Article: Top 10 Fantasy-Based Korean Dramas To Watch In 2022

Today's generation loves to live in their fantasy world as reality is harsher to face. Being in a fantasy world doesn't mean they don't know how to face reality. Instead, this world is like a breather to them where they can escape reality, even if it's for a short time. Fantasy-based dramas are the kind of dramas that help us to escape from reality and show us a different world that we can’t even imagine. It makes us curious about the existence of magical creatures or parallel worlds. Show us things that are not possible in the real world but can only happen in fantasies. Few dramas of this genre are:

1. My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

Cast: Shin Min-a, Lee Seung Gi, and No Min Woo.

Where to watch: Viki(app), Netflix(app), and myasiantv(website)

Synopsis: Cha Dae Woong is a university student who is very carefree and wants to have a career in acting. He is an orphan who lives with his grandfather and aunt. Dae Woong and his grandfather often bicker with each other as he spends money lavishly and is passionate about acting. One day Dae Woong visits a temple and unknowingly sets free a Gumiho, trapped in a painting for 500 years. Scared because of the voices coming from the painting, he starts to run away but gravely injures himself. The Gumiho, who has taken the form of a beautiful girl, saves Dae Woong, and in return, she wants him to help her become a human and teach her how to act as a human. While living together, they develop feelings for each other.


2. My Love From The Star (2013)

Cast: Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, Yoo In Na, Park Hae Jin, and Ahn Jae Hyun.

Where to watch: Viki(app), Netflix(app), and myasiantv(website).

Synopsis: Do Min Joon is an alien who is 400 years old. He has been on earth since the start of the Joseon dynasty period. He has a very handsome face and strong abilities like vision, speed, and hearing. He comes to know that he has only three months left to stay on earth, and that’s when he meets Cheon Song Yi, a big Hallyu star in Korea. Coincidentally Min Joon and Song Yi became neighbors. Min Joon stays away from humans and doesn’t talk to them. Song Yi is cheerful and an extrovert. They keep crossing paths as neighbors, and soon their relationship develops into more than just neighbors.


3. Goblin (2016)

Cast: Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong Wook, Yoo In Na, and Yook Sungjae

Where to watch: Viki(app), Netflix(app), and dramacool(website)

Synopsis: Kim Shin was a general in Goryeo’s military who died a tragic death. He suddenly possesses power and becomes an immortal Goblin. He is tired of wandering on earth for 900 years, while the people around him keep dying. Kim Shin wants to find his bride as soon as possible, who can pull out his sword and end his life. One day he meets Ji Eun Tak, a positive, and bright high school student. She has been suffering since childhood as she could see dead people. She confronts Kim Shin by claiming that she is his bride who can help him to end his life. As they start living together, they end up falling for each other.


4. The Legend Of The Blue Sea (2016)

Cast: Lee Min Ho, Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Hee Joon, and Shin Won Ho

Where to watch: Viki(app), Netflix(app), dramacool(website).

Synopsis: Shim Chung is a mermaid who has been alive since the beginning of the Joseon era. She had only loved a noble man Kim Ryung from the Joseon period and is still in love with him. She wants to find her love from that era in the modern world. Heo Joon Jae is a skilled scammer and the look-alike of her first love Kim Ryung. He meets Shim Chung and becomes interested in her due to her jade bracelet, which is worth several million. He takes Shim Chung back with him to Seoul, where he meets his con partners Jo Nam Doo and Tae Oh. Shim Chung tries everything possible to win Joon Jae’s heart, but she faces a love rival, Cha Shi Ah. While adapting to her new environment, Shim Chung learns many things.


5. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017)

Cast: Park Hyung Shik, Park Bo Young, and Kim Ji Soo.

Where to watch: Viki(app), Netflix(app), dramacool(website), and myasiantv(app).

Synopsis: Do Bong Soon is a woman with a small frame who looks very weak. Unlike her physic, she possesses great physical strength, a gift for women in her family for generations. She has to use this power to help others and not for personal use. One day Bong Soon encounters some goons, and with the help of her powers, she takes care of all the goons. This whole scene was seen by Ahn Min Hyuk, CEO of a gaming company. He falls in love with Bong Soon at first sight and approaches her with the offer of becoming his bodyguard. But Bong Soon has her eyes set on his childhood friend, In Guk Doo, a police officer. She finds it hard to hide her powers from the world when a series of kidnappings take place in her neighborhood. She needs to ensure Min Hyuk's safety while facing other problems. We also get to see a love triangle between Bong Soon, Min Hyuk, and Guk Doo.


6. Hotel Deluna (2019)

Cast: IU, Yeo Jin Goo, Shin Jung Keun, Bae Hae Seon, P.O

Where to watch: Viki(app), Netflix(app), dramacool(app)

Synopsis: Hotel Deluna is a hotel situated in the heart of Seoul. It isn't an ordinary hotel at all. Unlike other hotels, it opens at night and serves special guests, the dead people. This hotel is a kind of a stop for the dead before crossing the bridge of the afterlife. Jang Man Wol, CEO of the hotel, is a soul who has been tied to this hotel for 1000 years by a deity. God had done so to control Man Wol from going crazy because of her revenge. When it seems that no one can change Man Wol, Goo Chan Sung comes into the picture and changes everything. He is a talented Assistant manager of a multinational hotel corporation. Man Wol forces him to join Hotel Deluna and work as an assistant manager, as his father had promised her years ago.


7. Extraordinary You (2019)

Cast: Kim Hye Yoon, Rowoon, Lee Jae Wook, Lee Na Eun, Kim Young Dae, and Jung Gun Joo.

Where to watch: Viki(app), Netflix(app), and dramacool(website)

Synopsis: Eun Dan Oh is a 17-year-old high school student who has been suffering from heart disease. She starts to experience weird things like long gaps in her memory, and when she tries to find out what is wrong with her, she discovers a secret. She is shocked to know that she is an extra character in a webtoon. Her fate is predetermined by the webtoon artist. She refuses to accept these stupid settings and wants to rewrite her destiny. Dan Oh also meets a nameless extra no.13, who has a very handsome face. She becomes friends with him and gives him the name Haru. Dan Oh and Haru slowly start to develop feelings for each other.


8. The Tale Of The Nine-Tailed Fox (2020) 

Cast: Lee Dong Wook, Jo Bo Ah, Kim Bum, Kim Yong Ji, and Hwang Hee

Where to watch: Viki(app), Netflix(app), myasiantv(website)

Synopsis: Lee Yeon is a nine-tailed fox who settled among humans centuries ago. He gets rid of the supernatural beings that are causing trouble among humans. His only purpose to live among humans was to find the reincarnation of his first love. Nam Ji Ah is a very talented T.V. producer who works on a show that features urban myths. Her parents died very mysteriously in a car accident, and she suspects that Lee Yeon has something to do with her parent’s accident. Lee Yeon has a half-brother Lee Rang who is just as handsome as his older brother. For some reason, the brothers who used to love each other started to hate each other. This made Lee Rang become a guy who plays with the emotions of humans and hates them very much.


9. Doom At Your Service (2021)

Cast: Seo In Guk, Park Bo Young, Lee Soo Hyuk, Kang Tae Oh, and Shim Do Hyun.

Where to watch: Viki(app), myasiantv(website),and dramacool(website).

Synopsis: Tak Dong Kyung is a very hardworking woman. Her parents passed away when she was very young. Her life becomes stable after working as an editor for a web novel. But all her hard work and efforts go in vain when she discovers that she is going to die due to brain cancer. Dong Kyung regrets working so hard in her life, as she had not even lived her life properly. She starts to blame her unlucky life and wishes to curse everything in this world to disappear. Her wish is heard by the doom or Myeol Mang himself. He finds Dong Kyung interesting and accepts her wish as it was somewhat refreshing for him. He appears in front of Dong Kyung's door and says that he can fulfill her wishes. Dong Kyung makes a contract with Myeol Mang and asks him to let her live the way she wants for hundred days so that she won't regret her life even if she dies.


10. Tomorrow (2022)

Cast: Kim Hee Sun, Rowoon, Lee Soo Hyuk, and Yun Ji On.

Where to watch: Netflix(app), myasiantv(website), dramacool(website)

Synopsis: Choi Joon Woong is a fresh graduate who is searching for a job desperately, but getting a job is not an easy task. One day he notices a man trying to commit suicide by jumping into the river. He tries to stop the man, and there he meets Koo Ryun and Im Ryung Goo, members of the crisis management team who stops people from committing suicide. While trying to pull the man Joon Woong and the man end up falling into the river. After waking up in the hospital, he comes to know that he has become half human and half spirit as he has gone into a coma. This shocking news is given by Koo Ryun who is a grim reaper. She takes her to Jumadeung, a workplace of Grim Reapers, where he is told that he has two options: either remain in the hospital and wake up after three years or work as an employee in Jumadeung and wake up in six months. Then he becomes a new member of the crisis management team.