Article: Top 10 Time Travel Korean Dramas Of All Time

We all are suckers for dramas that are different from the rest. Being different is not only about having a different storyline but having uniqueness in it. When we talk about time travel dramas, it piques our interest. Time travel dramas are a story about the main character traveling back in the past or to the future. The thing that makes such dramas more interesting is the change in the main character's environment and makes the leads deal with the ultimate shock of time traveling. Also, the way they try to adapt according to the timeline is funny, unique, and refreshing. Few dramas of this genre are:

1. Rooftop Prince (2012)

Cast: Park Yoochun, Han Ji-min, Lee Tae Sung, Lee Tae-Ri, Choi Woo Shik, and Jeong Yu Mi.

Where to watch: Viki (app), Netflix (app), and myasiantv (website)

Synopsis: Crown Prince Lee Gak is married to Princess Hwa Yong, whom he dearly loves. Mysteriously one day, his beloved wife is found dead. Lee Gak becomes so sad that he decides to solve the death mystery of her wife. He gathers the best men throughout the Joseon empire. When the crown prince and the three men were near to solving this mystery, they strangely got time traveled to the future. They found themselves on the rooftop that belonged to a girl Park Ha who is also the step-sister of the reincarnated princess Hwa Yong. After seeing Lee Sena, Lee Gak gets determined to bring back this girl who looks like his wife. As time passes by, Park Ha starts to develop feelings for Lee Gak.


2. Faith (2012)

Cast: Lee Min Ho, Kim Hee Sun, Ryu Deok Hwan, Park Se Young, and Yoo Oh Sung.

Where to watch: Viki (app), myasiantv (website), and dramacool (website)

Synopsis: King Gongmin is the King of Goryeo who lived as a hostage in the Yuan Kingdom. He was free to go back to Goryeo, but he had to marry the Yuan princess Nogoog as a price for his freedom. Choi Young is a general who protects the King. Suddenly they were attacked by assassins. These assassins slashed the neck of the princess. As the princess was of Yuan, it would cause war if anything happened to the princess. So to save the princess's life, Choi Young travels into the future and kidnaps a plastic surgeon, Yoo Eun Soo. He swears to Eun Soo that once she saves the princess, she will be able to go back again.


3. Nine (2013)

Cast: Lee Jin Wook, Jo Yoon-Hee, Lee Seung Joon, and Kang Seo Joon

Where to watch: Prime video (app), myasiantv (website), and dramacool(website)

Synopsis: Park Sun Woo works as a tv anchorman. He is in love with his fellow news reporter Joo Min Young. Suddenly Sun Woo finds a bundle of 9 incense items which helps him to travel 20 years back in time. He uses this opportunity to save his family so that he can live with them together in the world he lives in. This attempt comes with a price as the changes Sun Woo makes in the past affect the present lives of others, including Min Young.


4. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Cast: Lee Joon-Gi, IU, Kang Ha-Neul, Hong Jong Hyun, Nam Joo Hyuk, Byun Baekhyun, and Kim Ji Soo

Where to watch: Viki (app), Viu (app), myasiantv (website), dramacool(website)

Synopsis: During a solar eclipse, a modern girl living in Seoul, Go Ha-Jin, gets transported to the start of the Goryeo dynasty in the body of a young girl called Hae Soo. She lives in the house of the 8th Prince Wang Wook as he had married her cousin. Hae Soo soon becomes friends with the other princes. She also meets the 4th prince Wang So who is unfamous as a prince. Hae Soo gets involved in palace politics over the succession of the throne. She is used as a pawn in the power struggle, as the other princes start to fall for her.


5. Hit The Top (2017)

Cast: Yoon Shi Yoon, Lee Se Young, Kim Min Jae, and Cha Tae Hyun.

Where to watch: Viki(app), Netflix(app), and myasiantv(website).

Synopsis: Yoo Hyun Jae is a prevalent but problematic member of a popular 90's idol group who time travels into the future from the year 1993 to the year 2017. After coming into the future, he was about to get hit by a car whose driver was Lee Ji Hoon, who also thinks of becoming an idol. Even though he doesn't believe in Hyun Jae's time travel nonsense, slowly he comes to know that Hyun Jae is a nice guy. Choi Woo Seung is Ji Hoon's childhood friend and also his crush. She doesn't like Hyun Jae at the beginning, but suddenly sparks fly between them, and we get an amusing love triangle.


6. Go Back Couple (2017)

Cast: Jang Na Ra, Son Ho Jun, Heo Jung Min, Han Bo Reum, and Jang Ki Yong.

Where to watch: Viki (app), Netflix (app), and myasiantv (website)

Synopsis: Choi Ban Do and Ma Jin Joo were so in love that they got married early. Now, when they have become an old couple, they regret marrying each other and have come to hate each other. As Ban Do is the only one who earns money, he gets frustrated by the pressure of earning money for his family. This couple receives a chance to make their mistakes correct. They get to travel back to their 20-year-old university student's life when they met each other for the first time. This time both of them are determined not to get involved with each other ever again.


7. Familiar Wife (2018)

Cast: Han Ji Min, Ji Sung, Kang Han Na, and Jang Seung Jo.

Where to watch: Viki (app), Netflix (app), and myasiantv (website)

Synopsis: Joo Hyuk and Woo Jin have been married for five years. Joo Hyuk is a banker. He gets tired of his married life and wants to change everything he did in the past, including his marriage to Woo Jin. Joo Hyuk finds himself traveling back in time; with this chance he changes everything and doesn't get involved with Woo-jin. His changes in the past affect his present, and now he is living a different life with a new wife, Lee Hee Won, his college crush. Jae Hyuk is delighted to see his life change, but his happiness is short-lived. As he is facing Woo Jin, a woman who once used to be his wife, and now is a total stranger to him.


8. The Light In Your Eyes (2019)

Cast: Nam Joo Hyuk, Han Ji Min, Kim Hye Ja, and Son Ho Jun

Where to watch: Viki (app), Netflix (app), dramacool (website)

Synopsis: Kim Hye Ja, a 26 years old girl, travels back in time to save her father from an accident by using a mysterious watch to rewind the time. She fails to save her father, and as she rewinds the Watch numerous times her, every effort goes in vain. As a consequence of her rewinding the Watch many times, she starts to age and becomes a 7o-year-old woman. She tries to bring everything back to its place. Hye Ja meets her friends and family who can't recognize her. She also meets Lee Joon Ha, a man she loves dearly. 70-year-old Kim Hye Ja with Lee Joon Ha tries to find the clues to make everything right.


9. 365: Repeat The Year (2020)

Cast: Lee Joon Hyuk, Nam Ji Hyun, and Kim Jee Soo

Where to watch: Viki (app), myasiantv (website), and dramacool (website)

Synopsis: It is a story about ten people who are gifted a chance to travel a year back in time to live a regret-free life. One of the time travelers is a veteran detective, Ji Hyung Joo. He enjoys his reset life for some time, but soon finds the other time travelers involved in mysterious cases. Shin Ga Hyun is another traveler who is a webtoon artist. She is very successful and has been publishing her famous webtoon "Hidden Killer" for three years, but one day she had an accident that turned her perfect life into hell. When she heard the proposal of going back in time, she thought of it as an opportunity.


10. Alice (2020)

Cast: Kim Hee Sun, Joo Won, Kwak Shi Yang, and Lee Da In.

Where to watch: Viki (app), Netflix (app), and myasiantv (website)

Synopsis: In 2050, there is an organization named Alice that helps humans to travel into another time and parallel world. The existence of the time travelers gets noticed by a police detective Park Jin Gyeom. He meets Yoon Tae Yi, a genius physicist who looks like his mother, Park Sun Young. He thinks of this reunion as a fateful encounter. They soon form a team together and start to unravel the secrets.