Article: Top 10 Memorable BL Shows From GMMTV

BL shows are widely watched and loved by fans all across the world. Made in languages like Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Indonesian, BL shows have become famous in the entertainment industry. Since there has been a rise in the popularity and demand of BL shows, various companies have made many BL shows in different languages. In the BL industry, there is a prominent company known as GMMTV. GMMTV is based in Thailand and has been home to various famous Thai BL shows in the last few years. GMMTV is known for contributing some of the best BL shows known to us since some of its productions are spectacular. In the last few years, some of the biggest BL shows were from GMMTV. Here are some of the best BL shows made by GMMTV.

1. A Tale Of Thousand Stars

Only a few shows can trigger our emotions and captivate us till the end, and ATOTS is such a show. This show has a very intriguing storyline that captures your attention because it is different from the more known genres in BL. In ATOTS, Tian starts experiencing unknown memories after his heart transplant. On his quest to know more about his donor, he lands at a village and meets their Chief Phupha. Tian begins to change himself for the better as he tries to fulfill his donor's wishes and become a better person while falling for the Chief. This show is one of the best BL shows from GMMTV because it is unique and captivating. The storyline and the acting are phenomenal and deserve to be called one of their best productions.

2. Not Me

Not Me is one of the best shows ever by GMMTV because it is a gem of a series. The storyline is incredible and highlights various issues in society. To find out who attacked his brother, Black, White gets involved with Black's gang of friends, activists for change and exposing Tawi, a politician. He soon begins to understand the issues that plague our society and the importance of equality and humanity. Not Me shows how important it is to understand socio-economic issues and work for a better society. It is a phenomenal BL and deserves more recognition for its compelling storyline, advocacy for change, and, of course, heart-fluttering romance.

3. Bad Buddy

Bad Buddy surprised people by being a delight to watch. The enemies-to-lovers plot includes many captivating moments. Pat and Pran are from rival families and always compete with each other. Sick of their university friends fighting, they secretly make a pact to avoid fights and help each other. Their new deal brings the two closer than ever, and the attraction sizzles, but will their family and friends' rivalry keep them apart? Bad Buddy shined because of the chemistry between the leads Ohm and Nanon and became one of the best series from GMMTV.

4. My School President

My School President was a breath of fresh air among the BL shows that aired in 2022. It is a wholesome high school romantic comedy. The story is fun and light but keeps the audience engaged until the end. The plot follows Tinn, who becomes the Student Council President to help his crush, Gun, the leader of the Music Club. When Tinn learns that members of the Music Club can date if they win the Hot Wave contest, he and Tiw try their best to help Gun, who thinks Tinn sabotages him. The show is nostalgic, fun, and a joy to watch.

5. Moonlight Chicken

Moonlight Chicken is one of the most captivating BL shows by GMMTV. The slice-of-life series is the story of individuals with mesmerizing cinematography and phenomenal storytelling. Jim runs a chicken rice diner and meets Wen on one fateful night. His nephew Li Ming strikes a friendship with a deaf boy named Heart and turns from an angsty teen to a warm friend. Moonlight Chicken shows how complex relationships are the issues of livelihood. In the bustling Pattaya, along the busy markets and warm food of the diner, people let themselves experience life and love.

6. Only Friends

Only Friends is an ongoing BL that has gone viral for being such a unique and fun show. Though GMMTV has made several BL shows, it has never experimented as much as it did with this show. The story revolves around 4 business majors running a hostel, who meet new people through each other. They all have issues and blur the lines between friendship and love as they let loose. Only Friends shows messy, complicated relationships and dynamics beyond black or white. It explores complex themes and completely captivates the audience. Only Friends is fun and entertaining in a way many shows are not.

7. Dark Blue Kiss

GMMTV is often known as the introduction of people to BL shows. Dark Blue Kiss is known as the show that introduced many people to BL shows because of its popularity when it first came out. Dark Blue Kiss is the rollercoaster relationship of Pete and Kao, who go from disliking each other to becoming friends to falling in love. The chemistry between the actors Tay and New is off-the-roof. The story shows the realistic issues in relationships as Pete and Kao navigate through their differences and work on their relationship.

8. 2Gether 

2gether became the comfort show for many when it came out during the global lockdown. People adored the show and played a role in the rise of BL shows. The storyline is nothing complicated, but it makes the show enjoyable. To chase away a guy who likes him, Tine asks the famous musician on campus, Sarawat, to pretend they are dating.  He’s shocked when Sarawat starts flirting with him instead. 2gether is a light and fun show, and the characters end up stealing your heart.

9. Dangerous Romance

Dangerous Romance is another ongoing show that GMMTV is nailing. Sailom is poor but talented. Kanghan is rich and arrogant. In a twist of luck, Sailom gets hired to tutor Kanghan and both are forced to spend time together. Despite having differences, they start having feelings but life isn’t smooth sailing for them. This show captures fans with the chemistry between the leads and captivating fans with the story.


SOTUS from GMMTV is an iconic show from the early era of Thai BL. The show is about Arthit, a senior who hazes freshmen students brutally. He is feared and unstoppable until freshman Kongpob stands up to him. The show is famous because the storyline and the acting are both perfect. The chemistry between the actors makes the story come to life, and the audiences get hooked on the show till the end.