Article: 10 Most Iconic K-Drama Characters

Good K-dramas have the magical power of capturing the attention of their audience. K-drama watchers are often drawn into the genre of Korean dramas after watching a little clip or maybe one casual watch of a K-drama. One cannot help but fall into the vortex of K-dramas for their entertainment. And like most fans say, most K-dramas rarely disappoint the audience and are a joy to watch. These shows have some of the best plots, acting, and cinematography. Apart from the exciting storylines, K-dramas are known for having amazing actors with electrifying chemistries with their co-stars. Many K-dramas go viral because of one or more characters in the show that fans adore. These characters nail their roles so well that the audience cannot help but fall in love with them. Some K-drama characters have become iconic because of their charming visuals and how well they portray their role. Their roles can be that of a shy, new student, a CEO, or a villain, but they are known as iconic characters because of how well they captivate and charm the audience.

1. Na Hee Do- Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Na Hee-do, played by Kim Tae-ri, is one of the most iconic characters from a K-drama recently. She is fun, chaotic, and passionate. Hee Do loves fencing and never gives up on it despite facing issues in her life. She is bright and hopeful and makes you support her and her dreams. She is charming and so funny that audiences cannot forget her even after finishing the show. Hee Do is an iconic character whom the audience love and root for.

2. Sung Deok Sun- Reply 1988

Deok Sun is one of the most iconic female K-drama characters. She is the epitome of relatability for many fans. Deok Sun is a middle child, often overshadowed by her brilliant older sister, and is incredibly close with her friends. She is funny, clumsy, has hopeless crushes, and does not realize how wonderful she is for a while. Deok Sun is iconic because you see yourself in her at some point in the show. She struggles with her career, and her love life does not go the right way till the end, but she is caring and very real. She is a girl that makes the audience smile and laugh at how real she is.

3. Wang Yeo – Goblin

When it comes to iconic characters, we cannot forget Lee Dong Wook playing Wang Yeo in Goblin. Wang Yeo is the Grim Reaper who doesn't remember his past life. He is handsome but clumsy and awkward. His character went viral for his chemistry with Kim Shin. The iconic duo makes the audience laugh at their silliness throughout the show. Wang Yeo is innocent, funny, and his story makes you pity him and wish for a happy ending for him.

4. Woo Young Woo- Extraordinary Attorney Woo

There are not a lot of K-drama fans who did not see the viral show, Woo Young Woo. Park Eun Bin played the role of an autistic lawyer who tries to carve her place in the real world as an adult. Young Woo is adorable and innocent but incredibly smart. Her eyes turn fierce in the court as she stuns the characters and the audience with her logic and unique way of defending and solving cases. Young Woo is strong, delightful, and utterly cute. And we can't forget the iconic Woo to the Young to the Woo handshake that went so viral that even idols recreated it.

5. Shin Ha-ri- A Business Proposal

A Business Proposal blew up after its release, and the audience loved the characters. Shin Hari, played by Kim Sejeong, became the most iconic female character in 2022. Hari is loyal, passionate, sweet, funny, and a little crazy. She cracks up the audience while clumsily trying to fool her CEO and later trying not to fall for his charms. She charmed and stole hearts from the moment she appeared on screen.

6. Yoo Si Jin- Descendants Of The Sun

Yoo Si Jin is the ideal K-drama lead who charms hearts with his charisma. The show Descendants Of The Sun and its character, Yoo Si Jin, introduced many to the delightful world of K-dramas. Yoo Si Jin was handsome, funny, loyal, and caring and was the character of our dreams. With his flirty but honest nature, he stole hearts worldwide and became one of the most beloved K-drama male characters. Song Joong Ki brought Si Jin to life perfectly, utterly charming, and attractive.

7. Jang Man Wol- Hotel del Luna

Korea's beloved idol IU played the iconic character of Jang Man-Wol, who runs the Hotel Del Luna. Man Wol is a scary, cold, short-tempered ghost. Her hotel is where spirits stay before going to the afterlife. Man Wol is iconic for her moody attitude and for being a fashion icon with her impeccable outfits. She dislikes the human Chan Sung at first but steals our hearts when she slowly begins to change towards him and melt her cold heart. Man Wol is not a cute, shy girl but is an iconic charmer in her way.

8. Lee Yeong Joon- What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? is a famous rom-com with one of the most famous male characters. Lee Young Joon is an arrogant, narcissistic, and silly vice chairman who depends on his secretary, Mi Soo. When she decides to quit, he becomes unrelenting as he tries to convince her to stay and soon starts to have feelings for her. Young Joon is hilarious and makes the audience laugh with his stubborn acts of trying to help Mi Soo and make her stay. Young Joon charmed the hearts of many with his eccentric and unaware behavior. Park Seojoon played the role of Young Joon to perfection and became an iconic male character whom many loved.

9. Do Kyeong Seok- My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

If there was an iconic male character who lived in our minds rent-free, it's Do Kyung Seok from My ID Is Gangnam Beauty. When the show aired, people gushed about how handsome, cute, and genuine the male lead was. Played by Cha Eunwoo, Kyung Seok is the definition of a tsundere lead. He is handsome, intelligent, and silent but oh so charming. Though he gave off a tsundere vibe, Kyung Seok also made the audience laugh at his silly jealousy and competitiveness toward his senior. Kyung Seok captured hearts because of his sincerity and supportive attitude towards Mi Rae. He is an iconic character because he is the definition of an ideal guy for many of us.

10. Moon Dong Eun- The Glory

It is almost impossible to forget the iconic, strong, and badass woman who is Moon Dong Eun. Dong Eun is the epitome of strength and captures your heart from the get-go. Her pain stabs the audience and brings them to tears. But her strength and determination to take revenge is jaw-dropping. She is intelligent, calculating, and cold with her plans of taking revenge on her cruel bullies. Dong Eun is iconic because she showed a real and painful story and mesmerized the audience. Song Hye Kyo played the role with a precision that left audiences in awe.