Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities And Their Love Life

Top 10 Korean Celebrities And Their Love Life
Top 10 Korean Celebrities And Their Love Life

1. Lee Seung-Gi & Lee Da-In

There is now a Lee-Lee couple to obsess over in the Korean entertainment world, whereas a certain Song-Song duo had many fans stunned and devastated when their marriage dissolved.  Actors Li Seung-gi and Lee Da-in recently made headlines when their relationship was revealed to be official; they had actually been dating at the end of 2020.  The 34-year-old actor Lee Seung-gi made his singing debut in 2004. He has since been in a number of TV dramas, most recently the criminal thriller Mouse.  The 28-year-old Lee Da-in is Kyeon Mi-(a Ri's veteran actress and singer) daughter. She initially made an appearance in the television show Twenty Years Old (2014), and more recently in the science fiction show Alice (2020).


2. Hyun Bin & Son Ye-Jin

When the principal actors of the K-drama Crash Landing On You, also known as the BinJin couple, made it official that they were dating IRL, fans of the hit drama swooned in unison.  Hyun Bin, a North Korean captain, and Son Ye-jin, a wealthy South Korean heiress and businesswoman, are shown in the drama as a couple who are star-crossed lovers who are divided by the borders of their respective nations. They are both 39 years old.  The duo "met through their projects, and at the completion of their drama, their pleasant feelings for one another grew into a romantic connection," according to a report at the beginning of the year from the actors' respective agencies. On her personal Instagram, Son Ye-jin also wrote, "I'm grateful to have found a good person and I'll work hard (on the relationship)."


3. Rain & Kim Tae-Hee

57They may be very private about their relationship and marriage (you won't find pictures of their spouses on either of their social media accounts), but that hasn't stopped them from becoming one of the most well-known and powerful Korean celebrity couples. They were ranked as the richest Korean celebrity real estate moguls last year with a combined net worth of 81.4 billion won ($98 million), and just this month, Kim made an additional 7.1 billion won through the sale of her Gangnam apartment. Despite their affluence, the couple only spent S$1.6K on a basic cathedral ceremony when they got married in 2017. They currently have two kids. According to reports, Rain, 39, also said that it took Kim Tae Hee, 41, a year to warm up to him. Rain even composed a song named "The Best Present" as a marriage proposal for his future wife. Too cute!


4. Shin Min-Ah & Kim Woo-Bin

Shin Min-ah and Kim Woo-bin have been dating since 2015, which makes their six-year relationship seem healthy.  The two "began to exhibit interest from February (2015), when they were shooting advertising together, and officially started meeting after May," a source told the Korean entertainment website Dispatch.  They have also endured hardships together, including Kim Woo-2017 bin's diagnosis of nasopharyngeal cancer. The actor's frequent drug and radiation therapy sessions, which later came to a conclusion in 2019, were observed with Shin Min-ah by onlookers.  What is the newest development for the couple? They are in discussions to co-star in a brand-new drama, which will be their first time working on a drama.


5. Hyuna & Dawn

K-pop stars rarely discuss their relationships on social media, but soloist and former member of the girl band 4minute Hyuna hasn't held back from posting pictures of her and her boyfriend, Dawn (Kim Hyo-jong). The latter is a rapper, songwriter, and ex-member of the K-pop band Pentagon.  When Hyuna was a trainee for Cube Entertainment, she admitted on a variety programme that she had a crush on Dawn, a former member of the K-pop duo Pentagon. She didn't disclose until a year and a half later (and after one failed effort), but they did end up dating. However, when they made their relationship public in 2018, it led to both artists quitting Cube Entertainment because romances are frowned upon in the industry. It didn't stop them from sharing their love on social media, either. Additionally, they joined Psy's record label P Nation in 2019.


6. Kim Hee-Chul And Momo

Kim Hee-chul of the seasoned boy band Super Junior and Momo of the girl band Twice were able to fall in love despite having a 13-year age difference. Momo, whose full name is Momo Hirai, is one of the nine girls in the girl group.  The two apparently became close after starring together in a TV show in 2017. The two had previously had a tight senior-junior friendship in the entertainment sector. In January 2020, they subsequently made their romance public. Hee-chul also declared their connection for the first time ever.


7. Taeyang & Min Hyo-Rin

Being married to your first love is always adorable, and BigBang's Taeyang (Dong Young-bae), 33, accomplished just that when he wed 35-year-old actress Min Hyo-rin.  When the boy band member was looking for a female co-star for his popular track, 1AM, music video in 2013, they crossed paths. They supposedly dated covertly for a year and a half before going public with their relationship in 2015. They were married in February 2018 at a star-studded church ceremony and reception. She is not just the subject of many of his songs, but he also made the lovely revelation in his documentary White Night that "Even now, she's the only one who continues to alter me as a person. And I always become a stronger, better person as a result of those adjustments. I made the decision to follow her for the rest of my life because of this.


8. Lee Kwang-Soo & Lee Sun-Bin

Lee Sun-bin, an actress, and Lee Kwang-soo, a 35-year-old game show host, first connected on the set of the Korean variety show Running Man in 2016. They later became friends and, in 2018, confirmed their relationship.  They weren't afraid to show their interest in one another either. On the programme, Sun Bin openly admitted that Kwang Soo was her ideal partner and showed affection for him. Kwang Soo returned the favour and even made a joke about getting married in a week.  In other headlines, Kwang-soo is departing Running Man after 11 years of participation owing to an injury he sustained last year.


9. Han Hye-Jin And Ki Sung-Yueng

In the first half of 2013, the Jumong sensation and the former Premier League football player created a commotion. They initially rejected dating rumours before being forward about their relationship. but after denying engagement rumours, they got married six months later. And all of that happened over the course of six months. In July 2013, the pair exchanged vows in a lavish ceremony. Later, according to Soompi, Han—who is eight years older than Ki—moved to England to live with him. The couple, dubbed "the Posh and Becks of South Korea," are now parents to a daughter.


10. Jung Suk-Won And Baek Ji-Young

Due of their age difference, actors Jung Suk-won and Baek Ji-young also encountered strong hostility from their respective families as well as from fans. Nine years older than Jung, who is 36, is Baek, 45. The couple dated for two years before getting hitched in 2013. Jung was detained on drug use accusations in February 2018. As his wife, spouse, and companion, Baek apologised on his behalf, stating, "I am reflecting regretfully [on his error] along with him. I don't know how long it will take, but we will prove to you that we are a happy couple someday," she stated, according to Soompi. The same source claims that Jung later admitted to using drugs after being freed from custody in the same month.