Article: 10 Korean Actors Who Have Lived Abroad

We are fascinated by traveling overseas, studying, and living abroad. Many Korean celebrities too have lived or had their education from a foreign university because learning English is one of the most significant benefits. The trend may have dropped in a few years, but studying abroad has always been an achievement. We have seen many idols getting scouted and many nationalities promoted through dramas. Here is the list of some actors who have either lived abroad or have foreign citizenship:

1. Jung Eun Chae

Last seen playing a negative character in The King: Eternal Monarch, Jung Eun Chae has lived and completed most of her education in London. Therefore, she has an excellent command of English. Although her degree is in textile designing from the famous Saint Martins, she previously was a commercial model turned actor.


2. Seo Ye Ji

She was last seen in the drama “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” and received a lot of praise for her excellent performance. Before she debuted, she persuaded her parents to let her travel alone and lived in Spain for three years, learning the language before entering the entertainment industry.


3. Kim Go Eun

Jang Tae Eul from The King: Eternal Monarch, who was previously seen in the evergreen drama “Goblin,” lived in China for a long time. She is fluent in Mandarin since she has lived in China for over ten years and came to Korea to pursue her passion in Arts Drama and studied at the Korea National University of Arts.


4. Choi Woo Sik

Choi Woo Sik has been seen in the Oscar-winning movie, Parasite. His family immigrated to Canada at a young age, and he has completed most of his education in British Columbia. Choi also took his parents’ permission to make a debut in acting and went to Korea. He won the Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture for the film, Parasite.


5. Jung Ryeo Won

Her family migrated to Australia. She was visiting Korea as an exchange student when she was pursuing her degree in International Business from the very famous Griffith University and had stepped into the entertainment business as an Idol but soon ventured into acting when her band got disbanded.


6. Ahn Hyo Seop

Ahn Hyo Seop’s family immigrated to Canada when he was young. He was 17 when he shifted to Toronto. He was initially thinking of training under JYP as an idol, but due to issues with his height, he could not pursue it. He also has a degree in International Business and studied in the prestigious Kookmin University but finally debuted with Dr. Romantic 2.


7. Park Min Young

We have seen Park Min Young speak fluent English in many of the dramas, but many people might not know that she used to be a transfer student and lived in the US for some time while learning about their culture and work culture. She was seen in dramas like Her Private Life, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, and The Healer.


8. Krystal Jung

She is a very famous singer and actor who has been in dramas like Prison Playbook and The Heirs, and is currently working on the drama Police University and was seen in the movie “Sweet and Sour.” She has lived in the USA for a long time and gained fame with dramas like Bride of Haebak and Legend of the Blue Sea.


9. Teo Yoo

Teo Yoo was seen and gained fame from his appearance in the K-Drama Arthdal Chronicle, which Song Joon Ki led. He was born in Cologne, Germany, and had later traveled to the United Kingdom for his higher studies. He has starred in more dramas since 2019 and has been a part of the movie “Seoul Searching.”


10. Kim Jae Wook

Kim Jae was a part of Japanese movies and lived in Japan for more than eight years. Since he was in Japan for so long, he is fluent and has established himself in Korea and has been in dramas like “Coffee Prince.”