk finally started dating. He just left Akk because of a problem and played a victim card.

2. Pat From Step By Step 

I will not lie, but when I saw the trailer of Step By Step, I had so much expectation because office romance and BL want a combination. But Pat, played by Ben, destroyed everything for me. He acts so stupid, I mean gossiping about the boss and asking him about his personal life. Where is the boundary of the relationship between an employee and the boss? It needs to be realistic.

3. Nuengdiao From Never Let Me Go 

Nuengdiao, played by Phuwin from Never Let Me Go, is another unlikable protagonist. He is from a wealthy family and should have manners, but Nuengdiao does not. He has taken Palm for granted everything by saying so many hurtful comments to destroy his self-esteem. Even his ridiculous jealousy turns into physical fights.

4. Nhai From Ai Long Nhai

Nhai, played by Ping from Ai Long Nhai, is a lead character that people cannot stand. We are already in an era where silly characters are not appreciated anymore. Nhai’s character has been described as not good because of his facial expressions and acting needy and cringe.

5. Jo Yoo Jae From Star Struck 

Jo Yoo Jae, played by Zuho from Star Stuck, Korean BL. First, the series ended abruptly without any clarification about the feelings. Jo Yoo Jae knows his best friend, Han Joo, likes him, and if he acknowledges the feelings, the friendship will be over. So Yoo Jae leads him by giving false assurance because of his selfishness.

6. Hira From My Beautiful Man 1 & 2

Hira, played by Riku Hagiwara from My Beautiful Man, a Japanese BL. When Kiyoi, a beautiful man, enters his life, everything changes. First, both are unsure about their feelings. But when they start dating, Hira treats Kiyoi as a God and not his boyfriend and backs away every time they are about to share a beautiful moment. Kiyoi always wanted to be loved and not worshiped, but Hira gets on every nerve for not following that.

7. Toh From Secret Crush On You

Toh, played by Seng from Secret Crush On You, is one of the annoying characters. He has a crush on Nuea. Toh acts so cringe throughout the whole drama. He collects things about his crush, which is not a healthy behavior. His stalking is so utterly cringe, and the show is a mess.

8. Khai From Theory Of Love

Loving your best friend and knowing they will never love you back is hurtful. Third, played by Gun, has been in love with Khai, played by Off, but Khai doesn't know, and it’s okay. But Khai takes his best friend for granted; he makes promises and doesn't fulfill them. Till the end, Khai didn't deserve to be with Third.

9. Cher From A Boss And A Babe 

Can we please move on from an unrealistic character that is always happy no matter what? A Boss And A Babe is a recent drama, and Cher’s character, played by Book, is criticized because he is annoying throughout the show. He defies his boss, which makes the boss character also not liked by the audience.

10. Kinn From KinnPorsche 

The expectation everyone has of Kinn, played by Mile from KinnPorsche, is so disappointing to talk about. He is the Mafia boss but lacks everything that a Mafia should do. The series would be much better if they showed Kinn as a Mafia and doing his job. But in the show, Kinn is shown as a puppet, and it’s not a crime to add some heavy scenes of Kinn being a badass Mafia.