Article: Top 10 Female K-Pop Idols Who Could Be Fairy-tale Princesses

The K-pop industry is filled with the flawless beauty of female K-pop idols. Many K-pop lovers are left shocked at how stunning female K-pop idols look. Apart from their beauty, their talent is also not behind shocking everyone. Listed are female K-pop idols who could be fairy-tale princesses, according to netizens.

1. TWICE’s Dahyun 

Kim Dah-yun, also known as Dahyun, is a member of the girl group TWICE, which debuted in 2015. She was born on 28th May 1998. Dahyun’s pale skin and rosy lips add a charming yet beautiful glow to her pace. She has gone viral for wearing a princess dress, and the audience is still charmed with her look as it screams princess vibes.

2. ITZY’s Yuna

Shin Yuna, also known as Yuna, is the Maknae of the girl group ITZY, a fourth generation. She was born on 9th December 2003. Yuna, since her debut, has been known for her figure and luscious visuals among K-pop lovers. She is the visual of her group. With her doe eyes and charming smile, she never fails to attract an audience.

3. (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon 

Cho Mi-Yeon, also known as Miyeon, is a member of the girl group (G)I-DLE. She was born on 31st January 1997. She is the main vocalist of her group, and her vocals never disappoint. Apart from her vocals, when you look at Miyeon, her small and cute face adds another dimension to her visuals, making people fall in love with her.

4. IU

Lee Ji-Eun, popularly known as IU, has been the IT soloist in the K-pop world since her debut in 2008. IU is always the talk of town for her incredible voice and flower-like visuals. Many K-pop idols have described that their ideal type is IU. She matches 98 percent with the Korean Beauty Stranded. She is amazing with her magic to impress people with her voice and charming visuals, and is truly a princess in the eyes of her fans. IU was born on 16th May 1993.

5. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Jennie Kim, also known as Jennie, is a member of the girl group BLACKPINK. She is the IT girl of the third-generation K-pop industry. She was born on 16th January 1996. The audience highly appreciates Jennie’s cat eyes and chubby cheeks. All her appearances have made the audience believe that she is none other than a princess.

6. Red Velvet’s Irene 

Bae Joo-hyun, popularly known as Irene, is the part of the girl group Red Velvet, which debuted in 2014. She was born on 29th March 1991. Irene has also been a talk in the K-pop industry for her top-notch visuals that can give you chills. She is a breathtaking singer with charming and beautiful visuals, and people fall in love with her.

7. OH MY GIRL’s YooA 

Yoo Si-ah, also known as YooA, is a member of the group OH MY GIRL since 2015. She was born on 17 September 1995. YooA is a talented singer, but her princess-like visuals make everything better. With her round face and beautiful smile, the audience is in awe of her appearance.

8. IVE’s Wonyoung 

Jang Won-young, also known as Wonyoung, is a member of the girl group IVE, debuted in 2021. She was born on 31st August 2004. Wonyoung is the talk of the town, as her visuals never fail to leave the audience in shock at how beautiful and flawless she looks. She is the IT girl of the fourth generation. She is a talented singer and radiates a princess vibe.

9. TWICE’s Mina

Mina Myoi, also known as Mina, is a member of the girl group TWICE. She was born on 24th Match 1997. When I first saw Mina, I was shocked at her stunningness. There is something about her charms that adds a lot of beauty to her face. Apart from her facial visuals, she is also a mindblowing singer.

10. Girls Generation’s YoonA

Im Yoon-ah, also known as YoonA, has a successful career as an Idol and Actress. She is a member of the Girls Generation. Yoona is the IT girl of the K-pop industry, as she fits 100 percent in Korean Beauty Standards. She was born on 30th May 1990. She is just a flawless beauty of the K-pop industry with a breathtaking voice.