Article: 10 K-Pop Idols Known For Their Healing Presence And Words

The bustling celebrity world of idols has always been one that burns as much as it lightens. Companies market their artists to depict them as ‘perfect’ individuals. This leads to a heavy load of responsibility perpetually resting on the shoulders of these idols who started from being commoners like the rest of us. The industry is unkind to many, but for the sake of their dreams, Idols always put up with all of it for their fans. After all, showing weakness in front of the camera means to worry the fans. Amidst an industry that cannot help but be superficial, some idols have always shown their genuine emotions to be honest and open with their fans. They have tried to express themselves to comfort the fans, who often find comfort in their idols by letting them know they are all the same human beings. Following are ten of many such Idols who have created a safe space for people around them with their healing presence and words.

1. Yeonjun

Yeonjun is a member of the Kpop group TOMORROW X TOGETHER. He is the oldest of this 5-member boy group under Bighit Entertainment. Throughout his career, he had received various nicknames from his fans, including 4th Gen It Boy. However, there is one which he let the fans know of, and it has since become one of his many nicknames. Yeonjun, in a live broadcast, had mentioned that his mother calls him 'Healingie' because of how healing his presence is. Since then, many fans have taken to describe Yeonjun with the name. He is a warm, comforting and rather sensitive person who has spoken up about various mental health issues at multiple points. He tries his best to use his platform for the right causes.

2. Bang Chan

Bang Chan is another 4th generation idol known for providing a safe space for his fans. He is a member of the JYP boy group Stray Kids. He did weekly Lives with his fans for almost three years, sharing many thoughts and comforting words. He is easily one of the idols who care a lot about their position and their words' effect on people. He is known for being a very comforting presence for his fans.

3. Suga

BTS' music, in general, has always carried a healing element to them. However, individually speaking, Suga, or Min Yoongi, has always been one of the idols who never shy away from speaking up about issues in the industry relating to mental health and other vital causes. He has been frank about his past and always encouraged his fans and juniors to move forward. He is sensitive and understanding and effectively uses his words and actions to constantly make the world a better place.

4. Lily

Whether you're a fan or not, Nmixx member Lily's presence is meant to lift your mood. In an industry where everyone is constantly measuring words and hiding their truth, Lily is one of the few idols who, you can tell, do not hold back. It is refreshing, funny and relatable to see her be excited as she talks about things that come to her mind. She can also get serious and provide comforting words when necessary. She is a warm presence with a likeable personality.

5. Sung Hanbin

Sung Hanbin is a member of the recently debuted Mnet survival show group, ZEROBASEONE. Although still new to the industry, Hanbin has become a favourite among fans for his gentle and comforting nature. It is no surprise that he became the leader of his group, and he proved himself worthy of the position with his constant acts of putting his members before himself. During the survival show, there were several moments when the fans noticed him being extremely sweet towards other contestants, which won them over constantly.

6. Hueningkai

Hueningkai is another member of TOMORROW X TOGETHER, or TXT, who has always provided fans with endless energy and love. His laughter, especially, is loved by everyone because of how contagious it is. He is also known for making comforting and cute vlog tiktoks about healthy snacking and validating fans with low self-esteem. He is a sunshine-like presence, and his interactions on camera make it clear that he does his best always to show the best version of himself. Even his members have admitted multiple times that his presence lifts them. He has a natural healing quality that is visible to the plain eye.

7. Seonghwa

Seonghwa is the eldest member of the KQ boy group Ateez, and he is known as a 'mom' in the group because of his genuine and comforting presence. He has constantly expressed his love towards his fans, urging them to live in the moment without worrying and spreading love. His sweet and kind actions have always garnered him a lot of love from those around him.

8. Minghao

Minghao is a member of the boy group Seventeen under Pledis Entertainment. Seventeen is another group built on providing comfort to fans through their songs. All members of the group are charming and healing individuals. Mingao, in particular, is known among fans for being blunt and realistic with his advice. He acts like a friend towards his fans as he gives them sensible advice, which makes people greatly respect him.

9. Hyunjin

Hyunjin is another member of the boy group Stray Kids. He has undergone several unfair controversies in his career but returned more potent than ever. He is known for being very emotional and expressing his genuine feelings to his fans. He is humble and sweet and always someone who deserves as much love as he spreads through his healing words.

10. IU

IU, or Lee Jieun, is one of the most significant Korean soloists of her era, and she is renowned for her healing voice, relatable lyrics and wonderful personality. She has written multiple songs with introspective and healing words and melodies throughout her career. Songs like Love Poem and Sea have left deep marks in people's hearts.