Article: Ten Korean Female Villains Who Nailed It with Their Performance

Korean dramas present a vast array of characters but their female characters used to be portrayed as less villainous who either become good or die in the end. But as viewers' taste changed, it became important to portray strong female characters both in good and evil ways. Today, we present you a list of the Top ten Korean Female Villains Who Nailed It with Their Performance.

1. Choi Myung-hee: The Evil Lawyer Of Vincenzo

Choi Myung-hee portrayed by Kim Yeo Jin is a ruthless and greedy lawyer of Woosang Law Firm. She is the perfect partner-in-crime of the Jang Han-seok, the villain of the series. She can go to any length to get her demands fulfilled. She kills people with a smile on her face. She constructs conspiracies, buys people with money, and even plans murders to earn money. She is cunning but not as good as Vincenzo Cassano. So she meets her downfall in a very deserving way. Kim Yeo Jin broke all the stereotypes with her portrayal of the character and gained critical acclamation worldwide.


2. Kim Joo-Young: The Evil Educational Coach Of Sky Castle

Kim Joo-young played by Kim Seo-Hyung, is a professional educational coach who guides students to get admission in the top-tier medical schools. This black comedy presents the greedy rich Korean parents who can go to any extent to get their offspring admitted to the best schools. Sky Castle exposes the superficial education system of South Korea as well as how manipulative parents can be. Kim Joo-young is presented as a cold, shrewd, and manipulative tutor whose sole motive is to bring down these rich parents. Her greed for academic excellence killed her daughter. So, to avenge her daughter's death, Kim Joo-young plots against parents like herself to let them bite the dust.


3. The Dangerous Empress Dowager Of The Last Empress

The Empress Dowager played by Shin Eun-kyung, is the Empress Dowager of the state. She is greedy and her greed for wealth makes her very dangerous. She kills her mother-in-law to succeed her as well as her husband. She conceals her Evil intentions under an eccedentesiast smile. But she is the most vehement enemy of the protagonist, the Last Empress, played by Jang Na-ra. She ends up in prison with her accomplice and loses her position.


4. Queen Sunwon: The Evil Grandmother Of Mr. Queen

Queen Sunwon played by Bae Jong-ok is an all-Evil character in Mr. Queen. She is a power-hungry person who plotted her way to the top. She's either conspiring or crushing any defiance she faces. She with her brother who is an important minister of the court rules over all until King Cheoljong played by kim Jung-hyun, gives her checkmate in her own game with the help of his queen Cheorin. She is then exiled to a faraway palace as Cheoljong rises to power.


5. Kang So-Young: The School Bully Of School 2015

Kang So-young portrayed by Cho Soo-hyang, is a school bully. She loves to abuse Lee Eun-bi played by Kim So-hyun for no reason. She feels pleasure while bullying her. Her two-faced portrayal makes your blood boil.


6. Hyun Soo-Ah: The Beautiful And Popular Mean Girl Of My Id Is Gangnam Beauty

Hyun Soo-ah portrayed by Jo Woo-Ri is the typical beautiful popular yet mean girl you may come across once in your life. She conceals her bad intentions under that pretty exterior of hers. She has all the boys swoon over her until Kang Mi-Rae arrives. Hyun Soo-ah sees Kang Mi-Rae as a potential threat to her popularity. She tries to seduce Do Kyung-Seok played by Cha Eun Woo who is in love with Mi-Rae but fails. Hyun Soo-ah's obsession over being thin and pretty leads her to realise her faults and she leaves for a self-exploration journey in the end.


7. Kang Su Jin: The One Who Betrayed Her Own Friend

Kang Su Jin played by Park Yoo-Na, is a straight-A student of the school our male and female lead goes to. She is beautiful and often described as the goddess of the school. She becomes friends with Lim Ju Kyung played by Moon Ga-young. She has a crush on Lee Soo-ho who's in love with Kim Ju-kyung. Su-jin's insecurities and obsession over Lee Soo-ho drives her to expose Ju-kyung's original face to the whole school which is considered ugly by the beauty standards. She turns out to be a venomous snake just to make her crush love her. She is the example of a bad friend you might have come across once in your life someday.


8. Rachel Yoo: The Cheeky Heiress Of The Heirs

Rachel Yoo portrayed by Kim Ji-won is a rich, arrogant, and cheeky heiress of a conglomerate. She is Kim Tan's (played by Lee Min-ho) fiancee. She is manipulative and cold towards Cha Eun-sang whom Kim Tan loves. Kim Tan's love and affection towards Eun-sang leads Rachel to see Eun-sang as a potential threat and she tries to eliminate Eun-sang by making it hard for her. Her bratty behaviour and cold gestures are what make her character very irritating.


9. Cheon So-Jin: The Plotting Primadonna Of The Penthouse

Cheon So-jin sits at the top of all the villains in The Penthouse. She is classy, clad in sleek fashionable clothes, and opulent. She plots her way to secure her position as the chairwoman of Cheong-a Foundation. All the exuberance she exudes is to conceal her evil nature. This unforgivable villain played by actress Kim So Yeon can drive people to death just to fulfil her wishes and to protect her honour of a prima donna. She goes to any necessary length to make her daughter successful. Her character portrays how a person can degrade themselves to chase power and greed.


10. Yeo Da Kyung: The Cheeky Rich Brat Of The World Of Married

Yeo Da Kyung played by Han So Hee is an example of how wealth and money can make someone arrogant and cheeky. Yeo Da Kyung is a spoiled daughter of rich parents who doesn't have any goal to achieve. She has no respect for what she has and gets into an illicit extra-marital affair with a married man. Her spoiled personality is what makes her very irritating.