Article: Top 10 Challenging Roles Done By Japanese Celebs Which Are Award-Worthy

When viewed through the eyes of a foreigner, it is no secret that the Japanese entertainment industry prioritises young among its artists these days. That isn't to say that veterans don't have a place in the industry; it also doesn't mean that being young and attractive is enough to get ahead. There's still a demand for skill, as seen by these ten hot young talented Japanese actors and their Oscar-worthy works:

1. Kento Yamazaki

Kento Yamazaki, like many of his classmates, began his career as a model after being scouted and recruited during his junior year of high school. He made his acting debut in the TV Asahi drama Atami no Sousakan in 2010. Despite not being one of the main characters in The Wings of the Kirin, Kento Yamazaki manages to stand out, which is an incredible effort given that he is sharing screen time with industry stalwarts such as Hiroshi Abe, Rena Tanaka, and Kiichi Nakai.


2. Haruma Miura

Haruma Miura is a Japanese actor cum singer who rose to fame as a member of the Brash Brats J-pop group. He rose to fame outside of the Brash Brats after appearing in Gokusen 3 and then in the drama film Koizora. His first leading part was in the drama series Bloody Monday, which is based on the popular manga of the same name. Kimi ni Todoke is based on a romantic manga and follows the development of a friendship between two unusual companions. Haruma plays Kazehaya, and he stands out in the picture because of his good looks and natural charm, which translated effectively on screen and made Shota Kazehaya personable and appealing rather than looking like a handsome boy cardboard cutout.


3. Kento Nagayama

Kento began his acting career in 2008 with the films Cheer Cheer Cheer! and Pazuru, where he was cast as regular cast member Tsukamoto Yoshio and garnered widespread notice. Kento Nagayama performed Takumi skillfully in The Cowards Who Looked to the Sky, despite the fact that the character is difficult because it required him to play a naive, lovelorn adolescent while simultaneously handling delicate situations.


4. Sosuke Ikematsu

Sosuke Ikematsu began his acting career at the age of thirteen, in the Hollywood film The Last Samurai. Sosuke Ikematsu plays an anonymous NEET (a young person who is not in education, employment, or training) who begins to fall for one of the players. He stood out among the other male cast members not only because he is the youngest and most handsome, but also because he conducted himself effectively emotionally.


5. Kento Hayashi 

Kento Hayashi is a Stardust Promotion actor from Ootsu, Shiga Prefecture. During a school trip to Shibuya Station in 2005, he was spotted and offered a role in Yojiro Takita's film "The Battery." Kento plays the eccentric Satoru in Parade. Due to his limited lines, he relies on body language and facial gestures for the role, which is necessary for a figure who must be mysterious and ethically ambiguous.


6. Masataka Kubota

Kodai Shôjo Dogu-chan is a tokusatsu action comedy series about Makoto Sugihara, a socially awkward adolescent who stumbles into a magical breastplate hidden in the woods. Masataka Kubota, who plays Makoto Sugihara, is one of the few male characters in the series (and its sequel.) Furthermore, the role demonstrates his acting range, since he delivers a good performance in a humorous fumbling role, which is a far cry from his serious and dramatic performances.


7. Eita

Eita Nagayama, Kento's older brother, is a veteran of the Japanese entertainment industry, having acted in a number of TV dramas and films, including the Water Boys TV series adaptations. Motome Chijiiwa, Eita's character in Harakiri: Death of a Samurai, dies early in the film but still has a significant influence because his sequences serve as the impetus for the entire tale. Despite the lack of stunning swordfighting scenes, Eita managed to demonstrate his acting talent by portraying a man who was initially mistook for a charlatan and ended up getting what he deserved.


8. Ryuhei Matsuda

Ren Honjo, a conflicted musician with a close relationship to one of the Nanas, is played by Matsuda in Nana. Matsuda nails the style, and despite having an androgynous appearance that would be more at home in a jpop boyband, he looked convincing as a punk rock bassist.


9. Yosuke Kubozuka

Yosuke plays Peco, a dynamic individual with a great passion for table tennis, in the film Ping Pong. The actor had to have the normal charm, cockiness, and good looks for the part, but one thing that set him apart was that instead of depending on special effects or stunt doubles, he actually learnt to play table tennis on a competitive level.


10. Shun Oguri

Tokyo Dogs is a TV show about elite New York cop Takakura, who became a cop after witnessing his father's death as a child and vowing to arrest the culprit himself. Shun Oguri shines in his part as Takakura, who is cool, collected, and disciplined, especially because he contrasts so well with Hiro Mizushima's Kudo, who is ill-tempered, brawl-happy, and girl-crazy.