Article: Top 10 Korean Actors Who Found To Be Proper Gentlemen

We all know the uproar of the Koreans is taking over the world after Japan, its Korean who has started to take over the world. When we talk about South Korea, the things that come to mind are their culture of Music, Drama, and Food! Now, who will not like Kimchi! And currently, that you are reading this article, it means you watch Korean Drama or, to be exact, K- Dramas and why not they are so brainstorming! And what makes it brainstorming is the plot, Script, narration, direction, and what we are forgetting now? Seems important? Very important the cast!

The actors and their actions become the essence of the Drama and, yes, take it to another level. We all have a thing for the actors; basically, they are not just handsome to be called but dreamy. Is it seen that the protagonist is so charming and gentlemanly with the female lead but is it so in reality? Well, let's see, for this article, we have searched up top 10 actors who are proper gentlemen in the real world as well; after all, Koreans are known for their manners and behavior.

1. Ji Chang Wook

The Back street Rookie star who is so versatile and has done theaters' and has starred in so many dramas including "The K2", "Melting me softly," "Lovestruck in the city" and many more are so sweet and caring in real life that you won't believe. His co-stars have always said how much of a sweetheart is on the sets, not to forget mischievous too. In the stages of The K2, his co-actress I'm Yoona, and the staff tried to prank him and test him how much of a gentleman he was. So, the team placed a thin piece of thread in her hair to see if he removed it or not, and in addition to it, Yoona tried to act as if she could not open the water bottle while reading their scripts. It was pretty surprising that Ji noticed the thread as soon as he entered and removed it. Then he took the bottle from Yoona's hand, who was struggling to open it. Both the staff and Yoona were flustered and in awe of Ji's gentlemanly demeanor. Not only this, but Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Ji Won, and Park Min-young, who has been his co-stars, have stated that he is very caring and sweet, very down to earth. Now isn't it just like he portrayed in his dramas? He is a true gentleman apart from the world of Drama.


2. Lee Dong Wook

Please don't fall for his charming smile. This man here is a lady killer. Lee Dong Wook, the starrer of the very recent hit The Tale of the Nine-Tailed, does not only look sweet but is caring too, just like the main leads in the Drama. His co-stars like Soo In Na, with whom he has done two dramas, say he's a gentleman in and out. He has taken health care of her whenever she missed her lines or needed any help.


3. Lee Joon Gi 

 The Flower of Evil star Lee Joon Gi doesn't shake the hearts of women, but he is good with children too. Jung Seo Yeon said, crying after the wrap-up of the shoots as she found the duo to be caring so much that it was heart-wrenching for her to leave. A man who knows how to treat a Woman and kids is indeed a gentleman. 


4. Song Joon Ki 

Everyone falls for the chocolate boy look that Song Joon ki has. The 36-year-old actor has done many dramas and movies altogether, and his recent hit Vincenzo and Arthdral Chronicles has brought his fun-loving self overall. He believed to be a soft-hearted person and a true gentleman, how? In the sets of the Descendants of the Sun, his co-star Song Hye Ko said that Song has always looked up to his Sunbae ( senior Song Hye ko ). He gave her a chance to express her thoughts and made her feel comfortable in every way. 


5. Kim Soo Hyun

 This adorable-looking actor knows how to steal hearts from his looks and skills. It's okay to not to be okay Star is cute. He has often seen gentlemen in the sets of the former Drama. The My Love from the Star talks about the cameos he has always spotted, being very friendly, supportive to his co-actors and the staff. His Giggling and running actions lighten the mood of everyone behind the scenes of It's okay not to be okay scattered on the internet. 


6. Gong Yoo

The "I don't believe he's 42" actor is undeniably too young for his age and knows how to steal the hearts of women just by a glance is well known for his drama GoblinThe great and the lonely God and the very recent Squid Games. He saw to be the most friendly and gentlemanly, just like his friend Lee Dong Wook who worked with him in the drama Goblin, and they both treated their co- actress Kim go Eum very well. He is said to be very gentle, and when it comes to his fans, he makes sure to make them happy. In the popular show hosted by Lee Dong Wook, Because I want to talk, Yoo surprised one of his fans, and with his warm gestures, the fan teared up.


7. Seo In Guk 

 The guy with a baddie look is not a baddie but a soft marshmallow from his heart. Seo In Guk can be sassy but a friend; he is a pure gentleman with a heart of gold. It has been seen in the press conferences of his latest Drama Doom at your service that he has been a fun-loving guy who knows how to treat women. With two female leads in the Drama, Seo Guk saw pulling chairs offering water bottles, monitoring the ladies throughout the conference; if you don't call it a gentleman, then what!


8. Yeo Jin Goo

The little brother of South Korea is a sweetheart all in all. He knows how to respect and spread love along his way. IU or Lee Ji Eun, his co-star in Hotel Del Luna, discloses how he took care of her and everyone around him in the sets in the press conference of the drama Hotel Del luna. 


9. Park Seo Joon

 The   Itaewon class star not only looks handsome but he also is very well mannered. Like Park Min-young from What's Wrong with Secretary Kim, his co-stars have said him to be caring and fun-loving. We even see him in his youtube videos with his pet Simba how he takes care of him and his staff. He is respectable with his fans as well. In his fan signs, he saw to make them comfortable. Now isn't this being a gentleman!


10. Park Hyung Sik

Park Hyung Sik constantly monitored and petted Park Bo Young in the press conference of their Drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.  Not only that, actually when Bo Young was climbing the stage, she almost tripped, but Hyung Sik was fast enough to catch her right in time, and not only that, but he also stood in front of her so that she could Fix her dress. Now, doesn't it sound like a scene from Drama, but no, it was not. In the sets of Hwarang, he saw giving shade to Go Ara by standing in the sun, isn't it adorable! Yes, it is! So this man is gentlemanly!


These were the top 10 Korean actors giving you drama vibes in the real world, making you feel a rush of emotions, making you feel pity and ecstatic at the same time. Why pity? Well, because Oppa lives far, far away from your reach! These Korean men drive you nuts; first, they say, "World domination was not what we wanted"-BTS, and then again, they take over the world, making our standards high for men! Damn!