Article: Top 10 Cooking Anime

In this article, we will explore tenanime with a cooking theme. These anime not only tackle your taste buds but will also spark your interest in cooking as well as anime. This anime also provides cooking tips and recipes.

1. Food Wars!

Food wars! The anime is about Souma Yukihira, a talented chef who has been cooking with his father at their restaurant. When his father decided to close their restaurant, Souma joined Tootsuki Culinary Academy, well known for intense cooking competitions, to surpass his father. Souma is determined to learn and improve his cooking skills to ensure the survival of their family business. One of the highlights of the series is the stunning animation, which makes food look so good.

2. Dream-Colored Pastry Chef

The Dream-Colored Pastry Chef is the story of Ichigo Amano, a clumsy young girl fond of eating cakes. At a sweets festival, she meets Henri Lucas, a famous patissier who recognizes her talent and offers her to join St. Marie Academy, a renowned cooking school that focuses on desserts. Despite being a newbie with limited skills, Ichigo was assigned to the uppermost group, Sweet Princes, thanks to Henri's recommendation. Sweet Spirits accompany each member of the Sweet Princes to accomplish their goal. They participated in a competition in which the winner gets a chance to go to Paris. Ichigo sharpens her skills and aspires to become a professional.

3. Cooking Master Boy

The story revolves around Mao, who wants to become the head chef at his late mother's restaurant. He aims to become a legendary chef like his mother, the Fairy of Cuisine. He embarks on the journey to master various cooking styles. On the journey, he meets friends as well as rivals who challenge him in cooking.

4. Bartender

A genius Bartender, Ryu Sasakura, runs a bar called Eden Hall. Ryu makes some extraordinary cocktails that anyone could ever taste. Customers from different backgrounds come to Eden Hall with their problems, where Ryu listens to their stories and offers them the perfect drink to console their souls.

5. Restaurant To Another World

The anime is about the Yshoku no Nekoya restaurant that serves Japanese versions of Western dishes. It may seem like an ordinary restaurant, but on Saturdays, the restaurant opens the portal to the fantasy world. Demons, fairies, and elves are customers on Saturdays. The Chef serves them extraordinary cuisine that they have never tasted before. The series focuses on the joyful experiences of people in this extraordinary restaurant and their enjoying food with each other's company.

6. Freshly Baked!! Japan!

The anime is about Azuma Kazuma, a young man with a passion for baking bread. He aims to create unique and internationally recognized bread that can represent Japan. He was blessed with a special ability to make dough ferment quickly with his warm hands. Azuma begins working at the prestigious Pantasia bakery chain. Many types of bread from all over the world are featured in this anime. This anime captures themes of innocence, ambition, and the sheer joy of doing what you love.

7. Toriko

It is the story of a Bishoku-ya who are specialized individuals in finding rare ingredients and animals. Toriko was a skilled hunter whose dream was to create the ultimate dinner with the most precious food in the world. With incredible talent and knowledge of the animal kingdom, Toriko captures ferocious beasts. Along with his friend Komatsu, who was a timid chef, they embark on the journey to improve their skills and find rare ingredients. The animation of this anime gives 90s vintage vibes. This anime is a unique combination of cooking and fighting genres.

8. Sweetness And Lightning

Kouhei Inuzuka is a teacher who is raising his child alone after his wife's death. Due to his busy schedule and lack of cooking skills, he mostly relies on ready-made meals for his daughter, Tsumugi. One day, when one of his students invites him to her family restaurant, he realizes the importance of homemade food. The restaurant was often closed, so Kouhei decided to cook and share food with Tsumugi and his students.

9. Born To Cook

It is one of the first major cooking anime. It is the story of a boy, Ajiyoshi Youichi, who helps his mother run a restaurant. One day, Murata Genjirou visited their restaurant and was impressed by the delicious food. So he invited Youichi to the Ajiou building. Youichi embarks on a journey to compete with rivals, striving for the ultimate tastes and dishes. This anime features how the dish is prepared and what makes it so delicious.

10. Today's Menu For Emiya Family

Shir Emiya lives in Fuyuki City with his loved ones in an alternate universe similar to Fate/hollow Ataraxia. Shir Emiya's culinary adventures are the focus of this novel, as he makes a varied range of Japanese cuisine for his family and friends, each dish reflecting the changing seasons throughout the year. The series explores how cooking and food become an opportunity for developing connections.