Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas Supernatural Powers We Wish We Could Have 

Having any kind of supernatural powers comes with pros and cons. Just like enjoying the powers, it also means enemies at the doorstep. Controlling them is challenging as when and where, in the heat of the moment, something might happen. Listed are K-dramas' supernatural powers we wish we could have.

1. Memorist - Dong Baek (Read People’s Memories)

Memorist describes the story of Dong Baek, who suddenly gets the supernatural powers to read people’s memories with just one touch. So, he decides to use this gift to solve murder mysteries. Reading people’s memories is a very unusual gift as it gives the power to know everything about that person.

2. He Is Psychometric - Lee Ahn (Can Sense The Past)

He Is Psychometric describes the story of Lee Ahn. With just one touch, he can know the whole past and history of a person. So he decides to use these powers for a good cause, and with the help of various people, he starts to solve an untold mystery about crimes.

3. When Time Stopped - Moon Joon Woo (Can Stop Time)

When Time Stopped describes the story of Moon Joon Woo, who can stop time, and because of it, it leads him to a lonely time. He meets a woman, Kim Seon-a, who is unaffected by his powers. In this era where the time is going so fast, people need time to stop. So they can sit back and relax for some time.

4. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - Do Bong Soon (Supernatural Strength)

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon describes the story of Do Bong-soon, who has supernatural inhumane strength. No human strength can defeat her, which means no other human is capable of doing anything to her. The ability to defend yourself is much needed, so having the strength to throw people away easily is interesting.

5. Tomorrow With You - Yoo So Joon (Time Travel)

Tomorrow With You is the story of a real estate agent who time travels to the future whenever he takes a subway. One day, when he was in the future, he witnessed his death. To avoid the death, he married a photographer, Song Ma-rin. Having the power to time travel is 50 50 because some like knowing the future while some like enjoying and living in the present without thinking about the future.

6. Master’s Sun - Tae Gong Sil (See Ghosts)

Master’s Sun describes the story of Tae Gong Sil, who has the power to see ghosts. She was hired by a man, Joong-won, and together, they formed a partnership that led to positive changes in their lives. Having to see ghosts is not fun as it can be frightening, but some people love to visit haunted houses just to prove people’s theory that there is nothing like ghosts wrong.

7. I Hear Your Voice - Park Soo Ha (Hear Other Person’s Thoughts)

I Hear Your Voice describes the story of Park Soo Ha, a nineteen-year-old boy who can hear other people's thoughts. Having power also means one should know how to control it, as hearing people’s voices all the time will make anyone mad. So it might be fun only after one knows how to control it.

8. Moving - Kim Bong Seok (Extraordinary Abilities) 

The recent hit K-drama Moving is the story of an innocent schoolboy, Kim Bong Seok who has extraordinary abilities that he got from his parents. He can fly high, can see far, and the list goes on. In the drama, you can see that having powers means the invitation of enemies all the time.

9. My Love From The Star - Do Min Joon (An Alien)

My Love From The Star describes the story of an Alien, Do Min Joon who has been living among humans for decades and works as a college professor to hide his identity. The concept of Alien is always fascinating to the people, and some believe that Alien truly exists.

10. While You Were Sleeping - Nam Hong Ju (Forecasts Future)

While You Were Sleeping describes the story of Nam Hong Ju in dreams that can forecast the future of other people. Some are good, while some are terrifying, so with the help of a prosecutor, Jung Hae-chan both try to stop the horror of future events.