Article: Top 10 4th Generation K-Pop Idols Who Are Renowned Actors

With the arrival of a new era in the K-pop industry, competition is always at an all-time high. Every company tries to showcase the good sides, the talents and the abilities of the artists under them. This is why more and more K-pop idols are being seen in the vibrant world of Kdramas. This article is going to list ten such 4th gen K-pop idols who are known for their beautiful voices as well as their exceptional acting skills. Their variety has no bounds, making them not just idols but recognised actors redefining the essence of their craft in the entertainment world, whether in poignant romances or intense thrillers.

1. Kim Minju

Kim Minju is a former member of the group IZ*ONE. She started acting but later debuted through the hit Produce Survival Show. However, IZ*ONE was a temporary group, and after its disbandment, she decided to focus on acting again. She has been featured in the drama Tempted. In 2022, she also played a supporting role in the drama The Forbidden Marriage.

2. Kim Jiwoong

Kim Jiwoong is a member of the group Zerobaseone because of his dream to become an idol. He started his career in a boy group which disbanded. After that, he moved on to acting and gained fame as a talented and good-looking actor. He acted in BL series like Roommates of Poongduck and Kissable Lips. His other notable dramas include The Good Bad Mother and Convenience Store Junkies.

3. Park Sieun

STAYC's Park Sieun followed the footsteps of her father, Park Namjung, and became both a singer and an actress at a very young age. She was featured in movies like Love Forecast and Golden Slumber. She also played supporting roles in dramas like The Mystic Pop-up Bar, Queen For Seven Days, Still 17 and Everything and Nothing. She debuted in 2014 and won the Best Young Actress award in 2018 for her role in Still 17.

4. Hur Hyunjun

Hur Hyunjun is a former member of the famous boy group The Boyz. A year into their debut, he had to leave the group because of an injury that made it difficult for him to dance. However, he did not quit his journey with music and even dabbled into acting. He starred as a lead in the first season of the web series Colour Rush. The series gained much fame, and as a lead, Hyunjun was also greatly praised.

5. Son Hyunwoo

Hyunwoo is a K-pop boy group ATO6, a member of the entertainment company KPLUS. He is known for being an excellent singer, dancer, and lyricist. However, he is also extremely talented as an actor. He proved his skills with the web drama Tinted With You. It is a story where two men from two different timelines cross paths and fall in love with each other. There, he plays the role of Lee Hyun, one of the main characters.

6. Bumjun

2Z is a boy band under the companies UZUROCKS Entertainment and GOGO2020. The five-piece boy band play their instruments, taking a more traditional role as a band. Bumjun is the drummer, leader and vocalist of the group. He is also recognised for his acting skills with his acting debut in the dramas Behind Cut and Ocean Likes Me.

7. Jaechan

DKZ is one of the well-known 4th generation K-pop boy groups that were formed under Dongyo Entertainment. They are known for having a stellar discography. Jaechan is a vocalist in the group who is also known for his songwriting skills and also for being a member of the group's subunits, Dongkiz I:Kan. In 2022, he made his acting debut as the protagonist of the drama Semantic Error. He portrayed the role well, and as the drama gained a lot of fame, he too got recognised for his acting skills.

8. J-Min

BAE173 is a K-pop group that debuted with eight members in 2020 under PocketDol Studio. Their music is energetic, and they have released three albums so far. J-Min, or Jeon Minwook, is a member of the group. He is a rapper, singer and dancer who is also known for his songwriting skills. He made his acting debut recently with the BL drama Love Season 2. It is a story centred around a college class named Family and Marriage, where he and his partner, for the semester, slowly fall in love through the various assignments.

9. Lee Kyoungyoon

Lee Kyoungyoon, also known as just Kyoungyoon, was a member of the boy group DKZ until August 2023. He got into various controversies related to his association with a cult. However, he was a good singer, dancer and songwriter. He also dabbled in acting and starred in Beasts of Asia in a leading role.

10. Kim Jaehan

Formed in 2021, the group OMEGAX is known for their music and performance amidst 4th generation K-pop boy groups. All 11 group members have a history of participating in various survival shows, thus having individual solid fandoms. Member Kim Jaechan is the group's main vocalist, a songwriter and producer, and a visual member. In 2023, he starred in the drama A Shoulder To Cry On.