Article: Top 10 Most Popular High School-Going Characters In Japanese Anime

High school and Japanese anime seem to be a perfect match for one another because they feature the concept in various anime. The protagonists chosen are also close to the ages of those who attend high school. The high school culture is quite popular in Japan; thus, a glimpse of this fact can also be seen in their anime. Here, we will discuss Japanese anime's top 10 most popular high school-going characters.

1. Kojou Akatsuki

He is the powerful male protagonist who is also the fourth progenitor. He is smart and gets out of the toughest situation with the help of his friends. He is kind and a normal student of Saikai Academy. The vampire power gives him an immortal body and capabilities of the most powerful beast vessels.

2. Shoya Ishida

Shoya Ishida is the male protagonist who used to bully the female lead as a kid, but things messed up when things got extreme and his friends betrayed him. As he reached high school, he was completely changed, introverted and hardly had any friends. But after years, when he saw the Nishimiya, the one he once bullied, he tried to ask for forgiveness.

3. Mitsuha Miyamizu

Mitsuha is the female lead of the most commercially successful anime, Your Name. She is seen as a cute yet bold girl studying at a countryside high school with a cute ponytail. Things start turning upside down when her consciousness is transferred into a boy named Taki, living in Tokyo. Little did she know it all was happening to resist a meteor shower's impact that caused massive destruction.

4. Taki Tachibana

Taki is the male lead of Blockbuster, your name. He is a young student living in Tokyo who works part-time for extra money. He was leading a simple mechanical life until one day he woke up in the body of Mitsuha, a high school girl living in the countryside. Together, they coordinated perfectly to bring down a massive destruction caused by a meteor shower.

5. Sakura Yamauchi

Sakura Yamauchi is the female lead of the emotionally charged film I Want to Eat Your Pancreas. She has been sick since childhood due to some disease that will soon take her life. When people discovered this fact, they used to sympathize, except for the male lead, who made her feel normal.

6. Kirito

Kirito is the lead in Sword art online arcs. Before he and thousands of others got caught in a gaming world, he was a normal high school student. The rules were simple: they can't get out until someone crosses the final round. He was great with his gaming skills and got to some of the highest ranks despite playing solo.

7. Asuna

Asuna is the female lead of the Sword Art Online arc. She was also a normal high school student before entering the world of games. Initially, she was not that great, but as time passed, she became great with her gameplay. Kirito fell for Asuna and dedicated his loyalty when she saved his life.

8. Suzume

Suzume is a normal high school student living with her aunt until one day, and she accidentally frees the keystone kept there to protect Tokyo against earthquakes caused by mystical creatures. She and the male protagonist travel across Tokyo to close the doors of destruction that Daijin opens in damp places.

9. Himeragi Yukina

Himeragi Yukina is the female lead of Strike the Blood, and along with being a high school student, she is also a Schneewalzer holder who has been given the responsibility to keep an eye on Kojou, the fourth progenitor because of a prophecy that says he would bring destruction to the humanity. In the later seasons, she can also be seen transforming into an angel faux due to divine spirit possession.

10. Ayumu Aikawa

Ayumu was a normal high school student until one night, Eucliwood resurrected him after being brutally murdered by a serial killer. After that, he gains the power of a zombie that makes him immortal even in the toughest scenarios. In the first season, he and other girls with different powers search for the serial killer.