Article: Top 10 Older K-Pop Idol Groups You Need To Check Out

K-Pop has undoubtedly become famous in the last few years. People in different corners of the world enjoy K-pop music and indulge in various activities revolving around their favorite idol groups. There have been some fan-favorite K-pop groups that are internationally more famous than others. Since many fans have their favorite groups, their music usually revolves around a generation of K-pop. Most naturally listen to artists currently famous and gravitate towards their music. Hundreds of K-pop groups have debuted over the years in various generations, and fans obviously cannot explore each one. K-pop witnessed many gems from the 1st and 2nd generation groups who created a legacy for themselves in music. With younger and newer groups debuting, many fans might not listen to older groups, or new fans might not check them out. There have been older K-pop groups that made and still make incredible music and deserve attention from listeners even today. You might know some of them, and some you might not. So, here are ten older groups that you need to check out.


If you are a K-pop fan, you might have heard the song Mirotic at some point, either in a show or performed by your idols. TVXQ is the legendary group from the 2nd generation who created a legacy. The group, now a duo, with their charming visuals, incredible voices, and mesmerizing performance skills, are a total package and have some of the best music in K-pop. They influenced the music of many idol groups. You need to check out their albums and the songs, Mirotic, Hey! Girl, Dream, Fantasy, The Chance Of Love, Humanoids and Morning Sun.

2. Super Junior

Are you a K-pop fan if you haven't heard or seen idols dancing to the iconic steps of Sorry Sorry? Probably not. Super Junior is a group that is one of the most known K-pop groups, and their songs are loved even by idols. The song Sorry Sorry went viral worldwide, and every song they released was a hit. Sixteen years after their debut, the group is active and still has good music. If you want the best of the vibe from the 2nd gen, their music is it. Some of their best songs include Mr. Simple, Mamacita, Lo Siento, Devil, Evanesce, and It's You.

3. Shinee

Shinee is one of the best K-pop boy groups of all time, and for good reason. The group is known for being experimental and out-of-the-box with their music. They also had one of the most iconic debuts. The group has phenomenal talent and captivating visuals. The members also have a distinct charm that attracts anyone listening or watching them. They are the idols who inspired many younger idols, and famous idols are often their fans. Their music has gone viral for being fun and very Shinee because there is no other way to describe their vibe. It's original and fun. All their songs are hits, but be sure to check out Replay, Sherlock, Good Evening, Excuse Me Miss, Lovesick, and Dreamgirl.

4. Apink

Apink is an older K-pop girl group that has really good music. The group has incredible talent with beautiful visuals. Apink is a well-loved older girl group, active for 12 years now. Their music has changed along with time and only gets better. Some of their most popular songs you need to check out are Luv, I'm So Sick, Dilemma, Eung Eung, Only One, and Cause You're My Star.

5. Girls Generation

Girls' Generation aren't called the Nation's girl group for no reason. In a time when boy groups were skyrocketing in popularity, GG or SNSD became famous with their music and proved why they were iconic by making hits after hits despite facing issues. They are famous even among idols and inspire many younger generations. Their songs are highly popular in K-pop, and others often perform and show their love towards them. Their iconic songs include Gee, I Got A Boy, The Boys, Lil Touch, and Into The New World.

6. 2PM

2PM is a phenomenal boy group from the 2nd gen. The group has been active for 15 years and has a charisma of its own. 2PM is intense, sexy, and captivating, and so is their music. They were famous and stood out because of their mature-sounding hits. Many older fans know how iconic Heartbeat and Again and Again were. Their song My House is an icon in the K-pop industry. 2PM members and their music aged like fine wine and got better with each listen. Check out their songs like Hands Up, Champagne, My House, Nobody Else, Shall We, and Make It and more RnB hits.

7. F(X)

F(x) was one of the most fun and experimental girl groups in the 2nd generation of K-pop. The members were incredibly talented and had mesmerizing visuals and a captivating stage presence. When most girl groups had a specific concept, f(x) was unique and experimental with their style and music. Many fans loved their music because of how good their discography is. There are so many songs to be listened to more now, but some of the best songs are 4 Walls, Electric Shock, Shadow, and Signal.

8. F.T. Island

T. Island is known as an icon and pioneer of rock music in the K-pop industry. They are the first idol band in Korea and have some of the best rock music. They are a one-of-a-kind K-pop idol band that inspired and influenced many younger bands in K-pop. Lovesick, Unthinkable, Thunder, Love Love Love are some of their best songs. If you are a fan of rock music, you need to check them out.

9. Kara

KARA is a legendary 2nd generation girl group, still one of the most appreciated female idols in the K-pop industry. KARA are known as legends because they faced many hurdles in their career but never gave up and made really good music. The group was also very famous in Japan. Mister, Go Go Summer, Honey, Lupin, and Good Day are some of their best songs. Check out their music for iconic older K-pop vibes.

10. Infinite

Infinite is a 2nd generation boy group that you need to check out. The members are charming with their vocals and visuals but are also extremely funny and dynamic. The group has incredible talent and are entertaining idols. They made some of the most iconic music in the 2nd gen, including Be Mine, The Chaser, The Origin, and Bad.