Article: 10 Korean Actors Who Were Injured During A Shoot

Sometimes the actors are so involved in presenting all their scenes to appear realistic that they are overworking and exhausting them in the same process. Sometimes, they can lead to accidents when extra attention is not paid towards safety measurements on the set or just unavoidable freak accidents. An actor's job is not easy; some actors choose to perform their stunts and risk their lives for authentic acting. There have been times when they receive near-death experiences. Here are some accidents that took place while shooting:

1. Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi was rushed to the emergency room after injuring his eye while shooting for You're All Surrounded in 2014. A fake knife prop wounded him. The drama was put on hold after Seung Gi had damage to the cornea and had to take a break. Go Hara was also spotted in the same.


2. Seo In Guk

Seo In Guk was injured twice during the shooting of his drama, The King's face. The first injury happened when a stuntman accidentally hit the actor during the shoot, leading to an injury and damage to his bone. He also injured his nose in the drama.


3. Kim Woo Bin

He was also rushed to the emergency room when he damaged his knee while shooting for a scene for his movie "Twenty." Due to the injury, he had to miss out on events like press conferences. One of the events he missed out on was the Jeonju Film Commission.


4. Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon was under extreme stress physically when shooting for his historical drama, "Hwarang." He is known to have suffered many injuries, both minor and significant. He was exhausted, as he was consistently doing many projects.


5. Kim Nam Gil

The actor, seen in Fiery Priest, was injured when he was shooting a risky action scene for the same drama. He had a fractured rib and was hospitalized for a while.


6. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho wants to perform stunts on his own. While shooting the City Hunter, he suffered from injuries. This was not the first time he got injured during the shooting, but back in 2016, he got injured while shooting Jung Il Woo.


7. Goo Hye Sun

While shooting for the drama "Boys over Flowers," Goo Hye Sun crashed her car into a passing truck and had to receive stitches for the injury in the mouth. Actor Kim Bum also got injured while shooting for the same drama. Lee Min Ho's car also happened to pass by the same road as Goo Hye Sun during the accident.


8. Kim Sang Joon, Ma Dong Seok And Park Hae Jin

All three were shooting for the same drama, "Bad Guys," which revolved around bad guys and cops. Kim Sang suffered from neck injuries, Ma Dong Seok suffered from leg injuries, and Park Hae Jin was rushed to the Emergency room when he was shooting continuously for six days and collapsed.


9. Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki injured himself at the shooting of the drama "Descendants of the Sun." He splintered his arm while shooting for the drama. The injury was not fatal, but it hindered the shooting of the drama. It is famous internationally and is of a romantic comedy genre.


10. Kim So Hyun

Kim so Hyun was injured while shooting for the drama The tale of Nokdu. She fell off a horse while acting and was rushed to the hospital. No significant issues were found, but the drama schedule was still halted for some time so that Kim So Hyun could recover from the injury.