Article: Top 10 Actors Over 40 Who Still Look Young

The entertainment industry is all about good looks. An attractive face is essential to having a successful career. But some actors have us in awe at how someone can look so lovely even at this age. For them, age is just a number. Here’s a list of 10 actors over 40 who still look young.

1. Sam Yuranunt

Sam is an actor and politician. He is a prolific actor and was a prominent figure in TV dramas in the 1980s, due to his beautiful personality. Even at 58, he is working as the lead in upcoming movies like Karat Ruk and Bad Romeo.


2. Patcharapa Chaichua

Patcharapa is a Thai actress, model, and host. She first entered the entertainment industry in 1997 after she won a beauty talent contest called HACKS. Besides her talent in acting, Patcharap was voted as FHM’s (Thai edition) sexiest woman for three consecutive years between 2004 and 2006. She turns 42 years old this year.


3. Pong Nawat

Pong, aged 42, is known for his leading roles in Thailand and Chinese television dramas. Pong’s handsome face has made him one of the most famous Asians. Pong has a keen interest in sharks and scuba diving. In July 2018, Pong joined WildAid as Thailand’s first ambassador for sharks and endorsed the campaign called “Celebrate with NoSharkFin.”


4. Phiyada Jutharattanakul

Phiyada is an actor, model, and host. She is 45 years old now. She began her career as a model in commercials on TV in 1996. Phiyada is a gorgeous-looking and easy-going lady. She gained many popular and talent awards, including the Best Actress on Asian Television Awards.


5. Rinlanee Sripen

Rinlanee is a hot, beautiful, adorable, well-known talented actress, model, and host of Thailand. Joy is her nickname. She became famous in Hak Liem Prakan, Lakorns Kor Yood Jai Wai Piang Ther, Ban Saithong. She turns 42 years old later this year, but still, she is one of the hottest in the industry.


6. Theeradej Wongpuapan

Theeradej is currently one of Thailand’s most famous actors,at the age of 43. Theeradej was voted the most popular Thai male star for six years in a row from 2006 to 2011 and was honoured as the most popular star in the Hall of Fame in 2012.


7. Kanyarat Jiraratchakit

Kanyarat is a Thai actress and producer. Her nickname is Tik. Tik Kanyarat has taken a break from acting in dramas for many years. She is known for her stunning personality, even at the age of 44 years.


8. Suangsuda Lawanprasert

Suangsuda is a Thai actress. She became Miss Thailand in 1997. At 44 years of age, her net-worth was growing significantly in 2020-21. Suangsuda’s income source is mainly from being a successful actress.


9. Natthawut Skidjai

Natthawut is a Thai actor who has been active since 2001. He is 46 years old. Natthawut’s nickname is Poh. He was under contract with channel seven from 2001 and 2010. He is one of the hottest guys of his age in Thailand.


10. Siriluk Pongchoke

Siriluk is a Thai actress. Siruluk’s nickname is Joy Sirilak. Currently, she is filming a new TV drama Buang Bai Bun for Thai Channel 8. She is making a comeback after eight years, at the age of 42.